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Don't PANIC, but these SMARTWATCH-stuffed boxes are going NOWHERE

Kazriko Redclaw

The article mentions the Pebble watch, but it's like the people who wrote it never actually looked into the Pebble at all. It has 5-7 days battery life, so the 1 day battery life isn't an issue. It's also only $150, rather than $200-300. I find that it's the most useful of the current smart watches because it's just less fiddly, and only provides a bit of information on phone calls, emails, and text messages right when you need them so you don't have to drag the massive phone out of the pocket.

And for Pete 2, It uses a very nice reflective display, so it's viewable in full sun. It has a tiny vibration motor so you can know to move your sleeve when it's giving you the information that you need.

For Tony Paulazzo, you should probably look at the Pebble. It's a bit higher than what you're talking about, but it does have something similar to an e-ink display.

Here's what YOU WON'T be able to do with your PlayStation 4

Kazriko Redclaw


PS3 also was limited to only Bluray discs for games. No games were ever released on DVD for it.

Also, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited were launched years ago. They're not at all new and aren't launching alongside the PS4.

You can use SATA3 drives as well, they'll just operate at Sata2 speeds.

Is the next-gen console war already One?

Kazriko Redclaw

Emulation, harder than you think.

The technology just isn't there to emulate a 3.2ghz 3-core processor on top of a 1.8ghz 8 core processor. XBLA games are using the hardware of the 360 just as much as any disc based game. The only type of game that could work seamlessly on the new console would be XBLIG games because they're already running on a virtual machine with a JIT compiler, but XNA has been abandoned by MS, so that isn't going to happen.

Rule of thumb with emulation is that your system needs to have a total instructions per second rating at least 10x what the system you're emulating does. The new consoles are nowhere near that, getting most of their speed boost from smarter design and advanced CPU features rather than raw instructions per second.

Which petite model likes a fondle and GETTING WET? Sony's Xperia ZR

Kazriko Redclaw

Re: Why aren't all phone water ressistant?

Water resistance is a feature that is actually common in phones made for the Japanese market.

My Droid DNA has spill resistance features including the often maligned USB door on the bottom, and a gasket around the edge inside because it was previously a Japanese market phone called the J Butterfly.

Netbooks were a GOOD thing and we threw them under a bus

Kazriko Redclaw

APUs are much better than Atom and Bobcat netbooks

I don't miss the Netbook, because we have much better laptops now. Sure, they may not go all the way down to 9 inch screens, but the 11-15 inch range A6 systems can be had for less money than your average tablet and perform much better than any Atom based netbook ever could. I paid less for my Acer A6 15" system than I did for my EEE901 9" back in the day.

Numbers don't lie: Apple's ascent eviscerates Microsoft

Kazriko Redclaw

Other platforms?

I wonder how the graph would change if you added Xbox, Xbox360, and Windows Phone sales onto the graph?

Also, how should we feel if we hate both Apple and Microsoft?

PlayStation Network downloads limited to two devices

Kazriko Redclaw

Some good reasons to have multiple systems.

Some have questioned the idea of multiple systems... I have a very good reason to have 3 PSP compatible systems, and less good reasons 3 for PS3 ones.

On the PSP front, I have a PSP3000, a PSP Go, and will be buying a PSVita. They all excel in different areas. The Go works great on the TV, can have an external controller, and is very small. I take it with my on normal day to day activities when I might have a minute or three to play. The PSVita has better battery life than the Go and a larger screen, so when I know I'll be playing some games, I'll probably take it with me. The PSP3000 can have tremendous battery life, up to 18 hours with 2 battery packs. I take it with me on very long plane trips or road trips... Now I'll have to make the hard choice of exactly where I'm going to be playing each game, or I can just decide that I'm going to take my DSiXL on long trips and leave the PSP at home instead.

If Sony could make one system that had all of the features, instead of releasing 3 separate partially crippled systems, it would make their choice a little saner.

On the PS3 front, my wife and I both have PS3's in our bedrooms hooked up to computer monitors, and we have a 3rd one on the main TV in the living room. It's a pain to move them around after all. I'll probably sell the noisy one and make the quiet one mobile here once they put this into effect.

Sony network ransacked in huge brute-force attack

Kazriko Redclaw


This was, in fact, an unsuccessful attack. It's because of Sony's heightened security that it didn't get through to cause any damage, and this was clearly not Sony's fault in this case. It's those users who utilized the same username/password combination elsewhere as they did on the PSN.

The accounts were locked out to prevent the user's own mistake from causing too much damage.

Falcon 1 finally claws way into space

Kazriko Redclaw

The weight of an unladen robin

According to this site here, http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=108922 the Robin weighs about 400kg.

If you happened to spend the 7 million USD to put one in space, it'd definitely be the fastest Reliant Robin ever.

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