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Got 4G? Wake up, grandad. We're doing 4.5G LTE-A in London - EE chief

Rob Crawford

2 months on 4G (or is it really 3.5G?)

I switched from T-Mobile to EE (well it's not really a switch) and I have to say that my coverage has improved and I happily get 4G connectivity in work and at home (previously I was lucky to get 3G at all in work)

However elsewhere it's all 3G and I can't see 3G being switched off for years, as for good old GSM I can't see it ever leaving.

Apple Mac Pro: It's a death star, not a nappy bin, OK?

Rob Crawford

Pity about the cover

Without the cover it looks excellent.

With the cover it's a case of Oh well!

WHEEE... CRUNCH! iPad Mini tops list of most breakable slabs, mobes

Rob Crawford

Re: Doh!

See the iMitten string comment

Probably see a lot more iPads in the windows of Crack Converters when the criminals from the Met.

I also assume that they will only want white ones

Rob Crawford

Re: Wrist Tether ?

Well the apple users could have two iDevices and have them tethered like the idiot mittens of old

Rob Crawford

I the rest of the report is read

It's not only based on insurance claims, drop & submersion tests (and other slightly testable things) but their analysis of the construction and materials used.

I dunno about anybody else but I would pretty much expect my phone to expire if it was submerged, and would view it as a bonus if it could do a Lazarus impersonation.

Is your IT department too tough on users?

Rob Crawford

Definately No

We haven't killed any of them for almost a week

Ghosts of Christmas Past: Ten tech treats from yesteryear

Rob Crawford

Re: I had the Sharp PC-1500 in 1992

Funny enough I found my PC-1500 in the attic a couple of days ago.

I also have one of the Ti portables which I will have to find (wish I had the cassette interface for it)

Drone expert: Amazon's hypetastic delivery scheme a pie in the sky

Rob Crawford

Re: Not DRONES just Radio Controlled Pests...

Can't use internal combustion engines in quads as they're steered by varying the motor speeds therefore electric motors have to be used (please don't mention an on board engine driving a generator)

Also unless the recipient lives within a couple of miles of an Amazon warehouse it sin't happening as the range simply doesn't exist.

As for ditching the parcels in the garden, that's bad enough at the moment with the alleged couriers we have to suffer.

Proof of delivery may be interesting with amazon answering saying well as you didn't have a garden we fucked it onto your roof, by the way can we have our quad back.

Build your own WORKING Sonic Screwdriver... for a UNDER A FIVER

Rob Crawford

The Masters device ?

Is it just me or should The Masters Tissue Compression Eliminator not be reassigned to Captain Jack as it does look remarkably like a teenagers drawing of cock & balls ?

Apple CEO Tim Cook v Microsoft's Ballmer: Seconds out, round two!

Rob Crawford

I like the road signs

They show where Apple are going, in this case it's straight towards

Drum roll......

Wait for it.....

More of the same!

Which is what all the fan boys and media types want

First Lavabit, now CryptoSeal pulls the plug: VPN service axed

Rob Crawford

Re: Good on Cryptoseal for doing the right thing

Oh dear you are relying on HoPo for information.

Sorry you are about 5 months behind the story

Oracle says open source has no place in military apps

Rob Crawford

Oh dear

Has anybody ever seen an Oracle rollout that actually worked.

Actually has anybody seen an Oracle all encompassing solution that actually worked never mind at rollout.

Sorry just bitter about at the amount of tweaks we had to carry out because you have to do things the Oracle way (catering for the things that the back end just can't quite manage to do)

Axe falls: Virgin Media plans to kill 600 management jobs

Rob Crawford


I have to say that I hope that they ditch the Indian team as they don't seem to understand that I am I am not phoning because I wish to buy additional service or because I am generally wishing to increase the size of my VM bill.

When I say I do NOT want these additional services, I am not being coy, I honestly don't want some irrelevance that only costs me £3.50 per month for the first 3.742 months of the 700 year contract you wish me to take

Apart from that (and the very expensive land line costs) VM have been OK.

The Scottish folks who have had to fix the upset that the Indian team causes have been very good and I hope nobody annoys them

iPhone 5S: Fanbois, your prints are safe from the NSA, claim infosec bods

Rob Crawford

Re: Of course they would say that

Today the fingerprints are NOT passed onto the NSA (et al) and are stored securely

Couple of updates later the fingerprints ARE uploaded to the NSA for secure storage.

Wonder if every ios future update will be checked by the security types for what happens to the data

Corel re-animates zombie brand for patent case

Rob Crawford

Glory days

How can Corel relive their glory days when they didn't have any.

Apart from a brief period when Corel Draw was the choice of backstreet vinyl cutters everywhere?

Corel was where tolerable software went to die (a bit like Computer Associates)

Vulture 2 autopilot reports for duty

Rob Crawford

Re: Pushrods!

