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€25k for an old Nokia handset?

Rob Crawford

Well if they want

an 1100 they can have the one in my desk drawer for a much more reasonable price

Microsoft supplies Interpol with DIY forensics tool

Rob Crawford

The Met

Will their USB stick come with an integrated baton, cos it would be demeaning to the officer to be seen beating people with a little ole memory stick

Lloyd-Webber calls for clampdown on ISPs

Rob Crawford

I didnt think the over 70 demographic into P2P so whats he worrying about ?

the wierd faced freak is probably upset that nobody is sharing his bland, obvopus saccharin sweet pap.

Yeah it's obvious that Lloyd-Webber is a strange jellyfish / alien hybrid

How gov scapegoats systems for man-made errors

Rob Crawford

@Anonymous Coward Friday 3rd April 2009 08:19 GMT


you are an arse or think you are Jimmy Carr (which amounts to the same thing)

Conficker botnet remains dormant - for now

Rob Crawford

@Chris C

Finjan provide a sandboxing (& profiling) solution for corporates (or people with a hell of a lot of money.)

However it costs money (and should really have somebody to look after it too)

Florida cops taser satnav lake plunge woman

Rob Crawford


Looks lie too many of you where doing the desktop equivalent of following their satnav blindly.

eBay put Skype on iPhone 'to boost price of NSA backdoor'

Rob Crawford
Black Helicopters

OK then

how many april fool stories are we going to get today.

NSA servers in China, well really, I would have suggested somewhere more plausable.

Grey squirrels invade Nutt house

Rob Crawford

Typical of Lisburn council

If only she lived in Nutts Corner (near Belfast International airport) we could have mocked her situation even more.

NYC granny shoots mugger with .357 Magnum

Rob Crawford


/me confused !

How would the landlord be responsible for this ?

Busted! Conficker's tell-tale heart uncovered

Rob Crawford

@AC 23:49

Sorry ! you used the phrase real programming language and VB in the same posting, you really should stop being so silly !

Python (& other UNIX originated) scripting languages get the job done with the minimum of

fuss, if you have the language (shell) installed it works. Unlike the joys of recompiling for every platform, processor (there are other archetectures other than Intel) and even OS revisions as the average C programmer has to suffer.

Personally I don't think it's too much to ask a windows admin to be able install Python and run a couple of scripts. Though to be honest I would expect most admins to access to a UN*X or Linux machine these days.

I'm not a linux or un*x snob / fanboi BTW but I don't believe in putting all my eggs in one basket.

The windows mindset is why several companys I worked for used UNIX systems in the 1st place. It prevented somebody with a machine at home thinking that they had the capability ot fix a server issues.


Yeah I know theres shed loads of really piss poor UNIX admins (you know who you are).


Yeah I have been known to even lower myself to use WSH on windows when I want to automate something (eg when iTunes destroys my library yet again)

Deadfish iPhones send users into deep freeze

Rob Crawford

Ahhhh right

that may accont for the issues which I have been having with my iPod touch for the last few weeks.

Apple sued over iPhone e-bookiness

Rob Crawford

Not normally an Apple supporter

but I hope that Mr Jobbs & co stomp all over them.

ID cards not compulsory after all, says Home Office

Rob Crawford

6 years till

I need to renew my passport, I guess this time around I will be getting an Irish passport.

For the 1st time in my life I have derived some benefit from being born in Belfast.

But how long until renewing your driving licence involves signing up for an ID card :(

Aussie ISP pulls out of firewall trial

Rob Crawford


Err I hate to say this but such individuals tend to amongst the 2nd wave to drift to less traceable methods of accessing their material. With the 1st being us 'normal people' who simply value their privacy. You know the wierd sorts who prefer their bills to be inside envelopes to prevent strangers from reading stuff addressed to us.

