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MS confirms European Xbox 360 price cuts

Rob Crawford


I see the Sony fanboys turned up in force again.

Why can you not just be happy that the game industry is doing pretty OK and that there is no one console to rule them all.

Sad buggers

Climate change blows out eco-boss's record bid

Rob Crawford
Paris Hilton

Australian drought

According to the news Austrailia was suffering a country wide drought (for the last few years) due to CO2 Except for him of course.

So what carbon emmissions where created by him heading off to Oz with his land yacht for a bit of self pleasure.

Also what these wind experts all seem to ignore is the UK (and much of mainland Europe) is often becalmed and it dosn't matter about spreading the turbines right across the the British Isles (or even Western Europe) cos there is no appreciable wind for days at a stretch.

They also in the same breath complain about wildnerss areas being despoiled (until it comes to their own companys windfarms)

Apple code of secrecy imperils Aunt Mildred

Rob Crawford


Here we go again

Mac fanboi attacks other people by making sweeping statements, about both windows and pc manufacturers and resents being called immature.

Windows fanbois are too wrapped up in their own love afair to consider simply ignoring him

What I want to know is why the Linux generation are being left out of this

As for a real computer one would have to search a lot of data centres before finding an Apple product, wher as Dell & HP are quite well represented.

As Apple machines are generic Intel motherboards I can only assume that you are really referring to the OS (at which point I suggest that we all have better things to do with out time than listen to another bit fanboi waffle)

Rob Crawford

Genius is truely a work of genius in iTunes8

When you truely appreciate what a wonderful addition of iTunes it is

Hilight a track, select Genius and it returns a list of tracks by the same artist and also a list of tracks with the same name. At best it managed something like Amazons also purchased thingie

Smoke & mirrors or what

Personally I could manage that on my own.

Apple channels Pandora with iTunes 8

Rob Crawford
Paris Hilton

Headphones 1.1

Rik, I really suggest that you buy a decent set of earphones and try again, they really are awful earphones in every respect. Earrape was a term I heard applied to them and it's fairly appropiate.

I'm not one of these audiophiles that can gnats farting (if I was I wouldnt be using MP3s or an iPod) but even I can hear the difference, though I can still hear (at my advanced years) wether bats are in the area

Apart from poor sound quality, the dreadful fit, low volumes and the amount of sound leakage makes it a necessity to replace the iPod headphones.

Theres plenty of sub £20 headphones that are superior to the bundled ones (cept they don't have an apple logo on them). In the sub £30 range the difference is night & day. At £42 Currys will supply you with Ultimate Ears fuper.fi3 earphones which are brillient at the price.

I do hope that the dual driver earphones are good as I would like an affordable pair of dual driver phones


Methinks the lady doth protest too much (about windows in your case) how about finding something better to do with your time.

Even Paris's orifices would reject apples earbuds

iPod Touch, Nano disassemblies reveal surprises

Rob Crawford

I hate to say it

but apple did actually say on their website that the Nano had a glass cover over the display.

Ad for the bluetooth I could have sworn there was a report regarding data security and the Nike running thingie as it could be read via bluetooth.

But with accelerometers on board why does one need to buy the Nike+ thingie as sony and many others use the accelometers built into their phones to gather running information anyway

How to stop worrying and enjoy paying for incoming calls

Rob Crawford

Titles be damned

> So by the same token we should pay the postman for delivering the mail to us?

Hate to point out the obvious, but the sender of the letter is paying for the postie to deliver the bloody thing

> I disagree the person who wishes to make the transmission should pick up the entire cost,

Why ?

If I wish to talk to my bank then I phone them and pay for the dubious privilege. If they want to talk to me then they can pay for it themselves.

Would you like the postie to turn up at your door step and refuse to hand over your mail until you pay him, I really don't think so.

Rob Crawford

That really was a very third rate analogy

So skype users pay for receiving calls.

Well if you want to get that obtuse about it I pay for receiving calls by having to recharge my phone more often (and electricity isn't free you know), and also in wear and tear on my phone (case wearremoving it from my pocket, button wear answering the call, speaker & microphone wear.

As for the one number nonsence, do I want one number to rule them all, no, I don't want my home number to follow me, as it will be a bit hard for my wife to answer the bloody house phone if it's decided to follow my mobile.

