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UK.gov pledges licence fee 'rethink' over heavy catch-up use


It's really not value for money...

I've not watched TV in years because it's all crap, certainly not Live TV.

And as for trying to keep up with technology, good luck! what constitues live? and what's to stop websites simply setting up streams that are delayed by the neccesary time period to remove the "live" qualification and nullify the need for licence =p

Council wins motorbike charges case


Also please remember

That several people have already been fined because the operator typed in the reg number wrong when they phoned up or they made a mistake in SMS and even in cases where the number sent doesn't exist they don't accept any excuses regardless of if it was the biker or the operator that screwed up.

I don't get the arguments basically saying bikes should pay because they are dangerous idiots..issues much?

I ride a 600KG tourer thats about the same size as a small car yet I don't sit in traffic and cause congestion pouring pollution into the air, nor do I cut up cars/cyclists, take wing mirrors, block junctions, jump red lights etc,

Can't say that about the majority of the cage drivers I pass every day though!

In the last 3 years I've witnessed

3 motorbikers taken out by cars doing illegal u-turns without looking or exiting/entering a side road without looking.

I've seen countless bikers have to make emergency manouvers for similar.

I've seen 2 pedestrians run over by cars running red lights.

I've seen a cyclist run over by a car pulling into a bus lane to make a phone call.

I've seen a bike loose control because of ta axi driver pulling into a bus lane to drop off a fare without looking.

I've been held up by countless car crashes or groups of cars jumping red lights and blocking hashed boxes blocking other roads from moving out when their lights change.

I've personally lost the back wheel twice because of oil spilt on the road by poorly maintained busses/lorries though not dropped the bike.

Now how many bikes have I seen damage another vehicle where they were at fault 0

How many bikes have I seen blocking traffic 0,

How many bikes have I seen run over pedestrians/cyclists ..well ok none but I've seen about 3 come close but 2 of them stopped and apologised at least.

The only thing I can say bikers are rightfully given grief for is pulling across to wait in bicycle bays at lights where there are enough to stop actual bicycles getting past but that tends to be one idiot that pulls into the gap the more considerate bikers left for cyclists to get past.

All in all bikers seem to behave and perform far better than most cagers.

Yes I'm biased as a biker but that doesn't change statistics =p


I'm a biker...

I've been biking on average 100 miles a day for over 11 years and never taken a wing mirror and never seen anyone that has and I see a LOT of bikes.

I've seen lots of idiot car drivers smash themselves and other road users to pieces though!

And just like everything else they will trial it for something as un-objectional as possible (£1, small zone).

As soon as it gets the legal go ahead, price goes up, zone expands.

It works in the form of you park up and phone a number displayed in the bay or and give your bike registration number and credit card details, that gets you a day in theory.

Lots of stories of people getting tickets anyway despite phoning up and giving details or getting confirmation SMS's.

It doesn't effect me much as at work I have free parking but that will fill rapidly if the people using the bays move into the free parking spot instead....

And I rarely have to park up in the city proper unless visiitng China Town or Soho

I live in Luton and they already did away with all the Motorbike bays replacing them with Pay and Display.

I phoned up the council asking where I was supposed to park and they said use the P&D...tried explaining that this isn't possible for obvious reasons and is it OK to pay, and take the ticket with me.

"No you'll get fined use the multistory car park thats free for bikes"

Ignoring the fact you can't go round the barriers so you need a ticket (paid) to get out...and that's assuming the barrier detects your bike! the number of times I've manged to get a token in only for it to try take my head off as I finally get my gloves back on and start moving just isn't funny.

St Albans is far more reasonable and allow bikes to use P&D Spots for free and still have some Motorcycle bays.

The car park there also has "shortened" barriers so bikes can get in and out without having to faff around with tickets.

Cops taser Somerset chap's nether regions


I have a BMW...

But it's a motorbike so not the same kettle of fish (IE I know where my indicators are and I use them).

I thought police that were issued tasers were meant to have the same basic training/proficiency as the police with the real deal? this doesn't seem to tie in with that =p.

Sounds like he had a narrow escape though and tbh for amount of compo he will problaby get I'm sure it's worth it =p.

I imagine it's the fact he stopped and got out that paniced the officer in question, still a massive over reaction though imho but then if he's a big lad and the officer had the taser to hand I can imagine the temptation to use what you have to hand would be there explaining why he drew on cox.

He'll need a stiff talking to for this (near) balls up though.

Mobile phones cause tinnitus, says study


I have tinitus

I only really notice it during silence but after my last motorcycle accident it got REALLY bad for a period of a couple of months.

