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Apple patent seeks to reinvent retail

Rob Crawford

What about

Applecare but it costs 140 quid for 3 years (even then they're faking it)

Rob Crawford

Not only android

A workmate was in Japan years ago and the japanese shoppers where reading the barcodes to get nutritional info regarding products.

In some cases scanning the barcodes even took the shopper to a site showing the farm where the products where sourced from.

Rob Crawford

May I be the first one to shout


iPhone 4 burns, hurts owner

Rob Crawford

USB port

Any machine I have ever used shuts down the USB port if it detects a short.

It's more likely to occur using a shitty mains charger.

Brighton NIMBYs complain over BT broadband upgrades

Rob Crawford


I would just not bother upgrading their kit.

Then when the customers complained about the lack of upgrades I would simply hand over the addresses of these societys and how well the real locals can bring them up to speed on the 21st century requirements

Apple accuses HTC of iPhone tech theft (again)

Rob Crawford

I just remembered (hence replying to my own post)

To push the prior art one step further.

I was actually using displays which could be rotated between portrait and landscape mode back in 1989, you had to install a driver onto a Mac so the fruit based product could recognise the screen rotation and alter the display characteristics.

So I suppose apple could do it but only because of the screen manufacturer both building the product and writing the drivers to make it work.

So once again I say prior art.

I also remember Xerox being involved in there somewhere, but then look at what Apple did with their ideas.

Rob Crawford

I say prior art

Slight problem, this is something that Apple didn't invent laptops have been managing such things since the 90s and I'm sure that Microsoft will have the same patent somewhere (HTC have an agreement with MS)

Additionally Apple are claiming that the zoomed out 'helicopter view' is what infringes their IP, however I remember such zoomed out desktops on the Commodore Amiga & X Windows.

There's a reason that the US patent system is broken and that because they allow the patenting of any old shit regardless of prior art or the fact that the new IP is an 'obvious' extension of an already existing artwork, process or algorithm

Many US companys have patents of amplifiers even though they are directly lifted from RCA manuals written in the 1930s.

So just be quiet because it's really embarrassing

Googlegate: Mapping a scandal of global proportions

Rob Crawford

Thats called moving the goalposts


Passive scanning is the phrase which is applicable

First they appear to have been using kismet for the scanning, it by default logs the broadcast data (and can associate it with GPS data). By default Kismet will dump unencrypted data to a file.

No doubt whoever knocked together the scanning package was concentrating on the header data (and paying very little to the rest of the data).

Active connections are out of scope read the original article where it (to summarise) stated the users ip addresses where visible and could be tracked on the internet.

I essentially said BOLLOCKS that's not the case, we are talking about passive collection.

If we wanted to go for making active connections to peoples wireless routers then that's a completely different scenario (and kismet doesn't do that)

Why would I want a firefox extension to get the external address if I have connectivity via that wireless connection? I would simply phone the data home via the connection I had just made.

But that's a different story isn't it?

From there you could extrapolate deauth packets directed at WiFi networks and the capture of the 4 handshake packets, after all google have the processing power and storage for some monster rainbow tables to be thrown at the reconnects.

Mines the one with the spare tinfoil hats in each pocket (or perhaps not)

Rob Crawford

If I can tread on the indignation for a moment

The term BROADCAST should really give people a hint, collecting the SSID & wireless side MAC address isn't the equivalent of an overheard conversation.

It's supposed to be heard by everybody.

It's the equivalent of some born again christians pushing their message out to all and sundry.


Apart from the knowing where a particular base station is (at one point in time) how useful is the MAC address of the wireless interface of a wireless router?

How would this help the forces of evil (apart from geo-location)?

The MAC address of your ISP side port would be more useful to track you though to be honest your ISP always has access to that anyway (perhaps you should get upset about that too)

If the forces of evil detained you and your laptop then (to be honest) they already know you and within a short period will have your ISP details and every IP address you have been assigned in the last X years.

On a windows machine they will have the names and encryption keys of any saved WiFi connections (sans wireless MAC address though).

There are privacy violations 10^3 worse going on every day get upset about something important and if you just want to be awkward then fire up some free honey pot with random spoofed SSID & MAC addresses

Rob Crawford

Maybe on your network

My data goes to the gateway address which is on the private subnet this is then NATed via the external address.