Seems to me one number to rule them all is yet another case of marketing people (OK theyre not really people theyre really cockroaches from some distant planet in Edgar suits) trying to tell us what we want

3 punts mobile email for £2.50 a month

Rob Crawford


Some of us are old enough to remember ftpmail

It was incredibly useful for busy FTP sites

Concrete-jet 'printers' to build houses, Moonbases in hours

Rob Crawford

Regarding Edison

I wonder who that thieving bugger stole the idea from, as almost all his major credits turned out to belong to other people

World+Dog predicts new iPods, Macs imminent

Rob Crawford


I didn't really think that my posting was that obscure

I wanted more than 8Gig and find apple kit with HDDs in them incredibly prone to failure.

So to stick to Flash based I had to go for the iPod Touch, personally I think the form factor of the current Nano range is the best one they have come up with.

My household (and also mates) have went through too many HDD equipped iPods, whereas my old Creative Zen survived everything except my wife losing the bloody thing (it is probably still running)

Rob Crawford

Oh bloody typical

I was actually going to say am I the only person in the universe that prefers the current iPod nano shape.

Then I realised that everybody I have ever spoken to prefers the squat version, the screen is a nice size, the track pad is a decent size, and it not only sits nicely in the palm of the hand but can also be tucked away into a regular wallet.

I just bought an iPod touch and it's pretty OK (though it's very noisy with decent headphones (ultimate ears in this case)). Gps would be nice on it if it had downloadable maps.

I would have preferred a 16 gig Nano to the touch, however as I refuse to use an HD equipped iPod it was the only option available (I'm definately not gullable enough to buy an iPhone)

BBC iPlayer upgrade prompts new ISP complaints

Rob Crawford

Why switch to L3 ?

simply to save costs, the BBC don't want to pay to have their content delivered (MPs and others (around here) are always bitching about the Beeb spending money).

Funny how people say that routers & cables are simple things when they don't have to deal with them

Russell Crowe to play Bill Hicks?

Rob Crawford

Here we go again

Personally I would rather have Russell trying (but probably failing) to play Bill rather than put up with to Dennis Learys existence.

Personally I think Hicks would be pissing himself laughing at people getting upset about who plays him in a film. Tis a pity he isn't around as he would have had so much material concerning Bush II (the sequel).

Perhaps the world (particularly the US & UK) need to be reminded of how angry we should be, and if that takes Mr Crowe then so be it.

@Hud you need to broaden your horizons, theres a couple of decent books about Hicks which may put him in perspective

Sad, because he is gone, when we needed him more than ever

Three-alarm fire bakes Apple facility

Rob Crawford


It's a good bob they whernt using iSmokealarm otherwise it may have lost all it's emergancy services contact numbers

Rob Crawford

oh I forgot

Why has no key said "Bill did it"

Or all the fanboys on flights to Redmond to exact revenge ?

I do hope that Winalaem is up to the job.

Chinese net censors unblock BBC, Wikipedia

Rob Crawford

Re: reporters arnt techs

That's why media companys employ IT and Comms staff.

So the reporter double clicks on Cisco VPN Client and after several abortive attempts they manage to enter their username, PIN# and the 6 digit code on their Secure ID token.

If they're not using some form of VPN then it makes you wonder how they got to China in the 1st place as it must be a real cheap company

All too often I was the poor bugger who had to argue with drunken sports reporters that their name was jsmith and not jsmQn€Ath as they where actually typing

Dutch boffins clone Oyster card

Rob Crawford

@paul fox

But remember in this world everything is ignored unless it is demonstrated either by an academic or a TV reporter

Rob Crawford

Regarding authentication

It's also unlikely that cards are immediately authenticated against the database on bus journeys. also I assume that the inspectors also accept the cards contents at face value.

I vaguely remember TfL claiming that they wanted to allow the Oyster card to be useable for small transactions in newsagents and the like, which would make such an attack more interesting. As I doubt that every contactless transaction would be authenticated at purchase time in smaller shops.

Where the attack interests me is cloning other peoples cards, and it's the geneuine owner whos card gets disabled the next day. How many cards could a small team disable in one day ?

Before anybody says that you can't write a new serial number to one of these cards, remember it dosn't have to be a genuine chip in a card, just something that behaves like an original and has the visual appearence of a real card.

