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Crowdfunded ZX Spectrum revival just days from shipment

Rob Crawford

Rights holders

Needless to say the list of games published in the Times at the weekend has several games which they do not have the rights to distribute.

Basically the letters to the rights holders where told, contact us if you DON'T want us to use your software to make money (without paying you).

Which is annoying (to say the least)

Oxford chaps solve problem in 1982 Sinclair Spectrum manual

Rob Crawford

Re: Bit ignorant of spectrum capabilitys

Mutters about the 128 not being a real spectrum

Rob Crawford

Bit ignorant of spectrum capabilitys

Of course a real speccy retro coder would have used the old multichannel sound from the on board squeeker as per the Tim Folin or many others

MIPS quietly bares its processor architecture to universities

Rob Crawford

If they would open access to the graphics processor as well (a prior generation would be fine) then I would be jumping up and down.

Many want a small machine with decent performance and graphics sub system without encumbering the thing with a linux distribution just to be able to access the graphics subsystem (that big binary blob that RPi users have to suffer)

It's about time the something other than the linux monoculture was encouraged within small systems

Troubleshooting feature on Cisco routers is open to data-slurp abuse

Rob Crawford

I'm pulling the plugs now

Dear God I hope they don't discover sniffers or the existence of SPAN ports on Cisco switches either.

GCHQ: Ensure biz security by STOPPING everyone from TALKING

Rob Crawford

Yeah no problem lads

“Monitor all user activity", and make sure staff are aware that violations in acceptable use policies will lead to disciplinary action.

Then mail us the logs (to save us breaking in)

Man hauled before beak for using drone to film Premiership matches

Rob Crawford

Re: Ban them.

Nurse, Nurse, the Daily Fail reader has woken up please subdue him before somebody listens to him

Rob Crawford

Re: Not dangerous, Actually need *less* restriction and less paranoia

Fairly typical 10 inch prop injury from a smallish quad (do a quick web search and you will find considerably worse examples)

Not too pleasant therefore replace the xx to go there


Rob Crawford

Re: Not dangerous, Actually need *less* restriction and less paranoia

I suggest you don't know what you are talking about.

My small 250 machine will happily hit around 50 mph and my fat bird is a bit slower (but much heavier)

Rob Crawford

Re: Not dangerous, Actually need *less* restriction and less paranoia

Tell you what you stand there and take a hit from a set of 10 inch carbon fibre props and tell me what you think afterwards.

Additionally if you haven't had a failure, props snapping, ESC burning out, loss of or a dozen other problem then you haven't spent much time flying

The point is there there are rules (and some of them are even there for a reason) and as long as you aren't flying close to or over people and it isn't somewhere stupid then you are fairly much going to be OK

I also seem to remember that this idiot also flew around Westminster (and similar locations) and yeah what possible harm could come from flying (somewhat poorly I may add) over central London streets?

Nokia boss smashes net neutrality activists

Rob Crawford

Re: If a packet gets delayed or dropped because of congestion...

Firstly it depends on where your packet is dropped doesn't it? Can hardly blame your ISP when the packet was dropped on somebody elses network.

Along with the type of traffic which is dropped

Rob Crawford

Sorry did I read that article correctly?

You would need near instantaneous data transfer to stop your connected car from crashing.

Can I ask what sort of idiot would but a car like that?

Actually what sort of shit covered fuckwit would even consider making a car like that?

Where would you drive that car. certainly not in the countryside

There's some things that simply shouldn't be connected to the internet.

Oh wait lets wheel out the safety concerns

The BBC wants to slap a TAX on EVERYONE in BLIGHTY

Rob Crawford

Previously on PM

I have supported the BBC and the license fee as being the price you pay for the BBC

However a levy on every household is an entirely different matter.

TBH the BBC doesn't serve me very well.