I don't know how your router is setup though

Rob Crawford

But Daddy why does granny smell of wee?

as indeed does much of this article

How will google tie the private IP address of a WiFi user to the IP address which communicates with the outside world? (hint 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x)

What fraction of people who are so stupid as to not encrypt their Wifi connection will be using the ISP assigned address (almost none I'd say)

Hmmm some of this article smells of piss coupled with a dose of lets make the story bigger than it is

Yes I do object to google collecting the information and more so about capturing the private data of idiots .

As for locating people via the IP address assigned to them by their ISP I can can assure you that it's reasonably accurate in the UK.

From memory I believe it is perfectly legal to capture the Beacon from a wireless router and the data contained within it (you are making a public broadcast after all) but capturing user data or authenticating with it are a completely different matter.

Where's the icon for knows difference between arse & elbow?

NASA: Civilization will end in 2013 (possibly)

Rob Crawford

Here we go again

Even if global warming (due to CO2 caused by the use of fossil fuel) is a myth should we still not consider ourselves complete retards for behaving as if we are trying to burn all the worlds fuel reserves as quickly as we can?

No I'm no eco freak but if I was stuck in a desert I would drink my entire water supply as quickly aspossible because I'm not fuc**ng stupid.

So regardless of CO2 and global warming we need to do something reasonably sensible (for once)

Who says the earths magnetic field is due to flip in the next couple of years, considering we are over 600K years late (taking 200K years as the average gap) you seem to know something that the scientific community can manage.

If so do you have any accurate dates (+-5 years will do) for the following:

The next large object / earth collision (it's also very overdue)

When that large chunk of the Canary Islands will slip into the sea and devastate the Eastern seaboard of the US

When the Yellowstone caldera make it's full majesty known.

When the N50 night bus will actually arrive ?

No I thought not

GCHQ imposes Whitehall iPhone ban

Rob Crawford

Predictable bue

There's an app for that

Rob Crawford

So the iPhone supports VPN

hate to break the news to you but that's not enough.

Lets have a secure file system and no ability to access that file system without whatever challenge system the phone/organiser uses.

The apple products fall incredibly short in that respect.

The Blackberry takes things further than just a VPN connection (even then that's not enough for some governments (US & French))

Penguin chief: Linux must 'out fabulous' Apple's iPhone

Rob Crawford

What in the name of god are you talking about?

Nokia phone check list

Makes & receives calls : Yes (considerably better than a fruit derived products)

Send & receive texts : Yes

Missed calls Yes

Picture messaging : Yes (unlike some previous fruit based products)

Headphones stab you in the hand : FFS try shaving your palms and using your phone properly

So far so delusional

Nokia = phones for Africa, let me guess Europe is a small island just off the Eastern coast of the USA in your atlas.

Obviously you aspire to be a resident of Bumhole TX

OK so Symbian isn't pretty it works and for people who require a phone to do phone type things it's a good choice.

Yeah my personal phone is an Android device but there is some vanity involved. For those times when I am working or away from home I have a pair of nokias because of battery life and reliability.

Nokias aren't conversation pieces they're simply phones

Steve Jobs unveils iPhone 4

Rob Crawford

I'm no apple fan

but I do like the prospect of something other than the shitty plastic that most phones cases are made from.

But then scrapes & gouges on anything I own upset me (sad isn't it)

Perhaps other manufacturers will follow suit in this case (unintended pun)

OK I'm going back to ignoring the Apple hype machine (I much prefer android)

ID cards poster girl laments her £30

Rob Crawford

Oh look

she is really dreary and barely literate.

Perhaps her employers should be annoyed at losing £30 as I'm sure she claimed it on expenses.

Want nips like church coat pegs? Click here

Rob Crawford

Why oh why

Jesus you could have somebody eye out with those

BT quotes pensioner £150,000 to get broadband

Rob Crawford


Heh I'm the AC you are replying to.

Have a look through all the comments, so many are stating basically saying "Ooooh you live in the country fuck off and shut up"

Try the national news where nothing happens outside the M25 (unless it's the BBC news who have finally discovered Manchester)

Hence my displeasure even though I do currently live in a city (which isn't London.)

For the other commenter believe it or not apart from housing, transport, food, fuel, clothing & electricity are all tend to be cheaper than other cities in the UK.

