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Drone idiots are still endangering real aircraft and breaking the rules

Rob Crawford

Re: Heavy regulation

Firstly you are presuming this ever actually happened.

Frankly the technology simply can't do what is claimed in this 'article' (by article I'm wondering if a pair of tongs, bleach and a boil wash would be appropriate for the offending item)

At best it would point to military kit if the claims are to be believed. In times past when such claims where made pilots where breathalyzed, maybe they should start that procedure again

Secondly you are presuming you have a clue regarding what you are commenting upon

Rob Crawford

4000 feet at 200 knots, I think not

Flying around the nose of an A340 at 9000 feet yeah right, what speed and altitude do they think these things fly at exactly?

Full out racing machines are lucky to get much over 60mph and are lucky to reach 4.5 minutes flight time

Fujitsu to axe 1,800 jobs across the UK

Rob Crawford

What! you worked for Fujitsu 3 times ;)

UK copyright troll weeps, starts 20-week stretch in the cooler for beating up Uber driver

Rob Crawford

Anybody think his contact details need to be updated?


Rob Crawford

Re: 20 wks in prison! He's a kid for fucks sake!

Sorry I will ignore the reference (if you had any confidence in your humour you wouldn't have hidden anyway)

He fucked his own life up

Ever had to look after somebody who has only had a couple of kicks in the head, no I thought not.

Land somebody on the ground then kick them in the head is a damn good reason for somebody to go to prison.

Tesla driver dies after Model S hits tree

Rob Crawford

Re: standard operating procedures

BTW: FoboFool should actually be RoboFool

Also although the machine that crashed yesterday didn't have autopilot (it seems) none the less it's the autopilot facility that is the reason much more attention will be paid to any incidents with the Tesla product line.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and considering the the meatbags are pretty poor at driving I consider claims of safe computer controlled driving pretty damned extraordinary

Rob Crawford

From memory a Lithium fire will strip the oxygen from the carbon, that's why water doesn't work so well either

Rob Crawford

Re: standard operating procedures

Ever experienced a LiPo fire even a small one?

They can do anything from sit and lurk, bend, attempt to swell, emit smoke and steam, burn (nice and hot) with lots of smoke and pretty colours, or simply detonate as they see fit.

Also you don't know how many batteries are left inside the machine.

As for clickbait, well for the most part other cars aren't performance cars and can have "FoboFool" driving while the fleshy idiot is watching a film on his iPad (or whatever they do)

Height of stupidity: Heathrow airliner buzzed by drone at 7,000ft

Rob Crawford

The vast majority of multorotors don't have any GPS capability.

The vast majority of fixed wing and helicopter models also don't have GPS either

Rob Crawford


Is the story a bigger load of crap than the comments being posted (I'm not sure)

No doubt this won't be approved, but look at the statements made before unwrapping the pitchforks and lighting the torches

The statements in the story smell of wee and I'm surprised that Saturdays episode of Causality wasn't mentioned as additional evidence.

Firstly there are idiots with ready to fly machines that's why the DJI Phantom is known as The Phantom Menace within the flying community but anything at 7000 feet wasn't one of them.

A twin bladed drone at 7000 feet, firstly that is called a helicopter or a plane in common parlance so No that's not something some moron bought in Maplin or online.

To me that smells one of the following : Commercial, Military or Police.

Commercial wouldn't risk their ability to make money and most commercial machines wouldn't stand a chance of getting that sort of altitude.

Military is possible, particularly if they probably forgot to set the home point and it was trying to fly back to the US or Israel (ask the Irish army about that one and the second one as well)

The Police are arrogant enough to fly anywhere they want and they have been spending a hell of a lot of money on UAV systems (see I know the lingo) but unlikely

5 years ago a pilot would have said UFO, a strangely common occurrence and probably made slightly less common by pilots being breathalyzed upon landing.

Any remotely operated vehicle is a drone (including your kids toy car) but as usual the Daily Fail would have you believe only drug smugglers, pedophiles, psychopaths and abortionists have such devil machines.but

As an aside one commenter who said model planes and helis require skill and multirotors don't, well tell you what try a 250 racer in acro mode and see what you make of it.