BBC 1 is of little use to me during the weekend, I'm neither a middle aged woman, gay or a fan of sports

BBC 1 the rest of the week is out as I don't watch soaps, crap quizzes, cookery and chat shows

BBC 2 much as BBC 1 these days with Newsnight (personality led news analysis) and a hugely dumbed down selection of documentaries

BBC 3 The ability to read precludes even considering this abortion

BBC 4 Hmmm the words Michael Portillo poisons things a bit, maybe 1.5 hours a week tops

Radio 1 and it's sibling Enough said

Radio 2 Nope

Radio 3 Maybe 45 minutes a month

Radio 4 Seldom maybe 30 minutes a week

Radio 4 extra maybe an hour a week

5 Live Never (they have that git Stephen Nolan)

6 Music Used to listen to it a lot but now they have comedic DJs maybe an hour if they have a documentary or particular guest

Local Radio Sorry don't listen to C&W, Irish language or the non existent language of Ulster-Scots

Actually I'm now wondering why I have defended the license fee, if it wasn't for Film 4 I wouldn't watch anything

Rob Crawford

Re: Everyone in the UK consumes BBC output.

Actually if you watch it on a different channel, then the BBC have received revenue from the 'different channel'

SIM hack scandal biz Gemalto: Everything's fine ... Security industry: No, it's really not

Rob Crawford

Perhaps in an alternate universe

Maybe it's true and the keys haven't been stolen, because they where handed over?

There you go the PR dept are right

Zimmermann slams Cameron’s ‘absurd’ plans for crypto ban

Rob Crawford

Re: The Point

Ok then please insist on your correspondence taking place on postcards, replacement bank cards can be in an envelope, but your new PIN must be printed on the outside of the envelope.

Have glass walls in your house.

Or better still just be quiet and sit at the back

Drone in NEAR-MISS with passenger jet at Heathrow airport

Rob Crawford

You mean like the great job that DJI managed where you can't fly near airfields that haven't existed for 50 years (they must be using some old German maps they found)

As for decent multirotors all being fitted with GPS I suggest you actually learn something about the subject matter (rather than repeating the crap spoken on that Click programme that the BBC insist on showing.)

Apart from some commercial uses (waypoint navigation for example, or to prevent drift outside of an approved area) GPS modes are seldom used because it's yawn inducing. Of course those who can't actually fly a multirotor do float around in GPS mode.

So should I assume my 500g, FPV quad isn't a proper machine because it hasn't got GPS, even though it outperforms my larger (GPS) equipped machine in every aspect?

By such thinking surely all flying models should be hobbled in the manner you describe.

Rob Crawford

Hey Chad, perhaps all potential owners of a multirotor should also have to suffer an application for ownership via Disclosure and Barring Service in case they're a sex offender and want to fly a machine into the local public toilets or into primary schools.

My preferred license would be for cyclists as the sheer number of deaths per year dwarfs any likely multirotor carnage.

I don't see much shouting regarding model planes being licensed yet one of the reports of a 'drone' was a model plane (but then the pilot would probably have felt left out if he hadn't gotten a drone sighting)

Another one of the US sighting was possibly for a turbine driven F16 model, but once again it was called a drone, for the sake of newspapers, FAA and the pilots ego.

Yeah I do fly multorotors, in sensible places, insured and I don't fly to 400 feet (or above) because I can't see the damn thing, and also can't see the appeal of sticking the thing very high in the air via a video line and looking around.

Much more fun flying sub 1 metre around trees and other obstacles.

Attack of the drones: ‘Nefarious’ private use rising, says top Blighty copper

Rob Crawford

Re: Blocker

No they don't use standard wifi

Rob Crawford

Vagueness followed by a "Dear Governement give us money to combat this menace" letter

House of Lords committee has been told that while civilians are “undoubtedly” using drones to get up to no good

Certainly we are looking at the emergence of this technology, that we believe undoubtedly creates opportunities for negligent, reckless or malicious use,”

we have undoubtedly seen it used to harass people

So how vague can you get?

Err apart from people flying them in stupid places nobody has heard of anybody being harassed (apart from lunatics who claim it's illegal to fly a multirotor regardless of a camera being attached)

Anonymous ‪hacks the Ku Klux Klan after Ferguson‬ threats

Rob Crawford

Re: Do any of you realize...