When I moved from London my monthly expenses actually rose (excluding housing as I was living pretty central) When it is all said and done my outgoings are about the same as London but without the extra money for living there.

Where I live a the average terraced house is more expensive than Barking, Bexley and also the counties of Kent & Essex (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_depth/uk_house_prices/html/houses.stm)

BTW where I am living now is amongst the lowest salaries (for the same roles) within the UK. However before being called a whinge I am prepared to suffer for a better overall quality of life for my family.

So do you want to have another go at justifying higher salaries for Londoners?

With the original Welsh point however:

With the closure of local banks & post offices, plus the insistence of almost everything being placed online (including masses of stuff farmers and other rural people are expected to keep up to date with) for many people internet connectivity is increasingly important.

In addition when the forced digital switch over takes place how many people will lose their TV & radio signals and be told, Oh Mrs Jones just listen to us via the internet, which of course she cannot do?

With the amount of tax money spent on researching internet connectivity in the 3rd world would it not be an idea to roll out such coverage within the UK?

A fast internet connection to the village from nearby fibre (already mentioned) and a wireless hotspot / repeater / mesh network (also already mentioned) would benefit everybody in that area and be cheaper than upgraded exchanges and all that copper.

Rob Crawford

In Scotland

there have been projects to cover precisely these issues.

Essentially a base station is setup in a village and folks in the area are supplied with suitable equipment to connect to the base station.

For more distant users a mesh network allows hops across end users kit back to the base station.

From the Radio 4 programme it ended up cheaper than putting in a lot of DSL kit into smaller exchanges.

Rob Crawford

What on earth would Londoners need broadband for?

To look at places where people would actually want to live of course

Mines the coat holding tickets marked depart London

BBC iPlayer to run on iPads. Eventually

Rob Crawford


I have both Android & Symbian phones and neither work with iPlayer does that make me a fanboi?

I will give you a hint no it doesn't I'm simply a pragmatist that won't buy a phone which is atrocious at making phone calls (DOH stupid me)

If you have the right Nokia the BEEB will allow sideloading or streaming, but the majority of Nokia phones are not supported. Hint theres a shitload more Android & Symbian phones than iPhones

I have beebplayer installed but if exemption can be made for the iPhone/iPod then why not other platforms?

Yet heres the BEEB talking about the as yet unreleased leisure item known as the iPad getting support.

Ok so when FroYo turns up I will have Flash (even though dislike flash)

However the Apple/BBC love affair is a bit annoying.

Terence Conran slams 'appalling' Olympic mascots

Rob Crawford

Oh look

another puddle of piss for the public to look at.

As if it's not bad enough having to pay for the regeneration of east london we are going to have to tolerate more inane logos/characters.

Personally I think they should have had Michael Barrymore as the olympic mascot as he is genuinely worthy of the loathing which would result

Google blames developers for lousy Android battery life

Rob Crawford


for the benefit of normal people and your point (+ justification) is what?

Garlands folds: 1000 call-centre jobs axed in Northeast

Rob Crawford

Oh bugger

I always found that if I got a North East accent when phoning Virgin that matters usually improved.

Certainly in the Virgin empire the call centres in that region where actually helpful and useful therefore I am saddened both for Virgin customers and most of all for the staff who have lost their jobs

Apple patent filing portends Google ad war

Rob Crawford

Yes I would really want

apple, google or anybody else installing software because I walked past somebodys shop or cafe

It's bad enough with Safari and the fucking google tool bar creeping on to machines without a herd of other shite turning up.

Judge de-ASBOes yoof's low-slung kecks

Rob Crawford

Not so much stupid as ........!

Dosn't look so much stupid as disabled

Watchdog calls for Google break-up

Rob Crawford

This irritates me

People choose to use Google.

It's not like the old BT or Bell monopolies where you had no choice about where you bought your phone service from.

There are alternate services to choose from and you can even use Google to search for them.

HTC Desire

Rob Crawford

Facebook games

FarmVille runs perfectly fine in a Desire browser window, I was a bit surprised

Rob Crawford

yeah it does

yeah the Desire more than handles Layar, infact the android marketplace is waving it under my nose all the time.

It works but I havn't found a use for it (so it departed from my phone)

Rob Crawford
Thumb Up

Hmmm Desire

It isn't normal for me to have the newest device as phones et al are utility devices to me, however I got my Desire just over a week ago and I am incredibly happy with it.