BTW stupidity is common everywhere I have had to call the cops about people flying both fixed wing models and kites less than 200 feet from the end of a UK airport, no doubt the story would have become satanic drone pilots as the other story would only have involved really stupid normal people

BTW a LiPo fire in your pocket, car or ear would be an unpleasant experience, however the energy carried and heat generated is probably a gnats fart compared with the untold millions of Jules and hundreds of degrees C the jet engine is producing.

No it wouldn't be good to bung anything into a jet engine, but a consumer grade machine is a plastic shell, (perhaps some glass bubble impregnated nylon), 4 small PCBs, a credit card sized computer, a few small motors and a soft(ish) battery pack.

Not a good thing to be ingested, but I would be a damn sight more worried about the damage a flock of geese or seagulls would do.

Google killing app format used only by The 1%

Rob Crawford

Oh Bugger

The 1% probably multirotor owners (no it's not a drone)

Anybody who runs Cleanflight, Betaflight or Baseflight or wants to flash SimonK speed controllers will be very irked

If you use ‘smart’ Bluetooth locks, you're asking to be burgled

Rob Crawford


Dunno why the said Masterlock was OK as only takes 2 hammer blows to open their bluetooth padlock.

Actually it's fairly easy to break modern double glazing and it's quieter than regular glass, you just have to know how.

The purpose of any lock is to cause a thief to think it's too much bother, I will rob somebody else instead.

If the average thief knew how vulnerable many modern locks are then we would be in a considerably worse position.

Instead I have seen window frames pulled out, holes cut in the side of bungalows and caravans, snapped euro locks, slates lifted (and piled very neatly) from roofs, flat roofs cut through, melted uPVC frames and hundreds of broken windows.

Main entrance method though is the already open window or unlocked door.

Google's Nexii stand tall among Android's insecure swill

Rob Crawford

Having switch to using a Nexus last year I am fairly happy with the update situation these days.

However I had an unlocked Samsung S4 and was getting almost monthly updates which cheered me up.

However those who are locked to carriers are pretty much doomed because carriers obstruct updates to keep their bloatware in place (don't tell me it's for network compatibility)

Samsung are not blameless for not so good updates but carriers should also be held to account

Apple WWDC: OS X is dead, long live macOS

Rob Crawford

The word you are searching for is Autumn

"For the Apple TV, this Fall"

No, simply no, only Americans (and Canadians who are Americans too as they have the same country code) call it Fall

Or did you mean "this Fail"

Surveillance forestalls more 'draconian' police powers – William Hague

Rob Crawford

Re: Missing the point

While attempting to ban decent padlocks

Wi-Fi hack disables Mitsubishi Outlander's theft alarm – white hats

Rob Crawford

Oh well now I know what those 5 entries in the SSIDs logs are, I'm was surprised that there are so many Mitsubishi WiFi access points roaming past my house

Along with the Skoda, Vauxhall, Ford, Porche, Audi, Mercedes and BMW.

Tivo's new owner ponders binning its own boxes

Rob Crawford

Looks like the MBA crew have taken full control and see hardware (and R&D) as unessicary expense

60 per cent of Androids exposed by new attack on mediaserver

Rob Crawford

Let me get this right

This is a news story about a "researcher" that is using a bug that was patched by google back in January.

Bit of a non story, apart from the shite service provided by phone manufacturers and carrier branded phones which we all know about anyway

Catz: Google's Android hurt Oracle's Java business

Rob Crawford

Want to try that again

Google co-chief executive Safra Catz

Are you sure?

Manchester cops to strap on 3K bodycams

Rob Crawford

No doubt only the footage they want will survive the holding period and like a friends medical records anything inconvenient will vanish.

'Bitcoin creator' Craig Yeah Wright in meltdown

Rob Crawford

You call that a meltdown?

Personally I was hoping for a meltdown resembling Jason Russel's (of Kony 2012 infamy) meltdown.

