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MPs demand UK government end secrecy over ACTA

Rob Crawford

Seems Mandy

doesn't like any scrutiny for anything he is involved in does he?

No wonder the house of commons spent so much time working on rules to prevent Mandy returning to the HOC from the Lords (minimum of 5 years between resigning as a lord & being able to stand as an MP).

He would be like a rubber ball,

Mandy becomes a peer,

Resign as peer when safe seet is available

Stand in a safe seat

Become MP

Get kicked out for something dodgy (again)

& repeat ad nausium

Vomit cannon to protect vessels from pirates, paparazzi

Rob Crawford

Hmmm I wonder

if there the super yacht owners will be getting hit with some form of assault charge.

While not a fan of the press if they are in a public place it seems unfair that the super rich can take action and a normal person would be in deep shit for taking any action.

As for a puke ray vs RPG I would still think the RPG has the advantage

Brown offers free laptops to deprived UK schoolkids

Rob Crawford

Scratches head

UK wide call for the funding for English laptops

If so then fuck off

Google tries to quietly trample on Apple's toes

Rob Crawford

Bad news

the majority of the world mobile phone market isn't the USA, and to be honest the US mobile market is absurdly behind the rest of the world.

Name a US mobile phone mfgr who produces a product that sells well outside of the US (the last one was the Moto Razr which was popular for a few months) apart from the iPod + strapon phone

The US mobile phone system is fragmented, the roaming is crap and the number of dropped calls you suffer is ridiculous.

Lets be honest the iPhone is an iPod Touch with a 2nd rate phone built in (I only know one iPhone user who thinks it's a decent phone).

Personally I hope Google don't make a hash of things as Nokia & Sony Ericsson need some competition even if I do have 2 nokia phones (and an iPod Touch)

Fujitsu workers picket London HQ

Rob Crawford


They said Thatcherism was dead,

If a company can post record profits then can at least pay a cost of living pay rise to those who generated those profits. It's allegedly a low rate of inflation (though my household bills don't say that) at least match that faked rate.

Fujitsu say they are cash strapped (only £110M profit this year) but have not mentioned the payment from HMG for the NHS project as it's a one off payment (reckoned to be £400M)

Don't take the piss out of the staff if you want them to be content.

Regarding the redundancys:

The company refused to consider any other options and initially where even refusing to consider transfers to other roles, absences/sabbaticals (paid or reduce pay) like the Honda (& BA) offered.

Any sort of discussion only took place when the original strike was due.

Why not leave:

For those saying you can leave you are probably the 2nd rate web monkeys who have to switch jobs as you don't have enough Star Wars toys in your work area and have to leave when people find out you cant really do your job anyway.

Yeah I can and probably will leave Fujitsu, bit I like to show commitment to the projects I'm involved in. However for some people they either DON'T have readily transferable skills (VME experts anybody ?) or skills that everybody & their dog have.

When you have a mortgage, car payments, kids and bills it's not always easy to change jobs and people should not be ridiculed for seeking decent treatment and a bit of security, so grow up and put that saucer of milk down.


For some people the pension scheme was the last remaining reason to stay at Fujitsu.

Time Wasters & Poor service:

I'm all for the yearly appraisals and the like where the manager to tell a staff member they are lazy, shiftless or just plain crap. I don't like having to carry the lazy bastards either, it makes my job harder and they are usually paid more than me.

We all know that theres people in every company who take 10 minute work breaks from their coffee drinking and the problem of inept managers, sadly very few of the redundancys involve these people (as is usually the case).

Some of us put shit loads of extra hours in each week to give the best service we can (I'm going to lose 38 hours flexi-time on the 1st Jan cos I haven't had time to take as I'm only allowed to take 7.25 hours per month)

But I am doing my best for Fujitsu and the customers despite standing with a placard on Friday morning.

I want Fujitsu to succeed but they can't if they continue to take the piss out of their employees

Critics aim to sink Titanic ice cubes

Rob Crawford

Never changes does it

If course if you had a clue you would know that 1690 has very little to do with it (apart from an excuse for senile old men to march about in bowler hats & sashes, and the other lot who can't live without them becasue then they would have no soapbox to shout from)

But then you are probably bitching about the French cos the Normans invaded in 1066, or perhaps the Scots regarding the Battle of Culloden or the Edwards oppression of the Welsh.

