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Censor to challenge Manhunt 2 release in court



It is funny how these things always stir up the armchair revolutionaries.

The "system" that keeps their arses clean and their cheetohs fresh and their cars from plowing into each other routinely and snuff films off the beeb is repressing their rights and suppressing their speech because in this case its their guilty pleasure under the microscope.

"How dare the bastards..." it begins and quickly escalates into self-entitled outrage from there. The classifiers become censors. Community standards become pious puritanical dogma. Classifications become steepled pyres of burning knowledge denied to the common man.

You live in a country where classification decisions, designed to inform and protect the ENTIRE community, generally reflect community values of the day and constantly evolve. You live in a country where the range of material available to you is broad and constantly expanding. You live in a country where "banning" content (refusing classification) is rare and can be challenged publicly and constantly revisited. You live in a country with a liberal outlook on art, knowledge and freedom. Put simply you live in a state where you can do very nearly everything you want to do and be fairly safe and secure whilst doing it.

No, the system isnt perfect and this time its you who feel aggrieved. Much as some people may have felt aggrieved that (to pluck an example at random from the site) "I Know Who Killed me" received a classification (http://www.bbfc.co.uk/website/Classified.nsf/c2fb077ba3f9b33980256b4f002da32c/ec646e59b259ecba80257346001f734e?OpenDocument#_Section1)

Thats life. You live in a society. Get into to it or get out of it.. Just stop fattening yourself at your wet nurse's bosom and complaining about damned nanny states.

Arrgh! Arrrgh! Anarchy! (And a reliable rail system, and affordable healthcare, and safe clean streets and pervs off the street and .. and .. ANARCHY!!!)



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