Hey have you gotten your twitter accounts back yet.

You do realise that there is over a 70% probability that anybody who mentions shills is actually talking absolute shite

£2k burning a hole in your pocket? Let this 'advanced' DRONE relieve you

Rob Crawford

Meh! say the multirotor community

Awful lot of money for something that isn't likely to hoist a decent camera.

As for descent rate, they limit the decent rate, some of us get considerably faster descents (but then again we are daft enough to not bother with the fully automated methods favoured by the majority of those who own ready built DJI machines.)

Amazon: Put our ALWAYS ON MICROPHONE in your house, please. WHAT?

Rob Crawford

Oh great

Will wait till it says Sorry Dave I can't do that and starts singing Daisy Daisy

Then again it will probably crash before carrying out any real harm

Ex-NSA lawyer warns Google, Apple: IMPENETRABLE RIM ruined BlackBerry

Rob Crawford

I couldn't agree more

I for one refused to buy a Blackberry device as I resented others not being able to read my communications with minimal effort.

BBC clamps down on illicit iPlayer watchers

Rob Crawford

Re: illicit viewers?

No doubt this posting will feature on a future Dave Gorman show

Apple CEO Tim Cook: My well-known gayness is 'a gift from God'

Rob Crawford

Who cares?

No really who cares apart from him and his nearest and dearest, it really is nothing to do with me or anybody else.

Though in saying that I'm sure some troglodyte will have an issue about it I suppose.

A drone of one's own: Reg buyers' guide for UAV fanciers

Rob Crawford

Insert usual grumble about the term Drone

Seems to be an assumption that the only reason to fly a multi rotor is to take photos and make use of GPS functionality all the time.

I have a fat quad (450mm DJI) with Ardupilot, GPS et al and simply don't fly it, all my time is spent on a little 250mm machine with a £19 flight controller (Acro Naze) with expensive motors it was still sub £200, with cheaper motors it would be under £140.

Why prefer the simple machine, because I actually have to fly the thing rather than having the flight controller doing all the work (the quad copter equivalent of script kiddies), though the fact that hitting a rugby post at 30+ mph and the repair costing less than £2 may also have it's appeal ;)

I suspect activities such as the following may point to why multirotors appeal to people (more than simply ambling around under computer control anyway)



The Hubsan x4 is a fine trainer for anybody considering a larger machine, and a Blade Nano QX is an even better choice and are excellent in their own right as indoor entertainment.

Linux Foundation plans open-source drone hit

Rob Crawford

Oh great

No doubt we will now be requiring a multicore 32 bit processor just to flash the LED to indicate that there is a GPS lock.

No doubt everything will run on BASH and PYTHON scripts, require a harddrive, a couple of gig of RAM and an internet connection.

The cut and past coders are coming now APM is going to look like the MultiWii <shudder>

Troll hunter Rackspace turns Rotatable's bizarro patent to stone

Rob Crawford

Prior art

Used rotatable screens in the early 90s in the publishing industry (and they where old then)

As the solution existed it doesn't matter what method they patent as it is just an alternate implementation method of an old technology.

Driving with an Apple Watch could land you with a £100 FINE

Rob Crawford

Re: @Version 1.0 - Knee Jerk Off

The Definition of a Hand-Held Mobile Phone

The Regulation includes any "device, other than a two-way radio, which performs an interactive communication function by transmitting and receiving data".

By that definition my wife is a mobile phone as she isn't a two way radio, which provides interactive communication and as far as I am aware she is also capable of receiving data (though she is usually transmitting)

Nvidia blasts sueballs at Qualcomm, Samsung – wants Galaxy kit banned

Rob Crawford

Maybe my memory is poor

But I seem to remember programmable shaders and GPUs long before nvidia had them (and I was using their products back in the TNT days)

Of course the patent people don't actually bother to look and see if Prior Art actually exists (because they don't understand what they are issuing patents for)

Cracking copyright law: How a simian selfie stunt could make a monkey out of Wikipedia

Rob Crawford

Re: Recent news on Page 2

Hmmm I think you probably have never done anything that would justify the time taken, therefore you are simply jealous.