I'm sure there are plenty of far east manufacturers who will produce a card that looks like a Oyster card but with custom internals.

Rob Crawford
Paris Hilton

@ Pete

> Are TfL going to ignore the researchers, ask them how they did it before the papers are published, or attempt to sue them for breaking into their systems and DDoSing one of their gates?

Yes, NO and probably (in that order.)

@ Jolyon Ralph

Long time no see Comrade

Paris, cos even she makes more sense than TfL

The war on photographers - you're all al Qaeda suspects now

Rob Crawford

I'm also glad to have left Canary Wharf

I'm 9 months away from Canary Wharf and it took me to be back in Belfast to realise how oppressive London (so called) security is.

It's not terribly effective, just oppressive and pointless (staff are often aggressive into the bargin.)

eg. no waste bins in the city of London, what does that serve ?

1 : Bombers are perfectly happy just to set down a carrier bag, rucksack or box between parked cars or in the middle of the pavement and walk away.

2: Suicide bombers detonate bombs while carrying them.

3: Explosive filled bicycle frame (et la Warrington.) Have you ever seen a bicycle being searched or the police even stop a cyclist (I wish they would stop the fuc**rs that ride on the pavement & through red lights)

All we see is pointless decisions that make no difference, but allegedly inspire public confidence (yeah right)

Why are so many of these security people afraid of learning from events which have already occured ?

Oh for the bin solution why not :

Instead of removing the bins, just make the openings a suitable size to prevent large objects from being put into them, with a weakened top joint so any blast from a smaller object would be directed straight up.

Rob Crawford

Even the failed McDonalds employees are at it

I was chalanged by a security jobsworth in Canary Wharf for taking a photo of the tower as I thought my kids would be interested in the window cleaners at work all the way up there.

Apparently I was commiting a terrorist offence (according to Mr Minimum Wage) and I was going to be arrested and also banned from the area !

He was less than happy when I pointed at the 20 (Japanese) tourists who where taking photos of the tower, and when I refused to hand over my camera he got really upset (I suggested that he did not touch me or my property). When his supervisor turned up and the threat of being arrested turned up along with being banned from the area if I did not comply with their orders was once again used.

The issue was finally resolved when I pointed out that I worked in the building in question and my employers would make a a dim view of my being banned from the estate.

However (there is a point) the security staff in Canary Wharf commonly hassle people in the pubs and resturants for taking photos of each other. It's not uncommon to see cameras and phones being taken off customers.

It wouldn't be so bad but the security staff in Canary Wharf refuse to do anything if there is any issues (theyre usually the first to run away from, shop lifters, drunken financial sector workers or a days work).

Mines the one with the camara in the pocket

UK developer trio accused of game plagiarism

Rob Crawford
Jobs Horns

Not wishing to excuse their lazyness or (anything else) but

just to throw this thought into the mix.

They didn't actually include the 3D models or raw textures in the game but an representation of the textures and models.

The screen shots used only really existed on their own machines (in theory) that rendering of that frame only took place due to players actions within the game.

Sort of at best it could be argued that they only included a representation of another publishers game without permission. Perhaps in that thase they may be able to argue some form of "fair use"

Graphically though the game bust have been a real dogs dinner.

Anyway I have other trouble to cassuse now ;)

Why Jobs ?

No doubt he will sue as it's his role to steal other peopls ideas and pass them off has Apples own unique revolution

Plasma TV components applied to password cracking

Rob Crawford


Chuck can roundhouse kick encrypted data so hard the key falls out

Coldplay in digital and vinyl giveaway

Rob Crawford

@David H

I remember the phrase "Only a fool keeps on doing the same thing and expects something different to happen"

Coldplay keep on going into the studio (fill in the rest yourself)

I don't deny that from all acounts they are very nice chaps, but thats nothing to do with making music.

It's bland pap (no I didn't mean to type pop), with non specific lyrics. Actually pan pipes sums up the utter blandness of their 'product' and "banging techno tunes" although crap would atleast be something to react against

Sorry !

Mines the one made out of peanut butter & raw meat (formally owned by a Mr I Pop)

Rob Crawford

Brilliant I'm off to get it

or perhaps not, I guess they have been very green in the constant recycling of blandness.

