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Samsung YP-T10 4GB MP3 player


T9 or T10

I'm a happy owner of a T9 4GB for over a year now. After reading this article I'd still go for the T9 instead of the new one.

1) The T9's radio has RDS. Really helpful if you travel a lot and want to find your fave station again.

2) Don't take USB mass storage for granted! Samsung didn't implement it in the T9's EU/US firmware, but the Asian ones have it (still English, of course). What about the T10 then?

3) The keys! Why oh why did they go for those horrible touchy thingies instead of keeping the 4-way-pad the T9 has. Looks like the Back/Menu/Mute keys on the side went missing, too! Blindly navigating with the player in your pocket is now impossible (Does come in handy with that rain cloud emptying itself on you)

Thanks a bunch, though it's way above the Granny Smith brand, it doesn't beat its predecessor. I'll keep my T9 :-)



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