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Microsoft gives XP an extra two years to live (kinda)

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A way to dispose of XP

Just call it windows vista lite, and be done with it.

Third time lucky? Google seeks open access in white spaces

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It isn't "white space"!!

It is actually real spectrum, with REAL uses.

The problem with the various "white space" goodies is that in their zeal to function, they WILL interfere with existing broadcast devices. Just because the transmitter can't hear the conflicting unit doesn't mean that a 3rd party won't hear both the real transmitter, and the interfering (white space) transmitter. The whole object of these devices is RANGE so they want to be heard. This means that they will cause interference. There are MANY unlicensed bands to use, the broadcast "white space" isn't one of them. The current use of the UHF tv spectrum (470-700MHz) is getting more crowded because they just sold off the 700-800 MHz part (USA channels 55-69). Given that the channel allocations vary all over our wonderful country, the "white space" devices have NO IDEA where to place their signal in the 230 MHz of bandwidth.

It isn't going to work. Go to 2.4GHz!!

Aussie laser-pointer dazzle attacks on airliners: Bad

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At times these devices are EVIL

A couple of points:

If the pilot can see the ground (airport/runway), then the idiot with the laser pointer can "see" him.

The pointers do spread out a bit, but not that much. The "aimer" (idiot on ground) usually uses a reflection on the windscreen to aim.

While driving on the freeway a couple of years ago (at night!) I had one of these pointed at me. It was VERY distracting, especially since you really don't know what it is, and it is very unexpected).

Everyone should try to drive into the blinding setting sun to have a similar effect. You end up lowering visors, putting up hands, moving papers, anything to get it out of the way. Now do that while landing a plane. Oh wait you weren't told about it in advance.

Counter measures (zapping back) might cure the problem (permanently!).

Oh, another thing, the wavelength (green) is where the eye is most sensitive (so we can tell different vegetation apart from the tasty animals we used to hunt).

Coming up: the fingerprint-grabbing keylogger

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"Are you listening"?

Probably not. It seems they never will!

How an app called WarmTouch nailed a grenade-stockpiling cyber extortionist

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What happens when they apply it to ElReg's stories?

This could get VERY interesting. Have the program scan ALL the stories and catagorize the authors. It might make interesting reading.

The Facebook Initiative – Bill Gates's greatest invention

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Microsoft buying Sun??

Why not buy the ACTUAL Sun? Charge everyone royalties for having sunlight? Isn't that pretty close to what Microsoft is doing now?

You want a sunny day, Microsoft will get you one for a silly fee of $1,000,000 or so. Winter in the northern hemisphere on July 30? No problem, get your governments together and for a small fee (your GNP/10 sounds about right) We'll do it for you. There might be a small delay in releasing "Winter 2.0", but 6 months isn't too bad.

Sounds like a winner!

ISO puts OOXML announcement on ice

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Always a version 2.0

They could modify OOXML to be ODF at version 2.0

Lots of "standards" have morfed in wildly different ways over the years. Then get the same people to "ratify" the mess.

First permitted in-flight mobile call made

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They have gone this far...

Why not just implant a call phone equivalent into everyone (for a fee). It would be biological powered (no need for a battery), and then it could read your mind so you don't need to talk.

It could also be used in place of a fingerprint to identify you for those going through the new terminal at LHR.

Step right up and we'll install one for you.

T5 opening turns into Airplane 3.0

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Airport "security"

Why, why, why don't they have a "security" device that is like one of those moving walkways. It shuffles you through, and if you need more "inspection", you bet pushed into the reject pile. Forget all those metal detectors, and stuff. If they can do it on assembly lines, why not at an airport.

Of course, they could treat every human like baggage and wrap it all up and put it on the carousel only to get lost. Reminds me of a sequence in one of the Airplane movies.

And I'm flying tomorrow.

MPAA copyright punch up knocks out TorrentSpy

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A solution?

Make the torrent itself an index?

Source out the "query" and then have all your peers respond with pointers to the information you want.

No central "authority" to shut down, so the Ass's can't go after it.

Of course, there is the "small matter of programming" that needs to be done, but once it is, look out! Then ComCast and Bell Canada will need to do lots to stop the peer-to-peer sharing.

Its a jungle out there....

Mozilla plugs 10 security holes in Firefox

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Re: Multiple Browsers

While I prefer FF, it is a VERY sad fact of life that some things require IE. In my case, I an required to use this ugly application called Kronos. It is all in Java, and needs to be pacified with IE. Then there are some web pages that only seem to render well in IE as well (IBM's ClearQuest).