So please grow up, and gain the backbone to include your name

Rob Crawford

Fecking Titanic

as a resident of Belfast I am sick to death of the Titanic (and the further commercialization of the damn thing.)

In he case of the ice cubes I find it funny, but with the developers with The Titanic Quarter, I'm hoping it will slide under the waves with all the property developers still onboard

Ladies put off tech careers by sci-fi posters, Coke cans

Rob Crawford

Pastel wookies and half eaten images of nature

I'd just be glad to work somewhere that isn't a fucking dungeon (and not the interesting sort either)

The current office I work in has early 80s decor & furniture, but at least the 90s are only a few years away

Epson models wearable PlayStation 3

Rob Crawford

Ans the appropiate phrase is

sad twat

RIPA III: A legislative turkey comes home to roost

Rob Crawford

Slight hole in this whole thing

If I lad something considered illegal encrypted on my PC what would I do ?

Would I ?

a: reveal the key and hand them the evidence, and get a suitable criminal & CRB record


b. Refuse to divulge the key and have a criminal record which would do less damage to my future.

Thats a hard one.

So it won't stop the people they claim to be after from getting away with a lesser charge, yet the innocents (or those who do not wish to divulge commercial, private or contact details) will receive something which will mess up their future employment prospects.


Cisco pumps out iPhone security app

Rob Crawford

Not for iPod touch

Apparently it needs a microphone

Corel receives bigger buyout offer

Rob Crawford


the company who has destroyed almost as many products as CA

TalkTalk to fight net disconnection plan

Rob Crawford

Im still wondering

What will constitute evidence of file sharing, and who will collect this evidence.

Will it be people paid by the record/film industry as I certainly wouldn't trust them as they have to find infringements to justify being paid.

Will they be paid a commission on every person they 'discover'?

Will a government quango be setup to do all this checking?

What constitutes file sharing, just because a file is named say "Seven_Nation_Army-White_Stripes.MP3" is that what the file actually is (will they download and confirm each and every file)

Yet again I am wrong in believing that accusation is not the same as proof

Lily Allen exits Twitter, bins BlackBerry

Rob Crawford


Now she will have the time to learn to fucking sing

DARPA, Microsoft, Lockheed team up to reinvent TCP/IP

Rob Crawford


I was always amused at how the MS idea of TCP/IP differed from the rest of the world (such as how many addresses would be available for hosts on a given subnet) I will await the outcome of the research.

This was based on answers which had to be given for MS qualifications that workmates where studying for (ir going through various braindumps)

Greens more likely thieves and liars, says shock study

Rob Crawford
IT Angle


I remember when my wife used to work in restaurants, several of them where health food / wholefood / veggie / vegan establishments, whats the point ?

I have so say that apart from riding bikes and supposedly eating healthy, I have yet to see people who drank & smoked to such excess.

It always struck me that they believed that they could trade one lifestyle aspect off against another (while assuming the moral high ground) this study seems to hint that I wasn't just imagining things.

Beeb unveils new Doctor Who logo

Rob Crawford

So when will

the gay Daleks and bi-curious Cybermen turn up?

As for the new Emo Doctor I assume we will have a selfharm special

Tory MP to sue over sex smear email

Rob Crawford

A pox upon all their houses

WTF bloggers delivering writs, on behalf of Conservitives

I wish they would all fuck off and die (I include the Labour ones in that statement)

McAfee false alert snares innocent JavaScript files

Rob Crawford



believe it or not some people have to live with really crappy connections so I disagree totally, anyway scanners should not use a packers signature as a detection mechanism.

Often people don't want their executables, javascript or wsh file open to public gaze, therefore they pack it or at least obscure it

In fact even with a decent connection myself I still object to huge web pages, with shit loads of Flash, animations, javascript and their ilk.

Design we had to suffer huge numbers of fonts and rounded boxed when DTP first turned up, and it's worse than ever on web pages.

Nevermind if the site does what it's supposed to do, is there lots of crap flying around on screen ?

Les Paul dies at 94

Rob Crawford


You saved me pointing that out.

Also to correct Herby it's not actually compression it's "hard limiting" which is the issue with the horrible modern mixes. Compression itself even out the dynamics usually used to either limit the attack of a note or sustaining a note (in the case of a guitar)

Les Paul will be sadly missed as he was both a true innovator and a what I would term a gentleman.