Thankfully it died back down to it's normal levels before I went postal, it is really REALLY annoying...

Telco sets honey pot for nuisance marketers


May I just say

I'm sorry for the terrible spelling in my previous post, I was too busy smiling at the memory of the sounds of a very frightened cold caller to pay any attention to my typing.


The most fun I had..

The most fun I had with telemarketers was when I was using my phone+headset as a walkie talkie with mates airsofting.

Got an incoming call and answered it assuming it was matey boy (it was my backup phone not my primary and only they had the number), just as we started storming a building.

"Ring - click (auto answer)*

GO - GO - GO (Smash as door is cicked in, and grenades go off to clear the first room)

*Operator - Good Morning! Is this X, X.


*Operator - ....Hello

Me: Who is this, how did you get this number?

*Operator - This is xxx calling on behalf or Orange, would you be interested in saving money on your calls?

*Sound of gun fire*


*Return fire*


*Grenades go off*


Operator: errr...is this a good time.

Me: WHO THE F**K ARE YOU, Dave trace this F****ING CALL

Operator: *click*

Never got called again :)

Microsoft seeks patent on ebook page flip


Games also

I've lost count of the number of games I've played or interactive movies I've watched that had animated page flipping based on user input!

What next, a patent on making a realistic paper rustling noise at the same time?

Wait...I'm off to the USPO, brb!

Apple patent seeks to reinvent retail


Prior Art...

Yes all that's been done, I've got apps for all that on my Blackberry.

Not that any of that means anything to the USPO, I expect it to be passed and the law suits to flow post haste.

I wonder if they will issue take downs to all POS terminals across the US for violating their patents by using bar code scanners =p

Lad from Lagos in unencrypted CD teaser


Is Great British Pound

Is Great British Pound an accepted legal currency ?

Facebook faces German privacy probe


Gmail doesn't spam your address book

And nor does Facebook, Like Gmail the user has the option of spamming people by entering their details and hitting send.

London hospital hosted grumble flick shoot



A sensetivity about sex on the wards and hygene but then for a "Big budget" company the err...actors and actresses will have regular checks, lots of precautions and generally be healthier than most and there will be far worse things spreading around your average hospital ward so meh, as long as it was deep cleaned before being put back into use, rock on :)

Though I'd have to see the film in question to form a full opinion :)

Beware of cold call scammers pushing rogue antivirus


Double whammy

So they Charge you for the privelage of installing malware on your PC? Nice!

Colorado vampire drives woman into canal


RE: Suppose a boy band member steps in front of your car...

That would be about the only time I'd be happy about driving a Toyota!

Nipper's naked arse provokes Street View outrage


There is a photo of me...

Back in the 1980's during one particularly hot spell I was straight out of a bath and back onto my little pedal bike and training wheel in the Garden without stopping for clothes.

Being the Adventurous young chap that I was it wasn't long before I pedalled out the front gate and down the street stark bollock naked.

What did my parents do on seeing my vie for freedom?

Run into the house to get the Camera and take a photo of my firm peachy buttocks working their way into the distance.

It's been posted on face book for all to see and shown to many a Girlfriend over the years.

These days you'd expect them to be arrested for "creating child pronography" and the child given an asbo for public indecency, that's assuming the child even makes it past the first hedge before the fabled urban pedo-monkey leaps out and abducts him/her.

They're everywhere don't you know!

Hoodies swipe bus for YouTube joyride


Whats so stupid

He probably got laid by the both of them, they get some "street cred", a few weeks of fame on youtube, and what...they'll be told to do community service and pay back the damage at £1 a month out of their dole money most likely, seems like a good deal to me *sigh*

ThinkGeek trembles before Pork Board's pork sword



"The other white meat" is a phrase that's been around since I was a nipper and always used in parody.

Cats, the other white meat.

Babies, the other white meat.

Jehovas witnesses, The other white meat.

and so and and so forth.

Vodafone blocks World Cup, except for iPhone owners


If vodafone blocked http

Then no...you wouldn't get the picture

Wannabe Jedi drool over potent laser 'lightsabre'

Black Helicopters

Immediate response

Me and my mate both had the same response - Want to get one now before they are banned, using a "Neutral" address and payment info of course just in case...

Neither of us can think of anything to actually USE the damn thing for....we just want it...

Sure you can use it as to light cigs, the problem being you'd have to be 100 meters away and a bloody good shot, maybe using a lesser red pointer to aim the big ......wait....I've just had an idea.......