Even their lyrics are so non specific they could be applied to anything (therby also being very green).

Sigh, they may be very nice people but clould they please grow some testicles before offering any more of their wares

Microsoft's 'Vista Capable' appeal thrown out

Rob Crawford

Strikes me

that much of the whinging is coming from 3 directions

1: Opportunists

2: People who bought a machine and but don't have a clue (shown by the fact that anybody with a modicum of knowledge won't touch a newly released MS operating system)

3: Fanboys who where dissapointed (actually overlap with point 2)

Nope I'm not an Apple, Linux, BSD or AmigaDOS fanboy

Aussie gov to treat laser pointers like knives and guns

Rob Crawford
Gates Horns


I totally agree with you, though personally I suggest a deep sea swimming lesson (with an anvil leashed to their ankle) as a more interesting option.

In my part of the world there has been several very severe injurys and a death on the one section of road alone (one of which is less than 100 meters from a police station). I don't understand how they manage it.

If goverment have to ban laser pointers then surely theu also have to ban the 15M candle power lamps too (came across one guy who had 2 sitting in his rear windscreen to dazzle people who didn't turn off full beam on country roads).

Almost anything is dangerous in the wrong hands <SIGH>

Personally I believer that most of us could manage more damage with a pen or pencil than the average terrorist with a box cutter. Happily very few of us are that unleasant.

It's all Bills fault today

Rob Crawford

It's not that

a green laser is more powerful than a red, it's that the human eye is more sensitive to the green wavelength (also water vapour in the air effects red more)

Where I live I am more worried about a concrete block passing through my windscreen (thrown from from a motorway bridge) than a laser pointer being pointed at me

Dead wife contacts Lancs man via SMS

Rob Crawford

Possibly the

SMS messages say "I'm not dead get me out of here"

Still I wish my phone has such a good standby time !

And as soon as I read the description I thought "yeah it's definately sleep paralysis" It's been documented through almost every society as the old hag, alien abductions and ghosts.

US allows visual inspections of nipple rings

Rob Crawford

Err sorry folks

I'm quite surprised that google showed images on the search, so please apologise to your network admin on my behalf, and whatever you do don't search for "Princes Wand" as that is just too damn wierd

However on a slightly more serious the complaint isn't about proving what the metal was, but that the security morons actions. Why should she take them out, would removing them improve security on the flight ?

Yeah if you wish to be asked to prove what the detected metal item is then sure wear PTFE. But that wasn't the issue. There are moronic security staff everywhere, but this sounds like they where just trying to be akward for the sake of it and need to be made aware that it is simply not good enough.

If it requires an ambulance chaser to get then job done then so be it, you arn't going to use a lawyer that dosn't get results.

It's my choice to have a piercing and I would display the offending piece of metal to security staff should the need arise, but I would not be happy about being forced to remove it becasue somebody on minimum wage has nothing better to do with their time (or feels outraged that I should be such a corrupt individual).

What next you can't fly with metal zips on your trousers and your trousers are to be confiscated ?

Rob Crawford

If El Reg is willing to pay

for the flight I am perfectly happy to upset the monobrow security staff with my apadravya (PAs are foe whimps)

Man webcams butt in Burnout Paradise prang rage

Rob Crawford

Parental Filters or not


I have a certain amount of filtering on my sons XBox Live accoiunt, even then assholes sneak through, you know the sort of thing friend of a friend.

However it's one thing to mutter ffs when you get beaten, but it's another thing when it comes to a stream of abuse, active bullying (by inviting mates around to kill one particular player), or kicking a player becasue they are better thn you.

I have played games (card, RPGs & board games) ehere particular people tip the table over and accuse everybody of cheating cos theyre not winning.

Online it's no differrent and those individuals should be banned from any service where their behavour is unacceptable.

As I said before

Rob Crawford

@Ben James

OK so your mate shows his arse to you, thats great in a closed game between mates.

But lets face it why should I have to look at some morons arse because he dosn't like getting beaten.

FFS he is the one that needs to grow up not the 12 year old boy that dared to beat him, or the lads father that objects to his son seeing a baboons arse

If somebody did that to my son, I would quite happily persue MS till the ban the twat from Xbox Live

Plus he was probably facing the wrong direction to play the game properly

Nine Inch Nails cracks net distribution (maybe)

Rob Crawford

@Graham Bartlett

Indeed it is now possible to turn a good profit through live shows. At 20 bloody quid for a tribute band I should hope that they can turn a profit ;)

However that is relatively recent (15 years or so) for the most part tours where loss making, and where a nessicary evil to promote the new release.