The great firewall idea doesn't work and anybody with 1/3rd of a clue knows this already. But the stated reason for the blacklisting (and the only one with a vaguely sensible reason for existing) is to stop people from accidently browsing those sites. I won't get into the whole thing of goverment control of information.

The kiddie porn freaks have long since been tunneling (and using p2p) long before any great firewalls or national monitoring systems have been implemented. They may be sick puppies but they (on the whole) aint as dumb as rocks.

iPhone 3.0 beta reveals mixed blessing

Rob Crawford

Theyre here

Didn't take long for the saddos to turn up and complain that El Reg isn't asking Apple to have it's babies.

Lets try again,

Some app developers will be losing their revenue stream (who apart from a complete mentalist) would pay for something that is now already built in (though I should suspect that paying customers REALLY SHOULD be less than happy as these things should have been there from first release).

The fine folks at The Reg even pointed out that their favourite keyboard app (which has it's own way of doing things) should be quite from a sales slump after Apples update.

Strangely the app devs may not be happy abpout this situation.

I mean how hard to you people work to find something to complain about ?

Alien becasue the fanboi concept is totally alien to me

Ofcom slaps Bristol radio for uncoolness

Rob Crawford


It's not hard to find new music on the radio, but it is hard to find new music that isn't Urban (whatever that is), RnB (the fake modern stuff), generic boy / girl bands or misriable indy acts.

Theres a lot of new music but you dont' get hearing it.

Boffins breed new programming race

Rob Crawford

Whats with

all the fecking cats in the examples ?

Jeez thats all I need is a multitude of lol cat apps to depress me.

Hey Jolyon you gonna do a sine scroller with Scratch ?

Rob Crawford


Bloody typical, if linux aint at the top of the list with the flashing lights saying here I am there is a fecking sulking competition (which admitedly is usually the preserve of the Mac community)

http://info.scratch.mit.edu/Linux_installer look a bit harder next time

Seriously though it should have been listed on the first page of the download section.

Anything that encourages a new generation has to be a good thing

UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood

Rob Crawford
Black Helicopters


getting rid of the useless members of staff independant of gender & age would be a better idea.

Oh no that unfair on the useless third wouldn't it !

Inside the world's greatest TV remote

Rob Crawford

Purpose ?

the though of actually having a conversation in a pub, without being interrupted by some deaf half wit that turns the TV to a football match or MTV and then turn the volume up full quite appeals to me.

Especially when the staff ignore the ferral football fan and say things like well hes a customer too (meaning hes a thug and can do anything he wants)

MPs told PGP 'incompatible' with Parliament network

Rob Crawford

I think a better phrase is

our network is incompatable with PGP.

Only recent versions of PGP redirect the mail through a proxy and even then thats only for corporate installs where there are key servers.

That is not nessicary if you posess the recipiants public key. Just click on the PGP tray icon and choose Encrypt current window. It is (also) perfectly normal to encrypt an attachment and then attach the encrypted version, just as it is possible right.

To AC @13:32 GMT you are confusing VPN with mail servers.

The VPN only encrypts the connection (well a few other things too), but it DOSNT block attachments, thats what the policy on the mail server does.

I would have used the Icon for "May contain ... degree level" but I don't want to be associated with being wrong

Child porn suspect ordered to decrypt own hard drive

Rob Crawford

I find it a bit rich

hearing all this talk about how you are protected against self incrimination in the US when innocent people are forced to plead guilty to lesser charges.

Wether it be due to over stretched public defenders telling innocents

1: To take the deal cos they dont have the resources to mount a proper defence

2: Stating you may be innocent but you will be found guilty and they will go harder on you becasue you fought the charges.

This seems to apply to UK residents, if you fight extridition you will be found guilty (see the Nat West 3 or that prat Gary McKinnon)

Seems the roghts only really apply if you are white and have money

Conficker variant dispenses with need to phone home

Rob Crawford


You have unusually high expectations off the average user.

Having been in the IT industry since the early 80s I can assure that the average user is the laziest and most facile creature on earth.