I strikes me as being everything the iPhone should have been (and more).

Unlike my experience of the iPhone the actual phone performance is excellent and the battery performance is much better too (with the option of battery replacement).

I was very pleased with the camera considering the tales of other HTC devices.

Audiowise for playback I find it considerably better than my iPod touch (original version) or my daughters 2nd gen device both of which have a constant hiss through decent headphones (UE SuperFi 5s), no it's quiet, and I have no issues with a flat eq (the UE phones create enough depth for me)

Any complaints:

battery life after 11 days I still have the desire to fiddle with it & murder the battery though I can get (almost) 2 days if I only use it as a phone & email device

Touch screen is very sensitive and screen can act weird because the fingertips of my phone holding hand is just brushing the screen.

Overzealous Orange cuts off customer, still bills

Rob Crawford


the answer is yes

Apparently the 'request' for capping the charge was only a request (no obligation or Orange to do so according to the solicitor)

By this time Orange had called in the debt collectors and it would have cost too much to fight them.

Ironically I had previously had the 'joy' of looking after my previous called Orange phones and they where constantly being suspended because of unusual calling activity.

I guess they prefer their business customers to their regular customers.

Rob Crawford

Why I won't use orange.

I once had a contract phone with Orange.

15 quid per month and as far as I was concerned a limit of 15 of additional calls per month.

Lo & behold a £600 bill turned up, followed a couple of days later an additional £300.

Apparently somebody in my daughters school had taken the phone (my daughter had 'borrowed' the phone for a couple of days) and been phoning home to Hong Kong.

Amazingly Orange had no record of any limits placed on the phone & a flurry of international calls did not raise any interest by Oranges security dept.

Since then I have refused to have anything to do with orange and will always steer people away from them becasue they are crap

Jobsian email axes early-iPhone support

Rob Crawford

Arguing from a position of ignorance

Obviously you are talking about a different Nokia as I have had nokia phones which have received updates for considerably more than 2 years (N95 being one example)

NEW FEATURES (I can shout too, impressive isn't it) for the iPhone, so the firmware updates add extra hardware too?

Oh actually just cut & paste and, bug fixes, app updates & fluff, they never for example fixed the bluetooth to actually do anything useful.

Sorry I was mistreated right through the 90s by Apple;

every motherboard used a different pinout on the RAM modules so you couldn't upgrade and bring your RAM with you).

Being unable to transfer your NuBus cards over to your new machine

Trying to force people to use only Apple branded SCSI drives.

Apple have a long and vernerable reputation for being money grubbing shits.

Like it or loathe it the iPhone is just one of a long list of make it obsolete (in the 90s 3 months was enough) and force your customers to buy again, again, again (repeat ad nauseam)

Labour unfriends Twitter rant candidate

Rob Crawford

Oh well

now nobody can vote for him.

From what I read I am unable to find anything that he tweeted that I actually disagree with.

Lower termination rates will bring pricey data

Rob Crawford

How many people want 4G?

TBH if the phone companys are not earning enough from 3G (not enough users) then what makes them think that the world needs 4G

If I'm away from the office & home I can get along perfectly well with 3G, what's the rush (probably selling new handsets to everybody I suppose)

Just because something is possible and a small number of people have decided that they have to have it dosn't mean it's worth doing.

Chip maker to take on iPad with $99 tablet

Rob Crawford

Has it got

a user replaceable battery?

Energizer site still plagued by data-stealing trojan

Rob Crawford


so why has nobody moved to have them kicked off line due to them spreading malware?

Facebook faces Home Sec over lack of 'panic button'

Rob Crawford

Once again

the government say do it our way and never mind the reality.

Oh yeah a panic button will fix it, yeah right of course it will.

I wonder how much Jim Gambles team(I remember when he was a cop over here and he loved the media attention) they where charged for creating the 'Panic Button'

I hate to say it, but some people need an IQ higher than their age rather than a panic button

Nazi-doodlebug-powered father of all paintball guns patented

Rob Crawford

Oh Yeah

I forgot it's also the reason that one has to be careful about the oil used in decent air rifles as along side an increase of muzzle velocity would usually be accompanied with a fragmented pellet (and unhappy air rifle)

I have vague memories of a British air rifle from the late 19th century which used the compression of ether as a propellant (technically it becomes a firearm at that point).