Sorry to see you go Les

Blaster anniversary recalls network worm heyday

Rob Crawford

@Anonymous Coward 09:15 GMT

Congratulations on deliberately misunderstanding the article

Brain-jacking fungus turns living victims into 'zombies'

Rob Crawford

Thats the one

Yeah Simon thats the one, unfortunitely as I said I was wrong apparently it's a flatworm not a fungi. It's still damned creepy

I also remember a mention of a cat parasite that changes cats behaviour but I could be wrong

Rob Crawford


Ohhh you are so silly

As for the snails I mentioned it's a flat worm that does the brain control bit (sorry but it was years ago) but heres a link anyway http://people.smu.edu/eheise/Leucochloridium_paradoxum.htm

Rob Crawford

Theres a similar fungus

that affects slugs as I remember, which causes the the snail to climb to the top of a plant and advertise itself as food for birds (this is combined with weirdly pulsing eye stalks).. Once the snail is eaten the spores are passed out through the birds droppings to infect new snails.

(It may be slugs not snails as I was reading about it ages ago & the video footage is rank to quote my daughter)

Firefox 3.7 swivels glassy eye

Rob Crawford


It's damned ugly for a start

Apple ends Palm Pre's iTunes charade

Rob Crawford



Having lived through years of supporting Apple Mac users, Apple products just working is only partially true. When a Mac stops working it stops working bit time.

They will still have to answer the my Palm dosn't work questions(and be held to blame too)


Point 2, thats just silly would Palm will allow their device to be flashed via iTunes I don't think so

Rob Crawford

Oh really

If Apple would allow me to sync MY content with MY device with the app of MY choice instead of deliberately breaking things with each firmware upgrade. I may have some sympathy for them in the Palm situation. But it's control freakery

Palm where stupid though, but hopefully Apple will miss out on large numbers of downloads.

Everytime iTunes upgrades it pisses all over my machine and insists on forcing Quicktime as my media player in the least obvious places despite what I tell it in the installer & the Program Access & Defaults settings?

No sane person willingly uses iTunes, and why can they not allow syncing via WiFi?


It's not the aac format but the DRM that people where having foisted upon them.

@Michael C

Just because there memory leaks in an OS (they all have them) doesn't mean that developers can leak all over the place as well. I was always taught to clean up after myself when coding (and real life). Every windows dev has to cope with the same issues. Seemingly the iTunes developers are exempt from such mortal things (as I remember a 3rd party developed the MS version of iTunes)

Rob Crawford


Media Monkey or DoubleTwist

I like media monkey a lot even if the interface is a bit 1990's it works well and syncs with almost anything.

DoubleTwist is OK but is a few months away from being a pleasurable experience (as opposed iTunes being several years away (with the windows version being a decade or so))

Rob Crawford

Oh Yeah

Apple are complete wankers for deliberately breaking the connectivity, same as they are complete tosspots for constantly changing the database format (& encryption) for uploading music to iPods.

Surely I should be the person deciding which app I want to use on my machine, rather than being forced to use the pox ridden iToons

Lords cut Irish travel from e-Borders

Rob Crawford


Last time I looked NI was still part of the UK. Therefore illegal immigration et al will still occur from the ROI into NI which means they are still entering the UK.

Or in reality what they are trying to do is to prevent entry into the mainland, or more specifically England (lets face it they don't care about Scotland & Wales).

According to my passport I am a UK citizen but I would have to produce a passport to travel within my own country. That's NOT acceptable. What would the headlines be if the Scottish & Welsh parliaments insisted that English people had to produce passports to enter!

I have spent a lot of time all over the UK (& ROI) and the only place where I have been treated as & called a foreigner is in England (specifically in London). Between Easy Jet, National Express, Canary Wharf security and Strathclyde police insisting on me producing a passport I am tired of it!

Rob Crawford

Loved that ione

By the governments statements on this, it is perfectly fine to leave the residents of NI (who the government are happy to collect tax from) at the mercy of international terrorists.

Between Easyjet staff declaring that as a foreign national I am required by law to carry my passport at all times, and a booking clerk stating that I had to show a passport to travel to buy a bus ticket.