Assange™: Hey world, I'M STILL HERE, ignore that Snowden guy

Rob Crawford

Re: He needs the attention, but still...

My view on this is simply that there where (and still are) superior whistle blowing websites out there.

Non of their 'founders' found it necessary to change their mobile phone every couple of days and travel incognito and only stay in associates homes.

Additionally the other sites always seemed to release more relevant information than WikiLeaks used to reveal.

But then again the likes of Cryptome (for example) didn't have a narcissistic (oops sorry charismatic) leader, who tried to claim ownership of stolen material (sorry Julian it's not yours).

You also fucked over just about everybody that did support you, threw crap at the Guardian when you didn't get your own way and you are still bleating.

BTW you where a shit hacker and coder too

Dungeons & Dragons relaunches with 'freemium' version 5.0

Rob Crawford

If you are going to print it try this version

Just the straight version for printing purposes, none of the parchment effects.


May not save paper but will be quicker and it will save a lot of toner

Fearful of the drone-filled skies? Get some protection

Rob Crawford

Re: Fe Fi Fo FUD, I smell the snake oil

Considering the number of cabbages that I get telling me that I can't fly multi rotors on the private land that they are in the process of trespassing upon.

It's shite like that which gets people like me threatened (and in some cases assaulted) because too many members of the public have a common ancestor than the rest of us mammals

Rob Crawford

Fe Fi Fo FUD, I smell the snake oil

Dear god almighty save us from idiots (like me if I have double posted this)

Firstly, oh look a paedophile has been mentioned, no the offender will not be flying a quad over your garden, most likely he is a family member or close friend. Maybe the offender is on the internet talking to your kids because you don't supervise what your kids are doing online.

But he/she is not flying a drone over your house

To the anti drone idiots. YES, you up at the top of this page

Have you ever encountered a quad copter or any of the variants, they are fucking obvious, if it's within 50 feet you then you can see and hear the big noisy flying thing. I will give you a hint it the thing in the air doesn't have feathers or fur.

If they are using the typical gopro or a mobius camera then they are making a hell of a lot of noise right next to you because it needs to be close due to the cameras being a bit crap for that soet of thing

Anybody else snooping is a professional and 50 metre range is no use to you, but then the camera isn't likely to be attached to a quad (between 5 & 20 minute flight time for what ordinary enthusiasts can afford.) It's probably poking out of their bedroom window or shubbery.

Signal jammer, what are you going to do jam 5.8GHz, 2.4GHz, 1.2GHz 900MHz (appx) and 433MHz ? Well in Europe that would be illegal, and you would have neighbours/police paying you a visit.

In the states your neighbour would shoot you for interrupting his WiFi, baby monitor, kids radio controlled whatever (car, plane, quad), video sender, home security system, remote controls.

Get the idea? (probably not)

For those who didn't read the product details.

You must configure those RF sources that are deemed to be OK, people have enough trouble setting a new password on their WiFi router and as for moving to a non interfering channel so will this work?

There's so many things wrong with this crap it's not funny meanwhile it's FUD all the way.

Summary of the product:

It's crap designed to take money off people and give almost nothing back.

US sheddies knock up flying plastic toolbox

Rob Crawford

Dollar must have devalued a lot

That's a hell of a high price to pay for an APM

Anonymous: Why we're PICKETING Glenn Greenwald's book tour

Rob Crawford

He's a journalist why would you expect him to have any sort of technical competence?

As for his personality, this is his mealticket,

As for anonymous although they have done some interesting and even useful things for the most parts they're just a group of Kevins (as in Harry Enfield) shouting I'm not your slave and wanting everything their own way regardless of the lack of logic they apply (which is such a waste)

Selfies are so 2013. Get ready for DRONIES – the next hipster-cam-gasm

Rob Crawford

Enough idiots with quadcoptors

God it's bad enough without some company hiring the damn things to self-obsessed halfwits.

Yes I do have a couple of quads but unlike some I can actually fly the damn thing (still haven't been arsed to put a camera on any of them though)

Spanish village called 'Kill the Jews' mulls rebranding exercise

Rob Crawford

Re: Village?