If using a spektrum receiver you would want to use Preset Failsafe rather than the default Hold Last Command failsafe mode.

With my APM 2.5 RTL (return to launch) is triggered on signal loss providing Preset Failsafe is used (otherwise the bugger simply lands wherever it happens to be)

Can't speak for Futaba kit as it's too expensive for me

Rob Crawford

Re: Pushrods!

Threadlocker isn't CA

Although they are from the same family they are not one and the same.

BTW one of the reasons that threadlock tubes are deliberately almost empty is because it will spontaneously harden if there is no air in the bottle, in the case of CA it's water that will cause curing.) Electrochemical reactions also causes threadlock to cure (also unlike CA)

Rob Crawford

Re: Pushrods!

Only DSMX does the frequency hopping, DSM2 simply selects appropriate channels on startup and sticks with them (I have seen the problems this causes once flying things get near electrical substations and other sources of noise)

Gov IT write-off: Universal Credit system flushes £34m down toilet

Rob Crawford

Radio 4 Today broadcast

According to IDS his it was all the IT vendors fault as they did not understand what universal credit was.

Additionally all he did was say how the previous government stuffed things up, that was 3 years ago, you have been making your own mistakes for over 3 years, grow up

From my peripheral experience of the NHS disaster that's because the customer (DWP & Mr IDS) didn't know what they wanted and couldn't actually define what the system was supposed to do.

When they could define it then some empire building uncivil servant decided they wanted something else and the IT supplier was forced to implement frig thin to include these arbitrary changes.

Yeah the provider didn't understand the system because you move the goalposts every 20 minutes and the difference between what you need and what you want (a profusion of petty fiefdoms)

Barnes & Noble booked for running out of £29 Nooks

Rob Crawford

Probably didn't look too hard

Probably only went into the local Tesco Metro.

I managed to pick up a Nook from Sainsburys in mid May, here where still many available for ages after that in several Tesco and Sainsburys branches as I considered picking up a couple simply to play about with the hardware.

Guardian lets UK spooks trash 'Snowden files' PCs to make them feel better

Rob Crawford

Maybe they heard of quantum entanglement

and therefore mistakenly believed that destroying one copy would cause all other copies to vanish as well

Larry Ellison: Google is ABSOLUTELY EVIL, but NSA is ESSENTIAL

Rob Crawford

Beardy tosspot

So how can the rest of the world vote the NSA away, or GCHQ for that matter.

Having spent 3 says trying to get shitty Oracle products working via a content switch, where the Oracle support team where telling us not to do completely normal things because their products couldn't cope with it.

Police 'stumped' by car thefts using electronic skeleton key

Rob Crawford

Re: Only a matter of time.

Wondering about which time warp you fell through regarding locks and cars, the shitty wafer locks are long gone.

It isn't a lock problem it's a nature of cars problem, they have windows, doors made of folded sheet metal and often a fabric roof. 'Tumblers are easy to deal' what a glorious almost politician like generalisation with well lets see you deal with an Assa Flexcore with anything other than a power drill or breaking the door in question

In the UK immobilizers have been compulsory for years (and most of Europe) unless you have something very old (or shit) nobody is stealing it unless they have the keys or something that attaches to the management port and even then it's only for entry (unless they have fucked up real bad)

Even Ford started using the Tribbe system in the early 90s, yeah you can punch the lock out but the immobiliser takes stops the car from moving (as I suffered back in 95 but the car didn't move)

If a car hasn't an alarm then they just spread the door, it's the work of seconds, but the car is still not going anywhere (if it has an immobiliser)

Hence you end up with a house break in and potential torture (as described by another comment)

A fair example of the tools available for car entry are shown here http://shop.multipick-service.com/?language=en and you will find that the electronic options are limited to particular mfgr / mode / and date of manufacture

So, who ought to be the next Doctor Who? It's up to YOU...

Rob Crawford

Decisions Decisions

David Thewlis, Ray Park or Andy Serkis

I went for Serkis but only if he plays him with aspects of Gollum

Matt Berry was missing from the list though, Dr Who with an aspect of Douglas Renyholm would have me watching every week

America's mobile phone unlock block coming unstuck

Rob Crawford

Only locked in the US?

So do they not thing that shipping the phone overseas and then unlocking it doesn't circumvent their DCMA legislation?

Leaked docs show NSA collects data on all Verizon customers

Rob Crawford

Dear US Verizon subscribers

Welcome to Britain we have had to put up with that shit for years

Kettle 'which looks like HITLER' brews up sturm in a teacup

Rob Crawford

Uncanny resemblence

I think it's the bell that Hitler often had sticking out of his head that gives the game away.

To think that the bell later developed into the Nazi trans dimensional flying machine

FLABBER-JASTED: It's 'jif', NOT '.gif', says man who should know

Rob Crawford

Since when does anybody

take pronunciation lessons from Americans ?

