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Wii aids family togetherness, report claims

Tim Burgess
Black Helicopters

Wii playing farmers see 50% crop yeald increase?

What ever next ?

Wii could well offer world peace, carbon foot print reduction and even the reversing of the ice cap melt...

Its starting to sound like the end of a Bill and Ted movie....


Space brains resign over efforts to attract ET attention

Tim Burgess

Radio Weapon

So if SETI start pumping out strong directional radio signals to alien galaxies they potentially risk damaging the sensitive alien civilisation listening devices (akin to the VLA we have (so I'm told))

Wouldn't our message of "HELLO" be mistaken for a weapon trying to disable their technology and in the process really managing to pi** them off!!

First act of an interstellar war?? ummm... could be seen that way!

How would we look at this if it were the other way around?



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