But instead all we get is a whining post on a website.

Tell a pack of lies and then whine when you get caught, yeah either a banker or a politician wannabe

Official: EU goes after Google, alleges it uses Android to kill competition

Rob Crawford

If Google have a monopoly due to the play store then what have Apple got with their app store?

I can choose to purchase software from alternate stores and frequently do (from Amazon for example and Samsung when they had their awful option and I had a Samsung phone)

When Steve Jobs was away, Apple's designers snuck out a penis-shaped remote control

Rob Crawford

Guess I don't spend as much time thinking about penises as other do

Even after the alleged similarity was pointed out I still don't actually notice it

Google tried to be funny, cocked it up, everyone thought it was a bug

Rob Crawford


Would be more mortified about somebody I know sending me prayers than receiving an embedded gif of a minion

Google spews critical Android patch as millions of gadgets hit by Linux kernel bug

Rob Crawford

Android devices with a security patch level of 2 April are patched against the flaw. ®

Should I break out my time machine or just travel through time the slow way?

Mystery Kindle update will block readers from books after Wednesday

Rob Crawford

Nope it's not entirely publisher choice

Periodicals MUST have DRM, the guys at 2600 are not at all happy about the must have DRM (it also enforces a limited number of editions on the device, so it deletes older editions and you have to redownload them)

If you unsubscribe then you lose all purchased material.

Needles to say 2600 printed my letter describing how to unDRM their publication

Flying Scotsman attacked by drone

Rob Crawford

I would be more concerned about the build quality and choice of materials if even a large multi-rotor managed to break through a carriage window.

Doesn't excuse the idiots that ruin radio control flying for the rest of us though.

(I still have the scars on my forearm after assisting an idiot photographer with his bloody (quite literally) DJI Phantom several months ago)

Google-backed British startup ‘stole our code’, says US marketing firm

Rob Crawford

Re: The best anecdote I remember...

I had a habit of including numeric constants which where MD5 hashes of certain strings, these constants where never used.

But it was interesting to listen to a certain individual and an supposed expert Lotus Notes dev accounting for these constants in a Lotus script to track 2 ton newsprint rolls.

They had taken my prototype application (constants and all) changed the colours, added a couple of images and claimed it as their own (adding no functionality whatsoever)

The Notes expert claimed that they wrote it over 3 days ans I could have as I wasn't a registered developer.

I almost felt bad asking them about the constants then supplying the strings to pass through the hashing package.

No I didn't feel bad about their written warnings from HR

Rob Crawford

Maybe if we searched the internet we would find what site Bounce carried out the original copy and pasted operation from

The example looks very close to a chunk of tutorial code to me

Cisco says CLI becoming interface of last resort

Rob Crawford

Re: Overpaid arrogant gits

Or perhaps you simply havn't a clue?

It's a bit like UNIX boxes vs windows in the 90s.

You want the job done properly use a UNIX box, you want a machine where anybody can make changes get a Windows server so the less skilled person can click on something in the GUI.

The UNIX box, restore the OS, run the install scripts, create the mount points, copy your scripts back on to the machine, get your startup scripts in place, get your cron jobs and it's fine.

OK so it's a few hours of hell but it's back to the original state (that is supposing you do not have a proper backup)

When the Windows box dies or the monkey pressed the wrong button, dear God it was awful and a restoration was never managed in less than a day and the fallout lasted for a week or so.

Needless to say windows boxes are used almost everywhere because you don't have to pay for arrogant gits protecting their jobs because a monkey is cheaper most of the time

Rob Crawford

Re: History repeats itself

Considering the number of products where the GUI gets things wrong or functions are simply not implemented in the GUI (Aruba and Citrix comes immediately to mind)

Couples with the additional joy an fun that web interfaces bring either through security concerns (hello all vendors) or that require you to use ancient versions of browsers to work (hello Cisco ACS) or insist that you must have a particular browser plugin to view the statistics pages (would you install THAT Adobe plugin?)