I'm just glad that people are trying to squeeze some of the parasites out of the business


I liked the Lily Allen & Kate Nash comment, indeed shit floats. However as I seem to remember both those (so called) artists had their record companys sitting in stealth mode for a long time before they ever became known. I remember their 'internet gigs' costing a huge amount which was quietly funded by the record companys.

Considering the family connections Ms Allen has with the music industry Blur, Guy Pratt (and many others) I would be very surprised if there was ever a point where a record company wasn't involved.

Rob Crawford

Goodluck to Reznor

Firstly I will point out that the artists are paid an advance that covers all recording, packaging, video and promotional costs. This is then paid back from the pitiful royality rates that the artists are paid.

The record company who claims the lions share of the keeps all that money as profit. This in turn leaves the band/artist in debt to the record company. The majority of bands break up and go back to working on the building site, allowing the companys to hang on to the profits while the ex members fight with each other about who got the money.

Additionally the record industry dislike even paying the artists their royalitys and payments often come in over 10 years late. For every recording artist with a Porche theres 20 record company execs with Ferraris.

I would suggest that anybody who claims that the Music Biz does anything for artists read Roger McGuinns (founder of the Byrds) presentation to the US congress @ http://bigpicture.typepad.com/comments/2005/03/is_there_an_ups.html

Or search for Andy Partridges (of XTC) experience of the record companys deliberately not even paying the pitiful royalitys owed to the bands

Any artist signed to a record company will tell you a similar story. I want the majority of the money I pay for an artists material to go to the artist as they are the ones that do the work and take the risks.

Any artist that makes money usually makes it from the broadcast and publishing rights.

Security boffins unveil BitUnlocker

Rob Crawford

After watching the vid and reading the original article

I was pretty impressed with the spray duster method to ensure transfer the RAM into another (suitable machine).

Firstly with a fully encrypted filesystem and the joys of virtual memory and all the fun (modern) OS stuff, I doubt that you would be able to reliably dump the encryption keys from RAM and have the machine come back up reliably (Windows is unreliable enough), the same goes for hibernate.

Telling the encryption app to only cache the key for a few minutes isn't much use on a fully encrypted HD as there will be files open on the drive, and process running (and using the drive while you are away from it)

With the PGP disk function, it only clears the key if there are NO files open on that volume. How often for example does windows leave a file handle open (The answer is too often).

As I didn't get a chance to point out (cos I'm supposed to do some work during the day) It's easy enough to get enough time with a laptop, due to the batterys in the thing (and 2 or 3 seconds with a decent pair of cutters removes any tethering)

It's all down to users using their machines properly in the 1st place

I remember demonstrating RAM fade on a Sinclair Spectrum, by constantly resetting the R register to disable RAM refresh way back in 1983 (I'm sad enough to still have the source code written down somewhere)

Rob Crawford

To Anon quickly rebooting

Who Says it boots into windows to recover the keys ?

Disable booting from USB, even better would be enabling the bios password so the machine wouldn't boot.

Though with my experience of users that would be way too simple, they would rather boast about the encryption they just had to install becasue theyre such important people

Students win appeal against cyberjihad convictions

Rob Crawford

From: Sometimes I worry

I dislike anything that compares the Nazi reigime with anything (cept Stalin era Russia or Pol Pot in Cambodia).

As I said I disagree with all this forbidden information, as I reserve the right to read and think for myself, and no doubt will also be in serious trouble if this UK ID card shit ever goes live, cos I ain't going to carry one

@ Shakje : I agree with much of what you say, however with the French resistance (for example) can at least claim to have some morals. If the IRA (for example) had carried out such a policy there would have been a lot more people alive, any sensible proposals thay made may have actually been listened to, and the Loyalist terrorists would have almost no platform to try and justify their atrocitys.

@ AC that starts off with "I do.."

Becasue something was in the past dosn't make it right, but as far as I am aware most of the human race is trying to move foreward, perhaps you should help it by being quiet.

