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Apple pulls posted pulled iPhone modem app

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Apples actions probably prompted by networks...

I would have said that Apple would have borked the bluetooth stack simply so that the networks didnt have to deal with people using their 'unlimited' connections 'too much'.

I would almost have guaranteed it was a direct and non-negotiable demand from the networks before they would carry the phone, so it seems a little odd to lay the fault at apples door. It would after all be in their interests to have a phone which worked as a mobile modem for you mac as well, but they had already pushed the networks for 'unlimited' net useage, so something had to give somewhere...

Black hats attack gaping DNS hole

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iPhone surfing in the UK STILL not safe

Seeing as o2 data are 'aware of the situation' but seemingly unwilling to do anything about it, they are still wide open ( so anyone browsing the net on an iPhone could start to have fun in the very near future.

You can only imagine the fun I had trying to get an answer out of them on the phone about when they were going to patch, and no, not the phone, the server...

Nintendo Wii set to beat MS' 17.7m all-time Xbox 360 sales tally


RE: Wii not same game as PS3 & Xbox 360!!!

You are quite obviously using a very different definition of generation to that which I am. Generation does not refer to the technical capabilities of the console, but merely which generation it belongs to - you are trying to say that the Cube and the Wii are the same gen which quite simply cant be, as one is the child of the other.

Whilst I do appreciate that the specs of the Wii are considerably lower than the 360 or the PS3, this does not change anything. I think you will also find its not so much about price (people where buying Wiis for more than the price of the PS3 in the drought before christmas) as a victory for fun over realism. Unfortunately for MS and Sony, most people over the age of 18 want a game that is fun, EVEN IF IT DOESNT LOOK REAL, and this trancends 'generation' boundries (see PS3, DS Lite etc). Its only very hardcore fanbois that care about the number of polys pushed and the various advanced rendering techniques (HDR anyone?) in a game that is about as much fun as watching paint dry.

This hell for leather pushing of technology when people are not ready for it nor actually wanting it is killing the games market, and is now moving in on the TV and DVD markets. The console manufacturers would be wise to remember why everyone says that the PC gaming market has gone the way of the dodo...

Wii shortage costs Nintendo dear, analyst claims


Forgetting the costs of producing more units, surely?

Remember that Nintendo learnt a rather bitter lesson with the Gamecube, when they overproduced massively, and actually had to shut down their fabs, causing them to lose money heavily in that period.

Nintendo already ARE at maximum production, and in truth they are producing more consoles than the other two put together, its just that the demand far outstrips that production. Ramping up any further would require new fabs, and its just not guaranteed that the demand will stay this high, so there is no way in hell Nintendo could justify that kind of cost. Besides from their point of view, they are already selling every unit they make, so whats the problem here.

Madly enough there are Wiis in shops even now, but the shortages are now being caused by greedy retailers thinking they can put a 100% markup on each unit, and people will still pay for it. So yeah, usual analyst bs here. Wish I could spout crap like that and get paid for it.

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