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'Gaia' Lovelock: Wind turbines 'may become like Easter Island statues'

Rob Crawford

Re: Nuclear always costs more than it's supposed to

And what happens when Europe is becalmed and the wind farms produce nothing (for which there evidence)

Where will the electricity supply come from then?

I have issues with nuclear and fossil fuels (even if there was no environmental issue it's stupid to burn all your resources)


I am tired of all these people telling me about the green job revolution, I have news for them we cant all earn a living from installing insulation, coppicing willow (and probably living in a lean to in the fucking woods). It's also amazing how wind proponents don't live near wind farms.

Funny how nobody ever mentions geothermal boreholes, they are not seasonal, CO2 free and don't cover 100s of square miles.

As long as the Dhole's don't notice you should be fine

Rob Crawford


When compared to the coal fired (currently) monster that is Drax with it's 24 terawatt-hours it all seems rather small.

Wolfram Alpha seems to imply 27,400 wind turbines to replace that thing (using your figures)

It also equates to quite a few nuclear power stations

Cisco unwraps Unified Access boxes in East London

Rob Crawford

Nevermind the claims of back doors in the kit

the silly bugger used the word 'Awesome' which is the technology equivalent of Godwins Law

Michael Dell and the Curse of the Exploding Batteries

Rob Crawford
Paris Hilton

Never mind fires

The spelling is fibre not fiber

Don't give me any of that nonsence about US spelling, it's simply wrong

AV-Test boss dismisses Microsoft criticism of malware test results

Rob Crawford

Re: Elephant in the room - only Windows needs AV.

I had a map, torch and a photo of your ass

I have the feeling that you may need them to help you find your own arse

Please go back to myspace

Swartz prosecutor: We only pushed for 'six months' in the cooler

Rob Crawford

Re: Criminals doing criminal things get criminal charges? ABSURD!

Errr have you ever actually read about Mitnicks time in custody ......

No I thought not

Assange recently ran away and cried like a girl,

Rob Crawford

Re: @AC 16:49

How can it be fair when innocent people are effectively forced into pleading guilty as the between the cost of defending yourself (forget the public defenders) and the sentences being so ridiculous.

Also the puritan streak that is so common in the US has the viewpoint that if you appear in court you MUST be guilty (unless you are rich or a sports star)

Also where exactly did the damage to a computer system accusation, it's quite hard to damage a system by downloading documents individually

Scientists spin carbon nanotube threads on industrial scale

Rob Crawford

Good but

isn't there a warning around carbon nanotube derived materials having the same issues as asbestos for peoples lungs.

I remember mention of this from the 'blacker than a priests socks' material which made an appearance last year (also made from carbon nanotubes)

Personally I'd be a bit worried about wearing that until some research has been carried out

Up your wormhole: Star Trek Deep Space 9 turns 20

Rob Crawford

Oh dear DS9

Always considered DS9 as Star Trek meets Little House on the Prairie.

Far too much considering the thoughts of others and Voyager continued the politically correct business.

There where some decent episodes and plot lines but not quite enough.

Babylon 5 managed to have the plots which attracted me.

Do users have enough power?

Rob Crawford

Considering my experience of inability by alleged IT professionals to use something as simple as a web browser such as "the network is broken because a web page I want to access is saying it is not currently available"

Somebody pass the synthetic opiates

'We are screwed!' Fonts eat a bullet in Microsoft security patch

Rob Crawford

Perhaps this is a bit mad but

How about if there is an issue with certain fonts having an issue that may permit an exploit to be carried out

Wait for it.....

The people who produce the font should fix their side of the issue.

How crazy is that?

We had to ban several fonts which crashed 2 out of the 3 RIPs that we ran as they where doing some real nasty stuff (and don't even mention what Freehand used to do to any RIP I ever encountered)

After playing about with embedding code withing postscript fonts and fractal fonts and the like back in the 90s I can understands the MS position.

Ray Kurzweil to become Google's top engineer

Rob Crawford

He may know what he is doing in his field

but it is a pity that he seems to spend all his time talking about things which he knows fuck all about.

Apple, Samsung patent judge: 'I feel like I'm in Groundhog Day here'

Rob Crawford

I'm a bit confused

The judge says why not just settle.

