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Building IoT: Early Bird Ticket Offer Extended



Will there be any DevOps content to help us to move our IoT projects from envisioning to worldwide secure rollout effectively?

New MacBook Pro beckons fanbois to become strip pokers


Re: Interesting idea..

1) What if a blind user would like a powerful model?

2) That is not shade. It is a direct criticism. Please.

Bloody Dell! Is EMC going to drop its logo? Answers on a postcard to Brentford


Half the plastic is off

on the right hand side, revealing an EMC logo

DevOps: The spotty faced yoof waiting to blossom


OK so one thing that's always missing with this is doing DevOps across company boundaries. Whilst internal or cloud based software is great, some of us still ship installers and scripts to clients who install on their servers; and no doubt some of you receive and deal with our .msi and .sql deliveries . Does anyone have experience of DevOps with a product?

You Leica? P9 certainly is a Great Leap Forward in imaging... for Huawei



I've just bought an iPhone to get away from Material Design. All those colours that have no meaning.

Qatar whips covers off giant footballing vagina


Opening ceremony

Kristen Schaal would be an excellent director for the opening ceremony.

Sad shop-shelf-clinging BlackBerry Z10 AXED ... in price, contracts



Q10s are now £385 ish on Amazon - available from third party sellers, and briefly from Amazon itself. Mine's just arrived, wonder if it will be as satisfying as my old Nokia E71....

Traffic-light plague sweeps UK: Safety culture strangles Blighty


Other views

Lewis, you've done a great job of reporting on the RAC's report. How about some alternate views, perhaps from Sustrans, the IAM or RoSPA?

BCS civil war heats up ahead of crunch general meeting



I attended a lecture on professionalism by Sparrow the other month in Reading.

She was very keen to draw a distinction between plumbers and doctors, and asserted that 'we BSC members working in IT' were all doctors, with the strong implication that we were better for it.

I'd say being a plumber, and belonging to a trade body is a pretty good model. I wonder what the 'mere mortals' organisation might be for workers in computing.

Google gets happy-clappy with file transfer in talk widgets


FTP? Hmmm

Well here's an article that takes two methods of transferring files, ftp and over IM, and conflates them into the same thing. Sure there's some technical imprecision, but there's a snappy title and a way of slotting it into the context of other articles - and that's what seems to matter here.

US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK


Catching up with the Ruskies?

Well its can't be less convicing than the mind bend stuff on freeview's RussiaToday channel.

Blighty’s barmy for e-cars, poll discovers


Not a reactionary

I'm not sure about this electric car business as a green idea - the only way I know of reliably cutting my transport emissions is by sharing the driving with two colleagues. It's not glamorous, it has no IT angle, but it works.

And when I'm rich maybe I'll get a Tesla for playing on B roads at the weekend.


Charged by...

All charged by a national grid which loses the majority (64% by memory) of the power between the powerstation and the socket.......

Microsoft records first ever revenue drop


Media on a netbook @Phil Lewis

Well my hp mininote 2133 manages a bit of iPlayer and youtube well enough, with good sound and a good screen by portable standards. It will even play the odd .avi file.

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