Nope I think I will stick with the CLI thank you very much

Oh BTW I do very much like the Meraki Dashboard as it actually works and does let you implement a lot of stuff very quickly and they have actually paid attention as to how it should be done.

But I don't see it adopted for datacentres any time soon (well at all) even though Cisco are trying to incoroporate it into Prime

US chap sharpens paradigm-busting scissors

Rob Crawford

and when the solution occurred to me

Wear some gloves?

No not idiot mittens, with the sting and made from wool

Google splats more bad Android security bugs with patches your mobe will probably never see

Rob Crawford

Strangely enough my Samsung S4 started getting monthly security updates in October I was fairly happy about that (though they never listed what the update addressed)

Though that was because EE sent me an S4 that was a standard UK model without all their crap on it, friends with 'official' EE S4 phones never got a thing and only received 2 updates last year.

If you look at Sammobile it's amazing the difference between carriers when it comes to updates (when I say amazing I actually man shit BTW)

I swapped to a Nexus 5X in December and am happy about receiving monthly security updates, though I would be happier if EE could actually give me the WiFi calling that they promised the 5X back in September

BBC telly tax drops onto telly-free households. Cough up, iPlayer fans

Rob Crawford

“modern day protection racket”

Funny thing is the government is the closest thing I have ever seen to gangsters running a wide range of protection rackets, pay this charge/tax/fee or get locked away....

When I do not have to pay for transporting adverts that I don't want, the adverts stop being intrusive and they aren't trying to fling malware and aren't misleading then i MIGHT consider not blocking them.

Bit like being charged for every piece of junk mail that passes through my letter box, and if somebody decides to post a fire bomb through the letter box the insurance company holds me responsible

Why Tim Cook is wrong: A privacy advocate's view

Rob Crawford

Re: This is wishful thinking

Perhaps because the hash for the PIN is server side and the new card record is simply pointed at the old hash?

All-American Apple challenges US gov call for iOS 'backdoor'

Rob Crawford

Re: To my mind...

It's a good job that you haven't got a mind then isn't it

Samsung now pushing Marshmallows into the Galaxy S6, Edge

Rob Crawford

Re: Samsung is not the problem

My last phone was a Galaxy S4 and EE mistakenly sent me a bare EU device with no EE crap on it whatsoever.

Last year I received 4 or 5 updates (couple of them security related) while friends with 'proper EE' S4s received 2.

I also started receiving the Samsung equivalent of the Google monthly security updates on October, my 'proper EE' equipped friends have never received such an update.

After seeing the difference in service, I got myself a Nexus 5X and have been very happy ever since, it may not be as shiny and flash as the S6 that I was considering, but I gave a straight Google build and get the monthly security updates quickly (and Android ones PDQ too)

If only EE would stop saying that Google have to bake their WiFi calling code into the Nexus and admit that they are using the standard Google code I would be a bit happier though

Drone-busting eagles to darken Blighty's skies?

Rob Crawford

Re: Still a really dumb idea.

I for one would be irritated at having to clean eagle blood off my 450 considering the number of tree collisions where the carbon fibre blades simply chopped through surprisingly thick sticks.

Considering sticking something into the path of a quad the ESC simply piles more power into the motor to keep it spinning at the right speed

Dialog box shut: Now Microchip is set to gobble up Atmel

Rob Crawford

Firstly, AVR processors are all over the place, the Arduino is only a very minor use for it.

I know several hardware designers who will walk away if they are subsumed by PIC makers.

Microchip are notorious for only having partially implemented features on their processors and a habit of changing behaviour without any notice whatsoever.

ATMEL may not be perfect but the other lot are awful, at least it isn't Jennic buying them I suppose

Boffins solve bacon crisis with newly-patented plant

Rob Crawford

Balls Mr Langdon, simply balls

“When you fry it, which I have done, it tastes like bacon, not seaweed. And it’s a pretty strong bacon flavour,” Langdon says.

I take it when he says as I have done, it involved a large quantity of bacon and some imaginary dulse.

Unless of course their idea tasting like bacon involves simply being salty.

