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Scareware package planted in ITV.com ads

Andrew Wiseman

ITV Virus

I think my TV must have caught this pop-up virus too. Each time I watch Corrie I get some junk messages on screen telling me to text a number to catch-up with ITV programmes, or to visit the website or to watch The Bill coming next.

Is there anything I can do to cleanse my CRT of this crap?


BBC redesigns and 'widgetizes' homepage

Andrew Wiseman

Clocks and Open University


"It just needs the italicized /BBC 1/ to be added..."

Try this: http://625.uk.com/tv_logos/flash/bbc1_clock_72.asp

@Mike Richards

"Any chance of Web 2.0ing the terrifying gongs that introduced Open University programmes at far-too-late-o'-clock?"

Try this: http://625.uk.com/tv_logos/flash/ou_bbc2.asp



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