They want everything done for them.

But hey yeah lets blame microsoft it's easier than actually doing anuthing.

Gadget-buying Taliban 5th column in Blighty - shock!

Rob Crawford


Aboub 3 years ago 2 cops tried to arrest me in the TCR branch of maplins for buying bomb making equipment

What did I buy a fecking pair of wirecutters, who phoned them a bloody Iranian shop assistant who told the cops that an Irish terrorist was buying bomb making equipment

It was the same day as I was mugged in the TCR and the cops refused to attend cos I could not prove that I had been mugged in the 1st place (they turned negative when I mentioned that they eastern Europeans)

Barcelona pickpocket swipes Microsoft secrets?

Rob Crawford
Black Helicopters


the 'pickpocket' myateriously left the phone at exactly the same bar and indeed the same table that the executive had been sitting at only minutes earlier.

Or was it the same taxi ?

Cynical moi !

Apple sued over iPhone smooth scrolling

Rob Crawford


The term is prior art, even I came up with that method a considerably period before 1990

Not only is there prior art it was obvious and as I remember patients have to be "non obvious or novel"

This was neither

Rob Crawford

Talk ablut living under a bridge and waiting for the billygoats gruff

That was the standard screeen scrolling on the Amiga (ahh the joys of blitter mod values) and just about every other machine (till gfx cards got too much horsepower).

If they want prior art, I can offer my old source disc (if they have survived living in a garage and several attics for the last 20 years)

Apple fights iPhone unlocking (again)

Rob Crawford

@Anonymous Coward Posted Monday 16th February 2009 06:05 GMT

Why did you point us at a site where a so called developer has obviously obviously stopped taking their medication !

The app claims it has been cracked becasue it's running on a jailbroken iPhone.

Your own claim is like saying that everybody who has a harddrive, internet connection or removable media is a pirate, because what other reason would you have for owning them.


You are just making excuses for apple please be quiet, most EULAs would not hold up in court.

How about an ISP who dosn't allow you to transmit the letter Q becasue it may interfear with your user experience.

It's twaddle and you know it.

For the rest,

The majority of the worlds population don't all live in the US with the badly draughted DCMA legislation.

MS puts up $250K bounty for Conficker author

Rob Crawford


Considering that the guys who originally started the whole UNIX thing off didn't have sales & marketing depts yammering in their ears about focus groups and the user experiance, etc it's no surprise that it was a decent system to build upon.

Just an observation though where are the apple fanboys ?

Man robs convenience store with Klingon sword

Rob Crawford


Kahless the Unforgettable, damn I forgot about him

Competition regulator kyboshes Project Kangaroo

Rob Crawford

fecking arse hats

Perhaps if I didn't have to buy a another bloody ugly box from Virgin or Sky, with all the associated monthly fees then perhaps we would be comparing like with like.

However I have a couple of PCs in the house and I don't want Sky or Virgin on demand.

So wheres my one stop on demand TV without having a machine dedicated to each of BBC, ITV & C4 ?

Superworm seizes 9m PCs, 'stunned' researchers say

Rob Crawford

@ mark

We had several patched machines that where infected and it wasn't from removiable media.

Up till Monday we where still seeing the AV popping up every few hours saying that the inefction had been cleaned. That's after the registery was fully cleaned and the patches where checked (yet again) though things have ben San since then

You may want to disagree but it dosnt change reality

Rob Crawford


Do you want to try reading the worm description again ?

No the aurorun feature is no the only attack vector.

1: is a overflow compromise in windows

2: by network shares

3: aurorun

Rob Crawford

STFU girls

FFS grow up no one OS fits all, have you not learnt that by now.

IF 90% of desktop machines where basised on a single linux distribution you would be suffering the same as the windows crowd are now.

Oh Mario, if you think you are secure why don't you have a go at posting a public address for your machine, and see how long it stays clean.

Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, OSX, VMS or even VME they all have holes and always will, it's just weight of numbers means that it's windows machines that get all the attention pais to them.

Grow up.

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

Rob Crawford

@ac who posted @ 16:06

Let's be honest of you want to use a Linux distribution it helps to actually helps if you are computer literate.

Sadly very few web designers are computer literate most are like secratarys, sub editors or cad tech they simply use the applications they are provided with. Some understand how to make the best use of a particular browser. Some even understand what is happening on their web servers.

But very few have any more knowledge than the average home user, unfortunitly even programmers are heading in the same direction :(

Rob Crawford

Oh Dear

Seems to me that there is too much <insert favoured OS> is better than <insert disliked OS>

Lets see comparing buying a PC with buying a car.

I hate to say this but people tend to know if they are heading for a petrol, Diesel, LPG or Electric powered vehicle, that was a pretty poor comparason.

It is not wasy to buy an Ubuntu machine from Dell, try it, you have to ignore all the windows machines, and ignore the "this machine dosn't have MS Windows" warnings.

If you want to run MS Office the it does actually tell you that you require Windows on the packaging, as (I'm pretty sure) will the specs for her internet connection.

Sadly it was her who ignored all the requirements that the machine should meet, when it comes down to it if you don't know what you are doing then "ask somebody who does know"

Before condemning the Dell helpdesk too much I wonder if she was able to tell them what the issues where or wether she ust said "It dosn't say Windows when I start up"

I'm no fan of Dell TS, but for the most part they have been OK (and their engineers which have attended site have been excellent for the most part)

'Kidnapped' child tracked by mobile phone and Street View

Rob Crawford
Thumb Up


I think the hint may be in the word "Guardian"

Personally if I was the guardian of a kid and a relative of the chile was visiting, and said that I wouldn't be seeing the child again I would probably not let them leave the house with the child in the 1st place.

It may be a simple story, but it is a case of somebody doing the right thing.

iPlayer finally makes friendly with Mac and Linux

Rob Crawford

In the current economic climate

It's good to see that the victims of ritual self abuse can still manage to make their bleating herd (sic)

Really children stop whinging, it's there for Linux and the other one

If you don't like it then go back to your crayons or combing you teeth (or whatever you do when you army broadcasting nulls)

Customs warns of killer consoles

Rob Crawford

Are they

truely fakes or are they like Levi jeans et al, the full product but destined for the far eastern market ?

Lego terrorist threatens democracy

Rob Crawford

I want one

and I want it now

Sergey Brin descends from Mount Sinai with Android API

Rob Crawford

I should know better but

I will join in anyway.

It is trivial to create a windows based application, hundreds of thousands of apps prove this.

Unfortunatly the majority of which are pretty, crap cos they where knocked out by point & click merchants who think they are developers. same as there are very few people I would count as web developers, the majority (sadly) are web monkeys, as is shown by the huge amount of redundant crap in the web pages.

The majority of self styled Windows devleopers just string MS API calls together and sprinkle some of little of their own code throughout the app. (though it's not only MS world who are guilty of this). However to get produce something decent you actually need more than the point & click mindset that so many are inflicted with.

Yes I have coded for Windoze, with C++, Delphi and even some kludges (and user interface mockup) with VB. I even did some stuff in assembler becasue I objected to visual C producing a 1.5 meg file simply to change mac address values from Catos to IOS formats (sub 2K was a var better size).

Just my tuppence

Apple ups the ante in Psystar battle

Rob Crawford

Gulfie war syndrome ?


are you one of Websters alternate personalies ?

Don't you understand the term "deliberately hobbled" the Intel macs are standard machines using whoevers chipset (I'm sure that varies throughout the year) OSX is simply doctored so it won't run inless it finds some form of Apple branding in there.

There is no REAL reason apart from the following statement :

OSX is the only way Apple can sell their over priced and mediocre hardware to any appreciable number of people

> You don't hear people crying out for HP-UX or VMS on their machines.