Lets see if you where Samsung would you settle for paying out that amount of cash and also accept a ban on sales?

I know I wouldn't (Oh wait Samsung aren't a US company)

NY Museum of Modern Art embraces 14 video games

Rob Crawford

Re: Canabalt?

No it's not an updated version.

It's actually an uncontrollable piece of shit where they have ignored everything that has been learnt about games design since 1985.

Where's Boulder Dash in that list it's more deserving most of that list (even if Repton ruined it's reputation)

Troll sues Apple for daring to plug headphones into iPhone

Rob Crawford

Oh fuck off

That is all

Ten weird Chinese mobile phones

Rob Crawford

I'm dissapointed

So nobody else looked at the sWaP Nova EC107 and thought Zoolander ?

They should have called it the Blue Steel

4chan founder Moot threatens site for using his handle

Rob Crawford

When you say hive mind I take it you mean the hivesheepmind


Apple is granted a patent on the rectangle. No, really

Rob Crawford

Re: Should be interesting (@Destroy All Monsters)

If by referring to Bad Manners as being a brilliant band I would certainly agree with the concept of people talking bollocks ;)

Rob Crawford

Re: Should be interesting

Errr how about NO!

Now if it was razor sharp edges and corners then that would be a bit against the grain (but not by much)

No doubt they will be suing the publishers of the kids books (with rounded edges) that my kids enjoyed all those years ago

/me mutters.......

Judge denies move to ban ad-skipping DVR

Rob Crawford

Re: Ads, the reality

I thought that part of the problem was (in the UK anyway) that advertisers where no longer paying a fortune for advertising due to the increased number of channels.

Certainly ITV did enough whining about it a few years ago and consequently decreased the quality of their programming even further

Halo 4 game review

Rob Crawford

Re: Halo was always overhyped

Considering I had been playing Doom from the day of release and progressed through so many FPS that I had gotten sick of them by the time Halo came out.

I ended up with Halo I won an Xbox and got Halo with it, it was simply different, and was worth completing (despite some padding)

2 weapons and reasonably decent enemy AI (the grunts running away to get somebody bigger to help them was different and still is) and lining up single shot multiple kills from a sniper rifle was a game in itself.

No I didn't like the joypad controls and still don't but like it or not Halo changed the FPS game.

As for padding I would point at the alien world in Half Life as being considerably worse than anything that Halo inflicted upon me (it annoyed me so much that I never finished HL1 and will have to play the Black Mesa mod for HL2 to make up for the disappointment I suffered)

Debenhams cafes ban outré terms like 'espresso' and 'cappuccino'

Rob Crawford

Re: "potential mammal extracts"

Yes agreed proper milk would come from a mammal.

However somehow people believe soya milk is a milk (never seen a soya bean with nipples, but then again the duck billed platypus doesn't have nipples either)

Then again the idiots who ask for a skinny latte and then consume cast quantity's of cake just deepen my contempt

Rob Crawford

Re: I like this

So how does somebody order an espresso when they want one?

I also dislike the pretensions of self declared coffee drinkers when for the most part they're buying a bloody coffee flavored milkshake. But I do get your point that there are times when you just a coffee.

However enjoyable coffee for some of us starts at the stand the spoon in the cup French stuff and heads towards somewhere much more unsafe (like the stuff the Greek monks always seem to be drinking).

It's a bit like using the single word milk to describe all forms of milk

How happy would you be to order a glass of milk and end up that soya shite being handed to you, I mean even buttermilk would almost be better (and I wont veer into the potential mammal extracts)

Rob Crawford

Debenhams the retail equivalent of the daily Mail

So what do thay call that coffee that tastes like utter crap of yes Starbucks isn't it

US gov advised to SUE GOOGLE by FTC over patent trade wars

Rob Crawford

Re: Its simple and could be sorted in a few hours.

From an admittedly poor memory Samsung (for example) wish to enter into some degree of cross licensing agreements for their FRAND items, something which is not unusual.

The problem with Apple is that Samsung put an offer to them and Apple said they didn't want to pay, there was no attempt at negotiation and they simply used the technology.