@ dimitrov : I think the point was that if this individual departed from this plane of existance while trying to be come a terrorist it woudn't be a great loss. Not that it was ok for him to kill others overseas

@marda : Try intended targets, no the US/UK didn't actively target cleaners unlike the terrorists, that killing some cleaners is a great victory

Guerilla can be taken both ways, with terrorist the hint is in the word terror, the intent is to cause terror in the general population. As for squaddirs I have met excellent ones and complete arses. And have seen several killed while clearing civillians during car bombings (unlike members of IRA, INLA, UDA, FARC BM, jihadists, Red Brigade, ANO, JRA, Shining Path, RUF, ETA, Tamil Tigers)

Terrorists are not in the business of progress, they are in the terror business. If they wanted to change things setting themselves on fire in public places would be much more effective. But you don't get personal power doing things like that.

I truely hope that you never live on the receiving end of terrorism, by that I mean sustained bombings, murders, torture and their assorted fundraising activitys (protection rackets, prostotution, drugs et al).

I have lived through it and therefore have a somewhat intolerant view of such activitys

Oh yes I suppose I should add an insult, but really I just hope that you never manage to polute the gene pool (or indeeed get the opportunity to attempt the process)

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon

Rob Crawford


Hans, it sounds like you live somewhere really nice with lots of social inclusion (so please be quiet or go on a voyage of discovery)

Don't lecture me about the teenagers / thug debate, I have spent more than enough time working both as a mentor on voluntary projects, in schools and for prisoners welfare organisations. I know the difference between teenager a thug and somebody who has made some mistakes.

Errr, why would I want my kids hanging around outside of a shop or takeaway food place for long periods? Yes I do remember my teenage years BTW

Actually I have often had to put up with considerably worse than a waterballoon in the face or being told that I'm old (ohhhh the latter scares me so much I dont sleep anymore) I would much rather be stabbed outside the local kebab shop instead (sole route from the DLR station to where I lived)

I ended up with 3 cracked ribs, 2 missing teeth and a cop telling me it was my own fault for walking to the shops @ 15:30 on a Saturday afternoon. Apparently I should have known better !

He then tried to arrest the 3 West Indian kids that had rescued me. The kicking I received was on the pavement right outside the police station the cop had been trying not to exit.

Oh that was so much better than a water balloon or being told I'm old (though it's much better than being as stupid as you obviously are)

As for the staff in McDonalds (some kids I have worked with (my own time and expense) are indeed working there) and could quite easily complain under health & safety @ work legislation.

I suggest that you spend some time in a not so nice area, or better still open a business in one and try a dose of real life.

The mosquito is not a solution to the problem of thugs that are practically immune to the law (until they kill somebody), but business owners and private citizens have to do something. Considering normal people can get arrested (stabbed, shot or beaten) for telling them to bugger off what is your solution oh wise one ?

Just heard (about 10 minutes ago) that one of the thugs that assulted my son has been sent to an adventure weekend as punishment ( 3 other assults where taken into account including a 12 year old girl & a police woman) now theres justice for you. Ah well thats me sleeping a bit more soundly

BTW: I notice many of the anti mosquito (and cat scarer) lobby seem to enjoy the threats of violence.

Rob Crawford

Wait till you apologists are on the wrong end of a chavs limited IQ

At 44 I can still hear the buggers, however after after being on the wrong end of 2 unprovoked assults (got glassed in one case), my 12 year old son being attacked (ended up with concussion) and his mate (aged 13) ended up with a broken nose and fractured cheek, and my old daughters friend (then aged 12) ending up in an ICU when some chavs took his phone and decided that they hadn't taken enough.

I am prepared to put up with the mosquitos, yeah it's annoying but if I can put up with it for the few minutes it takes me to buy something I don't mind too much. Or that my wife and kids not have to eun a gauntlet every time they go into the local garage.

As for those who apologise for the little sh1tes who hang around drinking buckfast and tesco larger, saying that they have nothing to do. Possibly if the little feckers learnt to read and had a little imagination they would find something more useful to do.

The cops don't do a thing when a shop keeper (or member of public) complains that there is a threatening group outside of a shop.

Sociologists: Studying engineering turns you into a terrorist

Rob Crawford

@ Tetchy by anon

Just because religion may be important to you dosn't mean everybody has the same little mind set.