Actually in the UK it's the lack of a church that defines a hamlet.

Snowden lawyer PGP email 'crack' flap: What REALLY happened?

Rob Crawford


Corporate versions of PGP provide employers with the ability to decrypt employees encrypted messages

HTC One M8: Reg man takes spin in Alfa Romeo of smartphone world

Rob Crawford

Hmm on the Alfa analogy

Every Alfa owner I have known has loved the cars but ditched them as they spent more time getting fixed.

Then again having seen other peoples suffering with HTC phones possibly it s a suitable analogy.

Although my wife and I both had the original HTC Desire and really liked them but between the poor update policy (and sense bugs that where never fixed) and the final insulting android release that didn't leave enough space to install even the most minimal apps it was time to switch.

It's not you, it's EE: UK mobile network goes titsup, blames gremlins

Rob Crawford

Re: Here's what I think happened

Fraid not my phone got many reboots last night along with sim card changes etc and no joy.

Phone was left to charge about 2:30 and at 7:00 connectivity had returned (without a further reboot) at the time I thought I had a duff sim and didn't trust it. It wasn't until I phoned EE that I found out it was the network itself

Rob Crawford

Re: The story I have heard is below

Ah well that adds to the huge pile of absolute bollocks i hqve heard today (on several subjects)

Rob Crawford

Re: Still no EE in the North West Cumbria

If you are in Dundee don't bother with O2 (and more so with Giff Gaff) as the only service my daughter finds reliable there is 3

Rob Crawford

The story I have heard is below

The mobile reseller Ovivo closed down yesterday without notice <<< Danger Sign

Apparently they where using EE as their provider and when they shutdown their kit it buggered up EE

I lost service somewhere around 19:00 and found that I had service again around 07:00 this morning, though I was blaming a faulty SIM card (due to EE having no obvious status page) as my wifes phone/SIM (T-Mobile) continued to work regardless (yes I exchanged SIM cards and the fault followed the card)

As I'm just outside Belfast I suspect the issue was more to do with routes to wherever the authentication servers exist rather than the actual mobile network

RIP Full Disclosure: Security world reacts to key mailing list's death

Rob Crawford

Shall we play a game

Lets call it Name the idiot that annoyed the admin.

WhatsApp chats not as secret as you think

Rob Crawford


It's funny how people expect storage on a phone to be sandboxed yet they don't expect it on a desktop or laptop for example. The developer should be looking after the saved data properly even if a sandbox is in place.

Yet there's so much whining going on now that Google are restricting the ability to write to SD card, however and whenever a developer wants.

No doubt sandboxing of data is on the way (now that KitKat permits automated cleanup of directories after an app is uninstalled)

If I released such an application then the data would be encrypted right from the start and the encryption key would NOT be easily available.

Got a Netgear router from Virgin Media? Change your admin password NOW

Rob Crawford

<sigh> Oi you stop shouting nonsence from the shallow end </sigh>

So I'm a moron for having a life, oh dear seems a little knowledge and a lack of useful things to do has made you think you have a valid opinion

Strangely enough the unaptly <sic> named Superhub, provides me with reasonable cover around the house, and generally works.

Why would I waste my time and money switching it to modem mode and installing an unnecessary wireless router?

If I want US Netflix I will stick with using a VPN service.

Fee fie Firefox: Mozilla's lawyers probe Dell over browser install charge

Rob Crawford

Fucking <sigh>

Firefox is a non standard option, therefore Dell will charge for the install.

As for installing it on all Dell machines, have you see the whinging that people do when they have something installed that they don't want, they start filing class actions on the manufacture for wasting their storage space.

I point you towards Samsung phone users complaining about the ANT drivers being installed (they're threatening court action)

Anyway if somebody needs Dell to install Firefox for them then they probably shouldn't be allowed to own a PC in the first place.

Please don't whinge about large rollouts as if you haven't got a suitable infrastructure to rollout required software to users then you probably shouldn't be involved with those machines in the first place.


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