Also from memory you can NOT go straight to court regarding FRAND (I don't like the terms to I will sue) but you have to enter arbitration (but as I say my memory is poor)

Disney buys Lucasfilm, new Star Wars trilogy planned

Rob Crawford

Re: Ha ha

Of course the showdown between David and Goliath is as real as Luke Vs the Death Star

Rob Crawford

Waiting for 'The 'ittle Jedi Who Could'

Funny enough just talking to a friend of mine last night who had fought Lucasfilm for two years over the term Droid (Lucasfilm lost the case BTW)

Even he is in two minds about this sale, working on the principal that after a decent Clone Wars film, Lucas destroyed the success by producing the Clone Wars series.

Looking at the adverts for Red Tails I think it's probably best that he leaves films alone as even I know the laws of physics must be obeyed and no credible film maker would have allowed those action sequences to stay in the film

APPLE: SCREW YOU, BRITS, everyone else says Samsung copied us

Rob Crawford


I can't find any copyright assertions or corporate logos on that page.

So you think Samsung will copy it?

Apple slips bomb into ITC filing: Samsung being PROBED by US gov

Rob Crawford

Re: Double standards

Are you an iTroll ?

Rob Crawford

Re: fer Fecks sake!

And how where Samsung uncooperative?

Apart from not giving Apple everything they wanted ?

Maybe you would allow somebody to rifle through your pockets and take whatever they wanted, but I'd tell them to piss off.

Rob Crawford

So Samsung managed to come to agreements with every other phone manufacturer but not Apple, so Apple just used them anyway.

Even then Samsung didn't hassle them UNTIL Apple started suing Samsung for what is in reality a load of bells and whistles shit and styling (despite Samsung and other mfgrs having used similar styling before the iDevice ever existed)

It's also strange how only Apple thought that Samsungs terms where unfair (distant memory say something about cross licencing of technologies being a common thread)

Of course the US authorities believe that nothing has ever been created outside of the US so no doubt they will take Apples side in this argument.

Pandora boss urges 85% pay cut for musicians

Rob Crawford

'The producers have also contributed, usually by funding the recording'

In which alternate universe?

Or do you mean the so called urban artists (who are only the meat puppet public image for the song writing / production teams) ?

Or the fucking Wombles if you want an older example

Galaxy Nexus cleared for sale by US court

Rob Crawford

I'm wondering how unified search on a computer is different from a unified search on a mobile phone.

Considering that a mobile phone is a fecking computer that can make phone calls.I don't see the difference.

Samsung claims Apple jury foreman LIED to get REVENGE

Rob Crawford

Re: Copyright OK Patent No-Ok

Apart from roller bearings, needle bearings and a multitude of other friction reducing methods.

Also ball bearings have been around for a considerable period (though Conrad or caged bearings to which you may be alluding where 20th century creations)

I have no problems with patents, providing they are applied properly, I mean patenting a scrolling element which 'bounces' when the limit has been reached. That's a bit of fucking eye candy not an essential piece of technology.

Whopping supersonic-car rocket rattles idyllic Cornwall

Rob Crawford

Re: "unique star-shaped rubber fuel grain"

I thought Apple owned the right to that

.....waits for court case

....... Apple are slow today

/me runs away

Virgin Media's 'bye-bye to buffering' ad nuked by watchdog - AGAIN

Rob Crawford

Re: no access to router

Errr the socumentation tells you to login and change the passwords.

The sticker on the router with the following is also a quite decent hint

username : admin

password : changeme

Eric Schmidt: Ha ha, NO Google maps app for iPhone 5

Rob Crawford

Re: Apple still have the lead on apps

Sorry but whats your point?

The maps app is shit, but that doesn't matter as developers of other apps are earning money from iOS.

I don't quite understand your train of thought.

'Stuff must be FREE, except when it's MINE! Yarr!' - top German pirate

Rob Crawford

Oh look

a load of self obsessed old shite, from somebody who does anything useful

What a surprise

Virgin Media STILL working on fix for SuperHub corrupt downloads glitch

Rob Crawford

Re: As Luke (above)

For the first 10 days I had the horrible dropped connections and the inability to reconnect until the device was powered down.

The (so called) superhub was about to leave via a window.

Then after a couple of full factory resets and nothing improved, then when I was about to throw the thing into modem mode I realised the thing had reset itself once again.