From the country who pronounces Colin as of it's part of the intestines.

No doubt they have semicolins too

What next spelling lessons?

ZX Spectrum cassette player lost? There's an app for that

Rob Crawford

MP3 etc are not a great and the format of last resort is .wav

In the case of the spectrum there is .tzx which covers the vast majority of loaders (and if done properly makes for a tiny file) but it can also contain sampled audio blocks if required (such as the bleeps between speedlock sections)

CSW (compressed square wave) also exists for some of the more extreme loaders (mostly for hacked games originating from Eastern Europe)

Rob Crawford

Funny enough

Last year I ended up writing a tape loader for the Design Design anniversary releases which are included with the iOS version of Spectaculator (about the best spectrum emulator)

I suppose I should finish off my spectrum mastering system which requires no spectrum emulators whatsoever (but playing with GoLang has lost its appeal)

Star Trek: The original computer game

Rob Crawford


My first experience of a computer was playing this on a Sharp MZ80K in late 81 which one of our lecturers owned. Over the years I tried many other versions but always compared them (poorly) to that articular one

It had truly annoying music and we where told that it could not be removed as the program was written in machine code.

Needless to say after being told that it couldn't be done, sparked my interest in taking other peoples code apart, though sadly this was not one of the targets (as it took me over a year to get my first machine.)

Possibly I should hunt out a sharp emulator and finish the job.

Forget choice: 50% of firms will demand you BYOD by 2017

Rob Crawford

Soon BYOD will mean

Bring Your Own Desk

Am I really going to go and work for some cheap bastard who will not supply me with the equipment that I need to do my job?

Am I going to buy a laptop and have some monkey install shit on it and then have a corporate security package that prevents me from using MY computer/tablet/phone

The phrase fuck off and die still means something around here

Impoverished net user slams 'disgusting' quid-a-day hack

Rob Crawford


If saintcroix didn't spend the rest of his/her income on crack a better diet would be possible

Facebook struggling to find 'immersive' Home on Apple's iPhone

Rob Crawford

For once I agree with apple

No don't let facebook loose on your phone, the apps are crap enough without letting them loose on the home screen.

Remember Streetmap? It's suing Google in a UK court

Rob Crawford

New definition of UK address

Seemingly streetmap.co.uk have no clue regarding what the UK actually covers.

Northern Ireland does not exist according to streetmap so in reality they should actually be asking for a GB address and not a UK address (a bit shit or what) and don't whine the OS do cover NI to the material is available.

OK so they use OS maps, lets ask this question does it matter? In reality the answer will probably be no If you say yes please think if you are one of those who wear outdoor gear to wander about the supermarket freezer section and then reconsider your answer.

(Yes I accept that some people who buy hiking gear actually do go hiking, but it's the same proportion who own a 4WD and take the damn thing off road or get the thing dirty)

Google providing links to google maps, well I'm not surprised considering it's essentially a global service as opposed to a provincial service that doesn't even cover the region that it claims to cover.

Personally I liked the Nokia service, but things like street view (so I could view my intended destination if I had never been there before) caused me to make the switch.

As for Bing , our corporate expenses system used Bing to calculate the mileage and it's always wrong (not even a cigar for getting close)

Rob Crawford

Re: Streetmap is superior

So the 4 icons sandwiched between Get Directions and the Location dialogue box means absolutely to you?

Icon 1 is Car shaped and represents a car

Icon 2 is Bus shaped and represents a bus

Icon 3 is Person shaped and represents a ......

Icon 3 is Bike+Person shaped and represents a boat (oops sorry a cyclist)

Perhaps the mystery (person shaped) icon may be more appropiate for your needs

... time machine. Iranian Dr Who claims he invented a ...

Rob Crawford

Questions questions

If it works (why am I saying if ?) then they can quite easily speculate on the financial markets and within a short period buy the entire world

Also if they can only see 5 years into the future then they could view a output of time machine which is placed 5 years in the future thereby having a 10 year view (repeat process ad nauseum)

Alternatively they could look into the future and see how to build a better time machine.

Personally I am glad that I have typed less shite here than the Iranians managed with the original story

BIGGEST DDoS in history FAILS to slash interweb arteries

Rob Crawford

Sssh, he is pretending that he has a job that involves networks (it's not real)

Rob Crawford

Re: Here's How It Should Have Been Done

Sir (I'm making assumptions)

I would suggest that you find a failed graduate student and get him (or her) to read over your submissions before you hit the submit button, your postings may then attract less negativity.

I associate Apace with web servers rather than DNS servers, why are you talking about UDP & port 80?

If you are talking about bots being controlled via port 80 you are commenting on the wrong article, this is pointing out that bots are not necessary for a DDOS

Back to other points

Would an absurd amount traffic hitting your firewall (rejected or otherwise) not cause problems ?