I'm just grumpy that I have to do something useful to get paid

Rob Crawford
Paris Hilton


Lets face if if I was going to recrute a terrorist, I would choose somebody with a few practictal abilitys rather an a fecking sociologist who would want to drink lattes and write a paper about it

Yet another attempt by the chattering classes try to discredit people who actually are attempting to be of some practical use.

May of the terrorists are engineers because they see some practical use for engineering within the country they hail from (or aspire to live in)

Sociologists, the Paris Hiltons of acedemia

Michael Bay to relive A Nightmare on Elm Street

Rob Crawford
Thumb Down

If it ain't broke,

Then let Bay direct it and it soon will be.

Why do thay actually let him make films, my cat could do a better job

Ryanair incurs wrath of Sarko the Terrible

Rob Crawford
Black Helicopters

No doubt

the Frence special forces are on their way to teach Ryanair a lesson.

I do hope they don't have an aircraft called Rainbow Warrior

'Wii workout' for overweight pupils plan slammed

Rob Crawford

Would get more exercise if

they where running around the retailers trying to buy a Wii.

Though it may constitue a cruel and unusal punishment, that opens the kids up to ridicule from Game store staff

Oz organ recipient changes blood group

Rob Crawford

Hope I wasn't included in the dimwit factor

even though I forgot that a blood transfusion would be required for the operation (DOH !) and even if somehow they had mixed up the Rh factor, and even though she survived all that. Being able to stop taking the immuno supressant drugs is a pretty huge thing

As for the maths claiming 6 billion to one or not, who cares.

If the details are correct then it may give a much better long term future for transplant recipiants.

Rob Crawford

Surely then

if it was a mixup over her original blood group it still dosn't account for being able to take her off the immuno supressant drugs ?

MP accuses BBC chief of illegally championing Microsoft

Rob Crawford

Flash aaha savour of the universe

Most people with half a brain (or less) know that streams are easily downloaded (I prefer the term archived). Project managers and IT staff in my last employer (a large media group) where shocked that I could capture streams. "But we thought streams where safe from copying" so why would programme producers and accountants be any differerent.

The people weare talking about media types, accountants, legal bods and people who think the public need more cookery programmes. If the flash stream is removed after 7 days availability then as far as they are concerned the content has expired, and is gone forever.

Why is a file on the internet differnt from a captured freeview stream ?

Because even media types, can click a download link, but to copy from a HD recorder to a computer and then onto the internet is strange arcane knowledge that few people have (from their viewpoint)

Yeah stupid but true, it's a pigs ear of a system, why did the flash system turn up, because kontiki was shit and people didn't use it. It wasn't open source advocates, or mac users. Cold hard visitor numbers did it.

Rob Crawford



I indeed owe you an apology as at the end of a double shift (and a couple of additional hours waiting for clearence on a fault) I managed to merge 2 or 3 comments into one (and attribute them to you). I was badly off track (plus somebody stole my crack pipe), and wish I could blame it on drunken ramblings

However (theres aways one) due to the Groundhog Day nature of this thread some of the questions I have been wondering about for quite some time.

Frank Bough,

Unfortunitly the owners of the programmes would damn the bbc for streaming MPEG4 across the internet. Without content the player would be of no earthly purpose to anybody.

It's a waste and shame that the BBC produced their own (apparently clean) streaming (and for expedience DRM equipped) system, and then had to abandon it.

I'm sure there was questions asked along the lines of :

Why did you write such a system when there is already existing ones already in existence

Why are you paying these developers and researchers when you could buy a ready made one and save R&D money

Can you prove that it will be better (read cheaper) than the already available options ?

I'm also sure that it was somebody employed by HM goverment was doing the asking, as the UK goverment has actively discouraged R&D in the UK for decades. They would much rather have the UK economy based on banking and the service industry.

The BBC are always asked to cut costs, hence the number of repeats, outside productions, outsourced IT, dumbed down science programmes, no doubt it was easier be seen (by accountants) as cutting costs by buying in the product from M$. Hence I believe that the BBC are damned no matter what route they choose

I know the option I would prefer, no OS / browser / plugin / DRM / time restrictions but that ain't going to happen in the short term. Until some form of viable service (with outside producers onboard) for the mainstream internet user turns up there will be nothing worth viewing.


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