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Oompa-Loompa and Tinky Winky cuffed for drunken brawl

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The reg is turning into a rag publishing this kind of story. If it had a vague IT angle it would be reasonable but its just puerile crap.

Navy sonar dolphin 'massacre' - the facts

Black Helicopters

New newsgroup ?

alt.conspiracy.guinea-pig becomes alt.conspiracy.dolphins

Facebook loses a few bitches


At last !

I signed up for facebook to meet friends from school.

Despite leaving school over 19 years ago, some of them still seemed act exactly the same.

I left facebook - what a waste of time.

Back to irc and newsgroups for like-minded and intelligent discussion.

Polish teen derails tram after hacking train network


Give him a job at network rail

He at least will have the trains running on time and better saftey record.

GPS is killing children


Family Neighbourhoods (Wonerf)

To those who are criticising the dutch parenting skills on allowing their children to playout side on 'the road' these areas are 'wonef'.

In these heavy neighbourhood zones, populated by homes, schools and speedbumps, the speed limit is 15kmh and children are well within their right to play, as a driver you have to give way to them !

Nintendo Wii hack opens door to homebrew games


Homebrew=I dont just download

I may be one of the few, but just because I can play Homebrew games on my PSP doesnt mean that I then dont go out and buy them. If something is good and worth buying,then I go out and get it. Better one download, a 'try out' then purchasing, rather than just buying it blindly.

Also my coding skills are being resserected thanks to homebrew, surely I'm allowed to code on hardware i own.

Man uses mobe as modem, rings up £27k phone bill


Data is unlimited free for an nominal fee in .NL

Christ, what are the mobile phone companies doing in the UK. I'm use to 'rip of britan' (hence now an expat) but 27K - why didnt they inform this guy, or is it just that easy to make money from someone stupid enough to download films via mobile.

The irony of it is that in the Netherlands I pay a 30 euro fee and get CDMA/GSM unlimited data so its no problem to use my mobile as modem (just dont go over the border into Germany or Belgium as this can be done on the N95 maps and then watch bills roll in !!)

Brit workers: The Xmas skive starts today


Re : Please Sir, can i have some more?

Stewart said :-

Let us spare a thought for the unfortunate IT contractors; who would not notice the the difference between this week and any other week and whos' life is one long holiday. Perhaps we should have a whip-round for the poor little blighters, when they will only have 1 day on their invoices next week....shame!!

Only 2 days in the Netherlands :) Then its back to work.. Then moving... Why does this always happen around xmas...


Not skive - but slow..

Some companies have a 'change freeze' between now and the middle of jan, as senior policy makers, and essential staff 'who only that thing' become unavailable on holidays, or just in the pub :)

There is a slow-down, but not a skive, afterall you can do that any time of the year if you like, its just that christmas almost forces it on you....

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