Approaching space object 'artificial, not asteroid' says NASA



Surely we have the tech to either get a good look at it as it passes or as the image suggests we had months of warning...send someone up to take a look as it goes by?

BT quotes pensioner £150,000 to get broadband



It's like the quote I got from an insurance company when at 18 I enquired on how much it would cost to insure an MR2 I had seen for 3k and was quoted £120,000 third party only.

It's basically there way of saying "Technically no, but if you have the money anything is possible".

Boobquake fails to destroy planet


What a shame.

A missed oppertunity there...if only there had been a well timed earth quake we would no doubt have seen a mass increase in scantily clad ladies theatening to flash themselves at people. *sigh*, oh what could have been!

Herd of sheep, off tits on drugs, savagely Tased

Thumb Up

Sheep on Drugs

Great band :).

Sorry what was the article about again?

Primark pulls 'disgraceful' padded bikini for kiddies


It's paranoia plain and simples

Sadly one of my co-workers reads the SUN and the first I saw about this was a headline on his desk "PEDO-BRAS!!".

What a freaking joke!

Sorry but I've been around my various neices and family little'uns long enough to know that girls like to play grown up from a quite young age, get over it.

Sure if they are stupidly ott breast enhancement type jobbies, it's very poor taste.

If it's a tiny amount of padding...get the heck over it!

Wanting to look grown up != sex mania pedo magnet insert knee jerk terror du jour here.

As for the why do kids wear tops in pools at all, paranoia, simple as that.

Britain seems to be the worst though.

Holidaying in spain and the spanish islands all the brit kids are covered head to toe, most european kids are topless, in fact so are most of the european mums, and you know what, most people don't even bat an eyelid and it just becomes normal.

It's only us brits (and the yanks) that seem to be paranoid that any show of flesh = sex.

Oh it's also traditional in spain to peirce girls ears almost from birth to the point you can have a baby girl dressed all in pink with BABY GIRL all over her clothes, and a spainard will take one look, see no ear piercing and ask "ahh what a cute boy what's his name?"

Bloke threatens BT with giant plywood cheque


Sue under what law

Possibly harrasement or trying to extract money with menaces, after all he's legally paid them but they are still hounding him.

Tories drop opposition to UK.gov DNA plans


Soft on crime...

So making sure innocent people are struck off a register of SUSPECTS for the police to fish against is being soft on crime?

Just goes to show how wrong their thinking is at a base level, sadly the same goes for ALL the parties, which generic liar do you want to shaft you for the next 5 years, please tick a,b or c :(.

Sick of the election already? Get a bet on then


What are the odds on

What are the bookies paying out on bets that the next plot in power will turn out to be lying self serving weasles with no morals or substance but lots of buddies to backhand?

Murdoch tells old media to 'stand up' to Google, Bing


Let me get this straight...

Murdoch essenially wants to remove himself from a massive part of the web so the only way to his *sic* newspappers is to browse direct and pay for them instead of using the far better quality free alternatives.........

Want some help mate?

Child abuse frame-up backfires on stalker



There are so many ways this could have succeded that it's bloody scary.

In this case I suspect the postage of the HDD was what set the alarm bells off and it seems the plod did a good job following up.

What worries me is if someone a tad more competent tried this how technical ARE the cops, I know virus infected PC's have both succeded and failed as defences against having this stuff on PC's.

To be honest you can be as paranoid as you like, if someone really has the time, desire and access they will find a way (spy camera hidden in your home pointing at your PC?, buy the same keyboard as you and physically install a key logger inside it and replace yours etc)

So the only question really becomes:

A) How technical ARE the plod..here it sounds more like old fashion police work of putting 2 and 2 together rather than a tehcnical resolution.

B) How bad is the knee jerk THINK OF THE CHILDREN reaction, are the fathers always going to be Jailed and stigmitised on such....I don't like to use the word evidence....lunacy?

C) We are seeing more and more laws specifying how a suspect should be treated based on their technical knowledge and competency, will having more defence simply incrimnate you more if someone managed to bypass them either sociall engineering or technically?

are we better off simply having no password, auto login, open wifi, no AV, no firewall, feign ignorance.....seems to be the way forward :(

I understand it's an emotive issue...and we don't have full details..but it doesn't sound good.


Fair point

That's why i want to know more about this case to know how paranoid I should be about my security :)

(it's already pretty stupid as it is!)


I agree but

I agree it's a fine line to tread but surely if you get posted a hard drive saying it contains illegal stuff and was taken from x persons home without their knowledge or consent...surely that sets enough alarm bells ringing that your first step ISN'T arresting and JAILING someone (people in jail accused of kiddy porn have a very poor health outlook), tearing up a familly and ruining lives on basically heresay, a randomly posted HDD is NOT evidence for obvious reasons...at least it SHOULDN'T be.