After setting up my passwords, ssid et al the bloody thing has preformed without any issue whatsoever for about 2 months.

One curious thing was that the router log was empty and it still showed R36, I don't suppose there are a couple of hardware revisions and they originally flashed the incorrect firmware and later corrected the issue without mentioning anything?

Password hints easily snaffled from Windows PCs

Rob Crawford

Bit of a non story

So when sitting at the login screen you can display the password hint.

The only time encrypting the hints would be any use is if the usernames on the machine where also encrypted.

Otherwise you can type the username and then click display hint.

It's as bas as the bloody pen testers who don't understand hardware encryptors on WAN links

Virgin Media nukes downloads after SuperHub 'upgrade'

Rob Crawford

R36 Update

Well my experience of the R36 update was to get a call from the wife saying that our wireless network didn't exist any more.

Turns up when the update was applied a factory reset also took place, since then the modem has required resetting 3 or 3 times a day as no device in the house could actually connect via wireless.

Wasn't a DHCP issue as devices with a static address had the same issue, almost like a failed authentication.

Unfortunately my trusty old Linksys is on loan ATM, so no doubt I will have to talk to the guy who will want me to provide an remote connection to my laptop (to change the channel and say everything is OK)

Apart from that I have lad nothing bot good service from VM for the last 4 years (apart from the constantly increasing bills)

IT departments are BRATTY TEENAGERS

Rob Crawford

BMC Software


That is all

Nationwide DOUBLES card payments in fresh banking gaffe

Rob Crawford


Nationwide the most incompetent bank ever?

Obviously you have never heard of the Ulster Bank (or Natwest or the RBS )

RBS customers still suffering tech issues at Virgin One Account

Rob Crawford

The story that I have been told

is the Ulster bank backups where faulty and they could not restore relevant data, therefore everything has had to be carried out manually.

Of course being typical banks they have resolved things enough to now start taking direct debit payments out of my account and put me well beyond my overdraught limit.

Maybe some day they will actually credit my account with my wages, which was transferred to them on the 22nd, as an aside I wonder who they have lent that money to in the meantime.

They also have an aptitude of making people feel like charity cases when they have just queued for over an hour to get cash.

If they had the decency to wear a mask it wouldn't be so bad

Google to FCC: Protecting Street View coder didn't derail probe

Rob Crawford

Re: Kismet

From years of playing with Kismet it has always saved packets for me without any code additions.

Perhaps you intended to make a slightly different statement

Rob Crawford

Re: Deserving

Hmmm Straw man or Slippery slope logical fallacy (I have yet to decide)

PhD pimp's mobe lock screen outwits Feds - Google told to help

Rob Crawford

Excuse me

but when my wife forgot her lock code and seemingly locked the phone all I had to do was to enter the details of her google account to gain access again.

I can't image that a HTC desire is so different to any other Android phone

Therefore at worst all the feds have to go is get access his google account

MYSTERY programming language found in Duqu

Rob Crawford

Cant be cos viruses tend to do something

'Kill yourself now' - Torvalds throws openSUSE security tantrum

Rob Crawford

I have a certain amount of sympathy with Linus

Considering all the whinging that certain groups do about how Linux should replace <insert OS name here> on the desktop.

Well in that case stop treating every installation of Linux like it's

a: A corporate server

b: a home box for the hairy toothed, girlfriendless basement dwelling Linux geek to masturbate about

If you want to make Linux useable everywhere how about asking during the install process the role of the machine.

General home/student laptop (ie easy to connect to WiFi etc)

Mobile corporate machine (locked down a bit more than the previous item, ie no USB or CD use)

Office machine (only authorised networks, USB devices)


And so on

Make it easy on the users (and corporate IT depts) os it it really that many of the Linux for the masses proponents actually elitist and don't want others playing with their toy?

BTW yes I have spent years working (for a living) with many UNIX variants and actively dislike windows but horses for courses

SanDisk daddy: Flash to 'checkmate' hard drives by 2020

Rob Crawford

Oh Sandisk

I don't think I will bother listening to anybody from Sandisk due to the fact that every sandisk badged product I have owned has either been faulty or almost unusably slow.

There are other companies that I would listen to but Sandisk isn't one of them


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