HINT: Yes it will !

Funny enough we see a lot of traffic on UTP and on many other ports and not just on port 80, that's because it's a fucking network cable.

Review: HTC One

Rob Crawford

Re: Features

No not everybody, I quite liked some of the HTC overlay

However the option to remove it would be good

Rob Crawford

Why I swapped from HTC to Samsung last year

Despite liking HTC products and having had several previous HTC phonesI the following issues finally made me change to Samsung

Phone reception with the HTC was at best poor

No external SD

No replaceable battery

Shit cameras

Poor WiFi reception

Poor Android updates.

Before anybody complains about Samsungs poor update policy you really should experience HTC's slow update policy followed by abandonment at the first possible opportunity, thank god for the Android community.

I am glad that HTC have finally discovered that cameras and reception matters and hope they listen to the other complaints.

What I do like abut HTC is that they are into metal phone bodies, though my current Galaxy S2 has survived being run over by a car (twice)

Twenty classic arcade games

Rob Crawford

Wheres Xevious

title says it all

Strategic SIEGE ROBOTS defeated by 'heavily intoxicated' man, 62

Rob Crawford

After having the misfortune to watch Discovery Channel

I can't help wondering if the bot was built by those two arseholes from Battle Machine Brothers.

Perhaps they should have went for something that was made in China.

As for mini skirts, they had to fit those to the old RUC landrovers as a beer barrel and some scaffolding poles where commonly used to tip those over.

Pass me my drivin' whiskey woman I'm going to work

Quit the 2D internet, flee your cave, and GET LAID, barks rock star

Rob Crawford

So how many resources do you actually need to actually go outside and go to a shop, coffee shop, cafe etc, I really don't mean to attack anybody and everybody has their own circumstances, and possibly if I lived in Bumhole, Alabama (or anywhere in North Wales) I may also have no desire to local shops for local people.

Currently I'm sitting in a pretty crap town that is looking incredibly empty because all the shite high street shops closed the branches as they where not making a large enough profit.

However when I need nails or floorboards (I'm replacing the floorboards in the front room) I don't go to B&Q or Homebase, I go to a local supplier that is about 30% cheaper than the superstore ( and actually has the products I need not the usual DIY superstore 'standard products') it is also about the same distance away.

One or twice a month I take a few hours and put the effort into getting the things that I need and if that means heading a few miles to another town then so be it (it's much more relaxing than going to Maplin and having a spotty idiot spouting crap and charging high prices)

As for the internet I know lots of people online and friendships have developed (and I have met many of them) I collect locks and the internet is great for that, but lets face it I need to get outside and dropping into a locksmith, hardware store or a salvage yard is often the cheaper and a lot more interesting than simply purchasing and swapping online

No you don't/can't buy everything from local specialists but you can try to make the effort to purchase from somebody who knows the difference between their arse and their elbow and who have what you actually require and are cheaper too.

Lets face it it requires the building of a better mousetrap before the world will beat a path to your door

Rob Crawford

That's why White takes so much time producing proper mixes for vinyl versions and not simply going for the now standard maximum loudness.

From friends who have worked with him, he is totally serious about the quality over profit.

I'm not overly fond of the White Stripes but from friends who have worked with him (he was in the same studios and asked them to play on some tracks because he thought it would be fun) he is 100% for the do what you believe and enjoy school of music.

To me we need more of that and it's nice to see somebody having some success despite having a decent attitude

Why you need a home lab to keep your job

Rob Crawford

May I also point out

That the following management attitude still exists :

If you need training then you are admitting that you can't do your job.

Although this doesn't apply in my current job, the fact that the training budget is taken off us and given to other departments about 2 months into the financial year doesn't help matters (No we cant send everybody away in the first few weeks because there would be nobody left to to all the things we can't do)

Still it could be worse (and in the past has been)

Rob Crawford

I suspect

that most of the people advocating such things have no offspring (and from the looks of things never will)

Jammy b*stards: Admen flog chocolate bars with 'Wi-Fi-free' zones

Rob Crawford

I'm more worried about the El Reg web servers

"but at the time of press it had not responded to our enquiries."

So what platform are you using for the site?

We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP

Rob Crawford

Checks date

Not 01 April

Dear apple, fuck off

Symantec: Don't blame us for New York Times hack

Rob Crawford


Apart from Symantec / Nortons being a bit crap

Several years ago while working for another newspaper group we deployed some Finjan boxes to check all content passing through the proxies.

Firstly the Finjans ran 2 AV solutions to try and reduce the chances of a single vendor missing something (of course the regular IT people objected to us (networks) sticking their noses into AV)

The desktop client machines used yet another AV product to give a third check.

Even with sand boxing and heuristics the Finjan kit we didn't thing we where 100% safe but at least we made some effort.


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