It doesn't say how long this guy was jailed for, but it will probably be on his E-CRB check for life now.

On that note...if he only had the one HDD, and that was stolen then posted to the police...what could possible remain on the PC to count as evidence???

Surely nothing would have survived in RAM...

Maybe ISP records IF he did indeed DL the stuff from inside the house and it was web based pron.....I don't suppose the fact it would have been done while they were both in bed would count for much, and on the same night the house was broken into and the said same HDD stolen....too much just doesn't add up.

I just really want more detail on this case.

On the one hand it sounds like UK plod did a good job, on the other hand it seems like another imense F**K up that they were able to back pedal and make look good....


Password protected?

I doubt that would have helped, short of encrypting the HDD I doubt you would have stopped the guy putting stuff on it, besides it sounds like he removed the HDD to tamper with and didn't plant the evidence in situ before posting it.

I'm still confused how the guy didn't notice his HDD missing long enough for it to go throught the post and be investigated by the plod.

It raises an interesting point though, clearly the HDD has been removed from the owners premisis without his knowledge or consent, how the heck could ANYTHING stemming from that stand up in court?

The HDD was ripe to be tampered with (obvious here)...

Time stamps would mean nothing, the content would mean nothing...it's crazy!

So If I decide to rob a house but the owner wakes up and gives me trouble I can get revenge if I get away by tampering with the HDD on the laptop I stole and mailing it to the police?

(This has happened before, stolen latop with kiddie pron on posted to the plod, owner arrested and charged albeit admitted to possesion apparently but nothign to stop someone faking it)


Scary thought

All this talk about password protecting your machine...

If the guy HAD encrypted his hard disk, what's to stop the guy who broke in installing a hardware key logger to get the key, THEN planting the evidence and making an anonymous phone call (or indeed sending off the HDD).

When the plod ask the guy for his password (which it's a crime not to reveal) only for them to then find this stuff which HAS to be his...after all it's on his encrypted HDD!..

Maybe in this case more security would actually shoot yourself in the foot?


Very VERY lucky

That man is very VERY lucky that the crook in question was not the smartest cookie in the box and that the police decided to follow it all the way through!.


Thinking about it...

didn't he notice his HDD missing and report this to the police or did the guy replace the HDD?

Was the HDD a copy of the old so he wouldn't notice, or did the guy hope he'd just assume some kind of corruption?

I'm curious now!

US court rules FCC can't ban BitTorrent busting



So this ISP basically disconnects any kind of P2P or bit torrent connection?

So that's every single WOW player moving to a new ISP for a start....

Many games are using P2P style tech to distribute patches etc now.

not to mention tonnes of other pefectly legit applications and uses for the technology, idiots.

I'd say vote with your buck and get another ISP but I know that's not always possible (Contracts, lack of competitors, competitors doing the SAME DAMN THING etc...)

Cartoon Law goes live



Make one of those inverted picture optical illusions so it's of..say...a cute bunny rabbit, but looked at from another way is a youngish looking anime character in the nuddy..

Surely they can't arrest you for drawing a picture of a bunny because someone with a filthy mind thinks it looks like something different?




Damn...didn't know that, like I said I've not looked into this at all, I simply don't agree with this whole slippery slope argument (Cartoons != people).

I mean I love Anime about huge robots with jepacks and guns but it doesn't mean I want to go out and get...oh wait......never mind...



From the wording of the law making them show ID wouldn't matter, the character is a child if they LOOK underage.

The major problem here is many fold:

1) The characters in most Manga/Hentai are not realistic at all, humanoid but not in proportion at all.

The human brain is great at recognising human charactaristics and making basic judgement calls but against a non realistic drawing this kind of goes skew-wiff.

2) Add to that the fact that people often see what they expect/want to see, when a case goes to court people will EXPECT to see an underage character so they probably will, that's something you can easily test with a few (non sexual) manga images and some friends.

Get the same toons and ask them to guess the age of a few toons, then show them different pics of the same toons and ask which ones are the underage one (even if they didn't guess any as underage), voilla some will now appear to be children

3) My ex was 23 but Always ALWAYS got ID'd and we got many funny looks as she is very baby faced, has the whole cute thing going on, and is an A-cup which in some tops looks totally flat.

She LOOKS underage to many people, so I can legally date and have sex with her...but not draw a picture or take a photo of it..even for personal use? Crazy.



Head - meet desk

That is all.