After years of being treated like a foreigner in my own country it's no surprise that I have such a strong desire to leave this shitty country for sunnier climes.

I'm just too good for this damn place

Microsoft apes Spotify with ad-stuffed tune streaming

Rob Crawford


If the Zune had been available in the UK I would have purchased one, after trying out a friends Zune I was actually impressed with it compared with the Apple products.

But as usual MS have stuffed it up.

Schneier says he was 'probably wrong' on masked passwords

Rob Crawford

@David Gosnell

One of the few people I agree with,

People here are using examples that do not tally with common sense and are being deliberately awkward (actually the phrase deliberately thick comes to mind)

What is wrong in discussing such things, possibly Bruce isn't thick enough to recommend using unmasked on-line banking passwords in a cybercafe somewhere in Russia. But then somehow I don't think that was his original intent.

I also do not think he was referring to typing in real passwords during a public demo (but then he is probably smart enough to use a demo account).

It is something worth discussing, and if your security relies on blobbed passwords then as far as I am concerned you are already well on your way to making a mistake.

There are situations such as cash machines et al where you are forced into that situation, but surely you do not continue if somebody is a little too inquisitive?

Olympics bosses probe mobile tracking tech

Rob Crawford


how about making a vest for a stray dog and loading it up with 50 old phones, and letting Rover roam the site.

Apple MacBook Pro firmware fritzes third-party HDDs

Rob Crawford

And people

wonder why I dislike that companys attitude so much.

They have raised arrogance to new levels.

Disney punts hetero luuurv to wide-eyed kiddies

Rob Crawford


it's not as if the folks behind have their own agenda or anything.

WHAT !!!!! they have an agenda, well who would have believed it.

Disney films (amongst others) also tend not so show the characters pissing or having a crap either but everybody knows that happens in the real world.

When are these people going to grow up and give <orientation>, <skin_colour>, <religion>, <height>, <gender>, <perceived_gender>, <disability> or <species> a bit of respect & STFU about their own perception of justice (or otherwise)

/me awaits the (first) unbiased PETA report

Kate Moss kills Kills cuts

Rob Crawford


that the tracks will not be recovered

However I'm sure she could actually afford to have some proper data recovery people take a look at it (though they probably don't believe in the existence of those dreadful (non artistic) people who have jobs like that)

Where's the cross-hairs icon to show my desire to terminate my share of the useless 20% of the population

US gov asked Twitter to stay up for Iran protests

Rob Crawford


The non use of the 24 hour clock and using the a & p is just certain geographical regions, insisting that they will hang their traditional methods (while claiming that they are modern)

It's like dates :

Japanese : year, month, day; makes a lot of sense each number narrowing the your search from right to left

European : day, month, year; This is how humans work and can be read in reverse order to give some Japanese style logic

US : month, day year; WTF it's wrong when read on either direction and only works for filing invoices

US extradition could push McKinnon 'towards suicide'

Rob Crawford

@Sean Hunter

As stated in another thread, simply not agreeing to be extradited lands you with additional charges, which I cant remember the term (essentially the equivalent of escaping from custody).

The extradition treaty signed with the US essentially says that NO proof needs to be furnished, accusation is grounds enough.

What about the online poker guy who was arrested for allowing US registered credit cards to be used, when no part of the business is based within the US. Making a UK citizen responsible for the US gamblers choices is totally ridiculous.

If you check on how so called hackers are treated in the US you will see that they are often held in high security prisons.

Rob Crawford

@AC 10th June 2009 12:27 GMT


WTF are you talking about? Has my cat started posting on the register?

It's not his legal team insisting on a US trial.

Pressure group demands UK apes China net filter plan

Rob Crawford

@ Devils Advocate

people ignored the pre installed filters not due to agreement but because it was such a stupid idea in the 1st place. The term beneath contempt comes to mind

Though it was touched upon both by myself and several others

Rob Crawford


What happens if an "addicted" person turns the filter off, or will mediawhatever be the only ones allowed to turn off the filter?

McKinnon launches second extradition challenge

Rob Crawford

Uber hacker McKinnon is not

Firstly do the crime then do the time.


1: Why have the network, security and admin staff of these secure (?) sites not been had legal action taken against them. Ever heard of denying access based on source IP address, or even heard of firewalls or passwords ?

