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Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo spiel spied on web?

William Thackrey
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Sorry - not buying it

This has all the earmarks of a hoax... and a rather poorly researched one at that. Most telling is that all existing models of MacBook and MacBook Pro are shipping "within 24 hours" from Apple and BTO configurations are shipping in the normal 1-3 days. If Apple replaces products in their product line, you almost always see them lean out the channel in advance.

A change to the MagSafe power adapter is highly unlikely unless there's a major design change or a safety issue. Changing the cable end to aluminum just doesn't make sense.

As others have pointed out, the Mac Pro was just refreshed and the "specs" here are incorrect. This is obvious rubbish.

Apple keeps critical security fixes to itself

William Thackrey

This article in absolute bunk

This article is nonsense. Apple published this article - http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=307176 - the day the Quicktime 7.3.1 patch was released. There's a link on the Mac update dialog to a summary page which contains a link to this and other relevant web pages. Apple's policy is to not release details about security exploits prior to the release of a fix. While you may not agree with this policy, there's plenty of argument for it. So suggest that "Apple keeps critical fixes to itself" is just plain wrong.

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