All points have been covered numerous times on this on this forum and many others so rather than preach to the wise I'm simply going to go stand in the corner and smack my head against a wall, it's probably more productive, unlike the government.

(oh and as for that argument, lessen the barrier to real stuff, IE, if it's just as illegal to posses a 100% fictional cartoon then people may as well get the real stuff, I imagine (haven't studied this at all), that most hentai nuts actually have little to no interest in real stuff, given the mass market for the stuff in Japan but very low child abuse/rape stats you'd assume that's the case.

Nips slip past Apple censors


Blobs of paint

They may just be blobs of paint but don't forget current UK law says blobs of paint or indeed accumilations of Lead in the right combinations can send you to jail and get you on the sex offenders register.

Is iFlorist the greatest website in the universe, ever?


I'm confused....

I'm confused because reading this I'd certainly call fake on the website and point and laugh at the poor scammers....

But I've used IFlorist several times...ok before I posted this I did a quick google and see there there is an IFlorist.co.uk and IFlorist.com...

I've used them mostly for USA and Trinidad, but once or twice for the UK so I can't be sure which I used...but whichever one it was were on time and as advertised for me....

I tried checking my mail (they send me regular mail shots for stuff like mothersday etc) but of course I've cleaned up my mailbox so until the next one I can't see if it's .com or .co.uk that I'm using....

Durex India eStore spills customers' personal details



Wait...so he noticed a flaw, reported it only to the effected company...who thanked him..only to then have them turn around and accuse him of being a bad bad boy? I assume with some legal ramification?


Why do companies keep doing this to themslves and bring more attention and make themselves look like an ass by trying to whack the people pointing out the flaws in their security.

Met launches net café spy operation



So yet more people going to arrested for watching internet virals then.

Anyone remember the one that montage of arabs firing an Elephant gun and falling over a while back?

Better not watch that if you have brown skin!!

Sh*t wait..I'm half chinese but when I grow a beard and get a tan I look arab...better keep clean shaven and avoid the sun before using an internet cafe!!!


French suspect grilled over Obama Twitter hack



Surely it's not a Hack as such?

Guessing a "secret question"...heck in fact someone having what would be a considered a fairly important public facing feed with a security question that can be guessed by someone who's first language isn't even the same is pretty poor to start with..but then a twitter feed's hardly going to start wwIII or divulge state secrets now is it?

"Obama lost his mobile - could world leaders please call him on the new cell at xxxxxxxxxx"

"Obama things china should suck his chocolate salty ones, what you gonna do about it!*

"China declared war on USA."

Apple bins iPhone covers


C**t wits!

Good Grief!

I've been asked to look into replacing our Blackberries with Iphones because naturally all the big wigs see shiney, want shiney.

Our standard pratcice will be to get cases, usually ones with built in screen protectors for obvious reasons as screens get scratched to heck in heavy business use and travel.

I don't care how good they want marketing to make the screens look, I care about making sure we don't spend a fortune replacing scratched screens that don't work and can't be read.

Put screen damage under warantee, and we may forgo screen protectors.

Make them out of Diamond or at least a good Saphire screen and again I'll be more than happy to go without as I've banged my Brietling off all sorts including doors and table corners and it's not so much as smudged!

One in four UK schoolkids admits hacking



It's illegal to try and guess someones password?


Muso turfed off train for 'suspicious' set list


I'm in trouble!

My lord!! I better delete "Kill The Christian - Decide" - "Gun" - "Smooth Criminal - MJ" -"Janie's Got A Gun" - "Aeroplane - Chilli Peppers " - "Prayer - Disturbed" - "Poison - Alice Copper" "Bodies - Drowning Pool"....in fact I better just format my music before I take a train then!

Retards, they problaby just had "targets" to meet but also had to have an excuse so were fishing for any little thing they could find, it's the way things seem to go these days.

Home Secretary swats away calls for Mosquito ban



Could a simple in ear counter measure, often sported by the same said chavs, neds, and n'er do wells that this weapon is meant to be aimed at, remove all effects?

I belive the counter measure in question was called Earphones connected to something called Drum'n'Bass or some such, to be fair this has the same effect on me as the damn mosquito but the ned's seem to have adapted to it.



I'm 28 with Tinitus and I can not only hear the damn things but they Aggravate my Tinitus somethign AWFUL to the point the ones in the MK shopping centre give me a headache for hours after I've left the area if I have to hang around them.

If they EVERY start deploying these around my home you can fully expect me to start legal precedings as they actually cause me pain and discomfort and as far as I'm concerned are tantamount to assault.


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