2: The term scapegoat comes to mind, he made us look bad lets put him away. Instead of holding up their hands and say "We where crap lets take it as a lucky escape and clean up our act"

3: Totally one sided extradition treaty where a UK citizen can be extradited simply through accusation (there are other examples) without any proper evidence being produced. I wish to add that the US will not extradite their citizens to the UK unless the UK goverment jumps through hoops.

4: By opposing extradition you are counted as having fled from custody and will receive a more severe sentence.

5: He never set foot in the US and they waited for years before deciding to make an example of him.

6: Lets face it in the US you are forced to plead guilty, if you say "Not Guilty" you are fucked (unless you come from the right family)

Prosecute him where he (allegedly) committed the crime.

Tories, LibDems under election day cyberattack?

Rob Crawford


its the same DOS that the BNP suffered from.

They probably cant afford the hosting now their expenses have dried up.

BNP DDoS 'mega-assault' not actually mega in the least

Rob Crawford


Unfortunately in the BNP it's not two islands off the coast of mainland Europe, unless one of those islands happens to be Canvey Island.

anybody from this side of the Irish Sea is unwelcome, unless a member of Combat 18.

Still angry for that Met officer telling me that being beaten up was my own fault because of my accent.

Rob Crawford
Paris Hilton

Here we go again

Oh FFS no doubt they signed up for some service which is entirely inappropriate for their needs which means they are in violation of their T's & C's. Also depending on the T's & C's may prevent certain content.

If that's the case then they should have checked their contract.

Oh dear the BNP are having hosting issues I can't say I am upset about that.

@AC 27th May 2009 14:06 GMT

Millions of people voting for them (not from previous evidence from election data) but then those who support the BNP are not very strong on things like logic, numeracy or literacy.

Somehow I imagine you sounding rather Dalek like when reciting your post for public consumption. Quite frankly I am happy for BNP supporters to be attacked, just as I would for those foisting the current fluffy nanny state (read suvelance state )upon us to be attacked for their actions.


The BNP are barely legitimate, I have been on the receiving end of their supporters simply because I come from the wrong part of the UK. The BNP are a poorly executed re branding exercise carried out by the NF

Even Paris dosen't suck as much as Griffin (or anybody else in the BNP)

Critical Windows vulnerability under attack, Microsoft warns

Rob Crawford

404 Error

In IE6 & 7 and it's even less happy under chrome.

As a Linux user since 94 I feel that I have to point out that I can't stand the Linux fanboi mentality (or BSD, windows, apple or even BeOS fanboi).

If everybody switched to Linux tomorrow you would switch to BSD or something as all the refugees would bring down the tone of the neighbourhood.

Now if only my house could support the power and cooling requirements to satisfy the VME machine I have just been offered

Twitter suffering chronic banality, diagnoses Dr House

Rob Crawford
IT Angle

Of some use

OK so 99.999% of all tweets are dross, funny thing is it's probably a similar percentage of blogs, message boards or personal web pages (actually that probably applies to all web pages) are also shite.

I have a twitter account and follow a few individuals & company's on twitter. I find a reasonable percentage to be either amusing or informative (particularly for gigs / releases.)

Ben Goldacre and his bad science links are an excellent source of amusement / despair

But apart from unless you are very selective it really is shit

GPS, swipe cards to monitor Welsh school kids

Rob Crawford
Black Helicopters

Yeah right

Surely the glut CCTV cameras on public transport is enough to identify the troublesome individuals.

Sounds like more it's enforcing remotely readable ID cards and tarring all kids with the antisocial brush.

I suppose some of it MIGHT be handy to know if a kid ever went anywhere near the school especially if the chip was implanted in the child (in some cases with the aid of 1/4 Oz of lead @ 2000 fps)

What happens if the child doesn't have a card if it is faulty will he/she be refused entry to the bus.

Will ASBOs be handed out of the kids don't carry the cards ?

Pirate Bay judge and pro-copyright lobbyist accused of bias

Rob Crawford

@ac Ummm

If a friend of a judge had their house burgled should that judge preside over the accused trial ?

Provide a valid comparison next time.

I dislike the freetards who don't want to pay for anything, however there are quite a lot of legal torrents which are useful for various distributions when there is an issue with the official torrent.


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