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Three found guilty of web extremism plot

Rich Bee

Brazilian Student? @Pierre.

Jean Charles De Menezes was a sparky from what I could gather and was on his way to do a job when some bunch of testosterone (and unprosecuted!) fuelled murderers took his life.

I've got books on Napalm manufacture, automatic rifle manufacture, napalm based explosive light bulbs, etc. . . .

Heck, I've even got books on World wars but haven't really got the stomach to start one.

Information is not illegal or anyone with a brain and curiosity would be a criminal (if that isn't the case already.).

UK civil servant leaves Top Secret Iraq war intelligence documents on a train

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Hi Jonathon. Many thanks for acknowledging my special insight. I am highly cynical about the actions of these people. Highly visible orange binders (I mean, orange)?

I'm only waiting now for some MP or other to mention that ID cards would stop people losing things in general. Including 14 year old girls and their virginity, so no more teenage mums either!

If you watch this government with even a withering amount of interest they simply smack of corruption. Although I think all of our previous governments tend to have a large number of self serving members (yup members).

Rich Bee

Yeah, right, an accident. . . .

Strange that the BBC didn’t name the person who found them.

Also strange that the top civil servant wasn’t named.

If it really was Top Secret, wouldn’t it be wiser to use a code word rather than big red letters on the front?

I suppose we hadn’t had the Al Qaida/terrorist mantra pumped at us for a while, gotta keep up the fear factor.

There was a need to tie Iraq to Al Qaida (western invention, doesn't really exist) to try to gain support for operations over there.

We should be due an “Al Qaida Training camps in Iran” soon.

One moment we'll be reducing our troop count over there. Then we're told that the Iraq security forces are inept due to a document being "left" on a train. Soon you'll get the "We can't pull out yet, the Iraqi forces still need our "support".

The government

I expect someone to bleat the "oooh, you conspiracy theorist" soon. I expect nothing less from the sheeple. Go ahead believe your mainstream government sponsored media. Or do a little reading of Orwell's life, he worked in a department at the BBC modifying news media for public consumption during the war.

Microsoft to ODF, PDF - let's get it on together

Rich Bee

Embrace and Extend.

Oooooooh just can't wait for the obvious ODF+ and then ODF++ with all those lovely MS only extensions.

Quake rocks Britain

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Coventry damage @Stu.

Stu, just to keep you informed. There was no damage to the city centre, it still looked bloody awful when I cycled through it this morning ;)

Didn't really notice it myself. Probably kicked the dog and blamed him for farting and then dropped straight back off.

Although I did heat that a house partially fell down in Shakespeare street on GMTV this morning.

How believable are government claims on ID cards?

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Done all of those things actually, but do intend to replace the passport.

HMRC manual on data protection was protected data

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There were two goats the one that was slaughtered and the one that was set free. The one set free was the scapegoat (eSCAPE GOAT).

So from this you understand that the scapegoat is not sacrificed or slaughtered.

Sorry for being pedantic.


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