Actually thinking about it surely the paintball gun becomes a fully fledged firearm and therefore requires a licence

Rob Crawford

Prior art

it already exists in so many forms (including the internal combustion engine) how can a patent be granted.

I had a fine spud gun that ran on ether or nitrous oxide almost 20 years ago.

Android native code kit apes iPhone game 3D

Rob Crawford
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Lacking a suitable title

Google seems to be heading in the right direction with the Android platform.


Apple insisting on 100 quid a year and the devkit being Mac only, along with horrendous NDAs and restrictions.

Symbian being a complete dogs dinner, I can see why they did certain things but try developing an app which used GPS without a $200 developer cert <shudder> and testing on a real phone.

Now if somebody would only give me a decent Android based phone (2.0 or later) I would be a very happy little home coder.

I don't know about Google as a company, but they deserve to do well in the phone market because they are making developers (both commercial and home based) feel welcome

Skype arrives on Nokia Symbian phones

Rob Crawford

3 & Skype

Well atleast you can have the 3 & the proper client installed at the same time.

I didn't get any calls because everybody I know had better things to do than call me but for outgoing calls over WiFi it was fine, and I will stick with the 3 version for 'on the move' usage because I know it's free and any call quality issues are nothing to do with my data connection.

There seems to be issues on the discussion groups about incoming calls and also non English installations over at the Skype discussion boards.

This version is starting to sound more like a large scale beta rather than a finished version, which I wouldn't mind as long as they told me.

Rob Crawford

3 & Skype

Having an e63 from 3 as my 'spare' phone is damn useful when away from home so far.

However I am not sure if this new release will coexist with Threes version and you may get hit with data charges which you where not expecting if you switch versions (as the non 3 version of messenger eats into your data allowance)

If I get time tonight I will check (but thats a big IF)

BBC confirms death of 6Music, slashes online budget by a quarter

Rob Crawford

Quality programming my brown eye

If they wanted quality programming BBC3 & Radio 1 would have bitten the dust.

Ironically the claim of not cutting across other broadcasters would have meant the death of Radio1 & 2, BBC4 (cuts across every shite channel) and News24 competes with Sky News et al.

Basically lets keep what the great unwashed and the elite (read media types & politicians) want and fuck the rest of us!

Even the Asian Network was better than Radio1 Xtra (but no damn 60s Cambodian pop or Korean psychedelia)


'We're on a virtual walk out of Africa', futurologist tells Intel partners

Rob Crawford

Glad they had an intelligent panel

"Futurist Ray Hammond declared that computers were rapidly approaching human levels of intelligence"

If he has dais human levels of stupidity then I may have agreed but I guess I would have been shouting bollocks at him.

BBC to cull radio stations, halve websites in painful biz review

Rob Crawford

Things which could be lost

Radio1 Extra (sorry spelling it Xtra is not not cool it's crap) nobody listens to it and plays the same calculated demographic dross as Radio1

Some BBC local radio stations should be merged (I would prefer terminated but will settle for merged)

BBC3, crap comedys and Family Guy

Asian Network, nobody is listening so it should go, plus I assume you haven't heard the dozens of 'local' Asian stations in any of the major UK towns. From what the Asian Network seem to be trying to do is something a coalition of local stations would be a better model for

RE: AC & the Asian network, can I ask where the non generic 'white' radio stations (as you term them) are. 6Music ithe only place I stand a chance of hearing The Gang of Four in the same week as King Tubby and the 13th floor Elevators.

I'm afraid I fall into the category demographic of not having reached senility, not wanting to listen to golden oldies, dad rock or the pre-chewed pap which is sold to kids these days.

6Music is the only place I can indulge my love of Dub, decent funk, krautrock, psych or garage bands

Mandybill petition puts hacks in a spin

Rob Crawford


Indeed the combination of alleged 'orphan works' and the lack of clarification of what constitutes evidence (and appeal procedure) are my concerns

Does Apple patent claim show iPad with built-in camera?

Rob Crawford


I like the term "Ear Speaker"

iPad forces operators to shave their SIMs

Rob Crawford

Still not managed to actually read the article?


Just because the feature is there doesn't mean it's used, whats so hard about that?

Using the features is not mandatory

FFS learn to read th whole thing


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