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'Extreme porn' law could criminalise millions


Don't they get it

Such Biased papers, most people realise that given an "outlet" for certain ...alternative titilation....it's part of quite a normal life.

As soon as you try to supress it and go round telling these people what bad bad bad people they are, you start getting the really freaked up people that you are trying to avoid in the first place....

Hell just look at some of these religious nut jobs that never had a ..roger...in their lives and who's idea of porn was seeing a flash of ankle on the way up some stairs...after so long they just crack.

For the sake of taking it to an EXTREME example, Japan has a industry in cartoons and comics depicting minors in expicit ways yet have one of the lowest rates for child molestation iirc? but according to this lot the Island should be Kiddy fiddler central.

Sources needed which I'm not about to go trying to look up at work.... and no I'm not abdicating we start the industy up here! no thanks >_<, it's only a short step from there to having used panties in vending machines and It's annoying enough getting the Twix instead of the kitkat when I hit the wrong button .....>_<

Scotland Yard pokes crooks on Facebook


Uh Huh

Good grief how much dross are they going to have to sift through to catch one or two retards who commit crimes then post it up online saying LOOK AT ME! for the whole world to see and how much will this cost us tax payers.

How many "Real jobs" would that pay for in terms of getting police feet on streets.

And maybe I'm cynical but the first thing that sprung to my mind was that it will start a new sport.

Chav scum trying to "bait" cops into a fully armed raid on their house by posting totally "legal" pics of them posing with toys in their garage for the street cred of seeing who can get the most armed police out.

Sony to bring GTA IV PS3 bundle to Blighty



£400 on the PS3+GTA4....

Or £200 on the XBOX360+GTA4....(my local HMV are doing the XboxPro for £150)

HMMMMMMM...let me think about that one.

Boffins develop '500TB iPod' storage tech



But 20 years =/

And what sort of retention and access time are they talking..and cost!

Craigslist and eBay: Terrorist arms bazaars of DEATH


Uh Oh!

I better get on facebook and remove all those pics of me running round with NVG's, IR flash lights, IR Tags, Level IIIa Body armour (complete with "POLICE" tags, and Air rifles....I'm clearly an uber terrorist with contacts in the shady arms dealing underword....

Oh wait..no I just went and bought stuff from online retailers and had them shipped to the UK by Parclefarce....ZOMG!! CONSIPIRACAH!!!

UK.gov will force paedophiles to register email addresses


Looking at it another way

Bearing in mind not everyone on the sex offenders list should really be there (the 14 year old boy that kissed a girl shock horror or someone who took a drunken wee in a doorway) what's to stop someone registering an email address and dobbing this person in and sending them off for another 5 years, much easier than framing them for kiddy fiddling!


Legal work around

May I point something out...

Gmail doesn't recognise the . in an email address and strips it out so you can register Iamanemailaddress@gmail.com then sign up with

I.Amanemailaddress@gmail.com and it will probably work, protection circumvented and no laws broken.

And what about a shared home broadband email, may not belong to the offender but why not use it to sign up.

UK CCTV numbers 'may be overstated'


Fine with cctv

Maybe it's me being beaten down and I'm wrong but when my last bike was stolen and the police refused to come out because I couldn't describe the vehcile despite tellign them exactly where it was headed (The A5 motorway with very few places to hide a big van with a bike on the back of it) heading North I've seriously considered getting CCTV for my own home,

If the police/council had a CCTV camera monitoring the street or at least entrace/exit to the residential area they would of had something to go on and responded.

So I'd be happy to see it, but then maybe I'm jaded and am falling into the sacraficing freedom for security?

MPs get £2k home cinema on taxpayers


So why...

DO they need gold plated pensions and £160k salary when clearly they are provided for with everything they need on the tax payers back already =/

Dear ISP, I am not a target market


There's an idea..

why not start an online protest where BT/Virgin/CW customers can post, I am leaving if/when this goes in so they can see just how many customers they will loose.

+2 lines here :),...or should that be -2 lines..

ThruVision camera shows weapons, not bodies


Uh oh

This is going to make going airsofting with my MP5 in bag very interesting....

Home Secretary in ID card gaffe


Get a clue?

they couldn't, not if they were a clue, on planet clue, surrounded by clues of the opposite sex, in the middle of clue mating season, covered in clue pheremones.

Broadband big boys waiting on data pimping


OK but what about...

Aren't ads revenue for many pages, surely by injecting ads they are stealing revenue from people by overwriting the ads they "Host" with their own injected ones without the web page holders permission?

The other way round don't some advertisers PAY to be shown on big web pages who will then be "cut out" by phorm?

Halo Master Chief armour offered on eBay


@ Ian

You'd be supprised,

Last time I took my kit into work to go airsofting straight after, well, having an MP5 and a half dozen grenades on your desk seems to stop a lot of the stupid questions...and some of the good ones too.


OMG - Airsoft ;)

OMG I want one :)

go airsofting a lot and I'd LOVE to rock up in this kit instead of my SO19 kit =p

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon


Gah so that's what it is!!

For a while now Milton Keynes Shopping center has been driving me mad (25) with this high pitch noise that gives me headache but my Girlfriend can't hear it (29) and thinks it's part of my Tinitus.

Now at least I know what it is and why I only hear it in one area as it must be one of the shops there with this thing.

I understand the concept but I've actually avoided that entire area of the center because this thing grates on me that much, so at least it works but a whole stretch of shops looses my business =/

Brit firm levitates floating chair


Just don't forget

To remove all electronic devices, credit cards and loose change from your pockets before you lean back!

US woman launches 'Taserware' parties


@Anon Coward - Tase Proof Clothing

Check out Thor Shield



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