Err thats becasue those ran on propriety hardware. When I worked on DEC Alpha boxes you had VMS, NT or several U*IX or Linux variants. Personally I always wanted a version of VME that ran on PC hardware

As for "Apple shouldn't be forced to allow OSX on other platforms." Well then THEY SHOULDNT SELL IT TO PEOPLE IN THE 1ST PLACE. Make it free (as indeed it was in the past) with the hardware, and simply charge for updates (and having to provide your macs serial number to prove you are actually a mac owner)

As for stability issues, having worked in the publishing industry for 16 years, all I can say is that OSX is OK but not fantastic, but having lived through OS 7, 8 & 9 I would say that Apple have no proven track record on that score.

They also have a remarkable number of DOAs when kit is delivered compared with the likes of Dell & HP (we are talking about deliveries of 250+ machines)

Rob Crawford

See the apple fans run to the pumps

What would happen if MS doctored windoze so it refused to run on Apple branded hardware.

It would result in the cry of unfair business practices by the very people defending Apple in these comments.

Apple Macs are standard PCs with a deliberately hobbled OS (oh sorry the slightly fancy case and apple badge makes all the difference dosn't it).

The Apple OS is written to run on standard Intel machines, previously they could have claimed it was written specifically for their own hardware (back in the Mororola days but not now.)

Making the comparason with properiaty hardware such as phones, microwave ovens or even mobile phones (though the phone market is changing) is just very very silly. As for printers I'm old enough to remember when almost every laser printer was based on the old BX engine and the only difference between printers was the RIP used to rasterise the page.

They use OSX to force people to buy over priced (and usually underspecced PCs)

Plese stop being silly

'I can see dinosaurs from my back porch'

Rob Crawford

My concerns

are that the US with the UK following suit is no longer interested in evidence based conclusions.

Wether it be creationism or the war on terror. As long as somebody believes <insert item of faith> it must be true or perhaps in these times more valid !

<Insert name of diety here> it depresses me

Hands on with the T-Mobile G1

Rob Crawford


Q4 08 is only 7 days away

But then again I suppose we do realise they mean some time mid 09

Labour minister says 14 year olds should get ID cards

Rob Crawford
Black Helicopters

Id only they understood

the phrase

Go fuck yourself

ah well thats the Stazi turning up for me tonight

EFF sues Dubya over warrantless surveillance

Rob Crawford

Bloody Titles

Such US surveliance in the past has been passed US companys to give them an advantage in bidding for contracts (against UK companys). They have justified it under the banner of national security. Where the proper term is actually pronounced "looking after your mates"

The UK spooks have also been known to obtain trasnatlantic communications from their US mates, to save them the bother of obtaining permission for surveliance on this side of the Atlantic.

@AC 6:06

I have the feeling that you are deliberately misunderstanding the point that steve-c was attempting to make.

The point being that either your communications are private or theyre not. If theyre private then goverment (most of all) should be prevented from carrying such intrusion.

@ Webster

OK get back in the box and heres the meds that you missed

The menguin becasue theyre waiting to take over when we least expect it (no I don't mean Linux)

Windows Live third wave washes up

Rob Crawford

re: iToons

Possibly cos iToons spreads itself over a windows install like the plague through medival Europe

iToons is like a fecking rash and is usually closely followed by syphalitic member of the French 17th Century aristocracy.

As opposed to windows usual behavour of a slightly thick member of the Windsor family.

'Idiot' pulls cables, downs ISPs at Telecity

Rob Crawford

Thats what happens when

you allow an NT expert near comms kit

Mobes & pheasants litter London's black cabs

Rob Crawford
Gates Horns


From the last sentance I assume that Heather Mills can still afford her taxi fairs, though I for one didn't know she had false teeth

Devil Bill becasue all the apple fanbois will claim it's Bills fault that people are stupid enough to leave their laptops behind (and twice as guilty when an i product is left behind)


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