I have eaten dulse on several occasions (it's very commonly available here) and it's awful

Doctor Who's The Girl Who Died ships in nasty Vikings floating atop a time-bending tidal wave

Rob Crawford

Re: Viking electric eels ?

/mutters about corn not having made it to Europe when the Vikings where doing their thing either

Playmobil cops broadside for 'racist' pirate slave

Rob Crawford

She spent ages looking for things to be offended by

So how is it racist to acknowledge that slavery existed in times of yore and that very often the slaves where not (for want of a better term) white.

Surely it would be racist to pretend that such things never existed.

I'm sure the collar would have fitted on a more pinkish tinged figure, but the ship doesn't look very Turkish.

Then again it may also represent that he may have been locked up for being a criminal, before cries of racism tuen up, please remember that pirates where in fact viewed as criminals, particularly amongst those that they robbed, kidnapped, raped and killed

Singapore Post tests drone delivery services

Rob Crawford

From previous experience

Singapore Post are notoriously poor, taking several weeks to put stuff onto an aircraft and that aircraft taking several weeks to get to Europe (or perhaps they didn't get it onto a plane at all)

Frankly I wouldn't be srrprised if they used herds of rats to consume the mail, then tey herd the rats arounf to the address and the recipient had to reconstruct their letters from the rat faeces

Assange™ offered 'plans for escape by flying fox to Harrods'

Rob Crawford

reveals he has banned smartphones at the Ecuadorian embassy as he assumes they are all surveilled.

I suspect that if I work there I would suggest that the egotistical arse should leave via an upper window and no ladder

Are Samsung TVs doing a Volkswagen in energy tests? Koreans hit back

Rob Crawford

I would suggest that you have to use media that covers a large number of scenarios if you wish to test the energy use of a TV or media player.

The FPGA on board will be working much harder when there is a lot of movement and changes between frames, no doubt the amount of value switching on the pixels will also be reflected in power usage.

So you really need a selection of media types to reflect average usage.

As for car emissions testing, everybody has known for at least 30 years they bear no relationship to reality, how can a rolling road reflect real world usage with varying surfaces, surface water, humidity, number of people in the car and temperature, especially when all of those vary during a single journey.

All it is possible to do is to have fairly standard tracks, test several times and average the results,otherwise it's an entirely synthetic test that reflects nothing whatsoever.

But most people know that anyway, but choose to ignore it

EE: Yes, our broadband service is a total clusterf**k – but we promise to improve

Rob Crawford

A French person in charge of customer care.

Although an easy stereotype to throw out there, it is also backed up by real world experiences

Parrot drone pwned (and possibly killed) with Wi-Fi log-in

Rob Crawford

See time travel does exist

Is it me or is this repeating what was already known 18 months ago?

There have been scripts for this kicking about for ages

Uninstalled Google Photos? Thought your pics safe from slurping? WRONG, bozo

Rob Crawford

Re: tech wonder of Nashville

No because the backup service is actually a separate service that has been part of Android for at least 5 years.

Google Photos is simply a method to manage the photos/archive.

When I installed it I had to tell Photos to perform the backup and indeed whether to use WiFi or WiFi and mobile data services.

Basically he enabled it and then cried that it was there, anybody else sense an attempt at financial redress for alleged distress

Never trust a developer who says 'I can fix this in a few minutes'

Rob Crawford

What a surprise

Just confirms my opinion of Project Manglers and the majority of developers I have had the misfortune to meet.

Hacker 3D prints device that can crack a combo lock in 30 seconds

Rob Crawford

Re: Analog Security

For the likes of most Masterlocks and a lot of others a snap gun requires as much practice as a city rake or Bogota, and even quicker and cheaper to bypass the picking altogether

I have a collection of locks that I sometimes end up using for demoing to security teams (my real world role has nothing to do with such things) then I watch the panic (usually down at the cycle area as they decide to get new bike locks rather than the locks they're paid to be concerned about)

However the locks I like all tend to be considerably more secure (but then again I simply like locks)


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