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Wikipedia COO was convicted felon

Dead Vulture

checked sources recently, or do you just like sensationalism

The shooting thing is what really gets me. She was a battered woman and the victim of sustained physical domestic abuse. She took a plea deal for a sentence of probation, i.e. NO JAIL TIME OR EVEN A FINE, because she didn't want to risk custody of her three-year-old son being given to a physically abusive man. As an American citizen I can tell you that ridiculously stupid things like that (the custody thing) happen in our "justice" system.

Was she at fault in the hit and run? I don't know, and neither, apparently, does The Register. Given that she received a sentence of about 6 months I'm guessing she was not found to be at fault. In any event, it happened over 15 years before her being hired and wasn't picked up in a background check if one was done. Admittedly, it was silly at the least to not have done one, but she was hired through a temp agency initially which may have intimated that all their workers had already been screened.

Her May 20th arrest was on a Sunday, and she was released the same day. Not likely to make it in to the local press. When was the last time you looked through all the police records to find people's names you recognize? Is this a common occurrence? If so, you should probably find something better to do with your time. There should be no reasonable expectation that this incident would have come to their attention. And yes, it was a felony of the lowest degree by nature of the fact that it had occurred multiple times in the last 10 years, however there is no such felony-corollary in the UK.

Stopped by immigration when she came back from Amsterdam? Really? What's your point? I got stopped by immigration when I came back to the United States from China. She clearly wasn't trying to flee the country, didn't miss any court dates, and we actually have no idea what the interview was about. It could have been anything. Security is so tight in U.S. airports right now that I got pulled aside because my French press looked too much like a bomb in their x-ray machine.

Lastly, an arrest warrant was issued a month after she left Wikipedia. Does The Register look at police records frequently to see whether former employees have been arrested as well as current ones? I'm assuming it does, otherwise there was no reason to bring this up other than to add to the sensationalism of the story and sell more copy to rake in the £££ & $$$. The Register is clearly too upstanding to have that be its motivation, so is it actually a creepy Big Brotheresque organization? If it were to find out that an ex-employee who left a month prior was arrested, what would it do? This article seems to imply that something should be done. I would like to know what.

It is articles like this one, twisted to provide the largest sensationalism possible, that remind me that as much as The Register makes itself out to be an upstanding investigative source, it is really no better than the rest of the British tabloid press.



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