Yes, all of these things are stupid for insisting on IE. Me, I grin and bear it.

Bell Canada chokes BitTorrent traffic on someone else's ISP

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Yes, this looks bad, but...

It appears that they are only "throttling" the traffic, not stopping it dead in its tracks and slapping it in the face like ComCast!

Then again I'm not connected to them, so I could be wrong!

But it is still BAD! I suspect that the BitTorrent people will make up a work around, and the Bell Canada people will have a harder time.

Keyboard PC design recalls Amiga era

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What isn't shown...

In the picture is the b*** ugly power module you need. Can't someone get this right. If we are getting a "zero..." goodie, I don't want any other junk. Just a power cord that plugs into the wall. Until then, don't bother me. If I want a screen-less laptop, I'll just yank the screen off the hinges and continue. It has all the ports anyway.

Where is one of those EEEPCs when you need one. Much nicer, cheaper, and comes loaded with the right operating system.

Cue the picture of the model...

Boeing faces jumbo problem over US aerial raygun fleet

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Easy solution...

Just get a WHOLE bunch of battery operated laser pointers, wrap them up with a rubber band, and fly them on a Piper Cub. Wouldn't that do the trick?

I remember when some idiot pointed one at me while driving on the freeway. It REALLY annoyed me.

Spyware 'scammer' sued over PC pop-up invasion

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Washington state needs to go after ALL virus writers

Including the one who is located in their state that supplies the biggest virus of all: Windows!

Mine is the one that is shaped like a flag with four colors.

Vista SP1 customers get free support

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Irony of the moment??

"Under the plan customers can email a special SP1 support address or use online chat.". What happens if Vista is so broken that you can't email, or online chat?

...Keyboard not connected, press F1 to continue....

Of course, you could phone for support, but you might as well have a recording when they ask the same questions over and over again (see older post).

Good luck to all.

Yes! It's the handgun camcorder!

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But no sound recording?

What happens when it records an "accidental" shooting, like in a cockpit of an airplane. I can hear it now:

"Hey Clyde, look at this neat gun I can have."

"You shouldn't play with that <bang> thing. Too late, never mind".

"How do we hide this from the bosses....."

Another star is born. See the Darwin award in living color!

Soot almost as bad as CO2 for global warming

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And maybe a volcano or two

Krakatoa and Mt. St. Helens to name a few. Then again, didn't those block out the sun and cause a longer winter? And there was the "nuclear winter" problem when atomic weapons were more "common". Maybe I've mixed it up a bit, or the "scientists" are wrong? No, couldn't be wrong, that would mean Al Gore was wrong, and we know he is NEVER ("I invented the internet") wrong.

Just walking out the door.....

US government cools on Real ID threats

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I am reminded of a New Hampshire license plate

That says: "Live Free or Die" (it is the state motto). Being as they are one of the renegade states, they might have something. Me, I'm in California, and might see what microwave ovens do to the nasty chip they might put in.

Many options!

DOJ blesses XM/Sirius marriage

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If they merge they should give up ONE of the two groups of channels

So that another competitor can come along. Otherwise, it just won't work. Fine if they want to "merge" but let someone else in the door. It seems only fair.

Than again, local radio is MUCH better (after you throw out the HD [not high definition] crap).

Crystal sets rejoice!

X Prize comes to earth

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Hasn't this already been done?

Back in the "Stone Age" our friend and buddy, Fred Flintstone, had a very fuel efficient vehicle. It ran on foot power so it was VERY fuel efficient (not to mention it may have helped fight obesity).

So, does Hanna-Barbera get the prize??

BOFH: Impatience

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Yes, we all need one, but...

As everyone knows every BOFH started out life as a PFY at one time or another. Therein lies a problem. Yes, we need one, but if they get too much knowledge, the castle coup takes place at some time. It happens when the PFY gets the BOFH (or the pretender to BOFHdom) relieved at some time.

Yes, I was a PFY at one time (it was the 60's). Then I became a BOFH, and then relieved. Changing of bosses, did me in.

SIIA slaps lawsuits on eight eBay Adobe sellers

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Isn't this poor Register form?

Shouldn't the "Software & Information Industry Association" be "Software & Information Industry Ass."?

Of course my feelings about the scumbags selling pirated software are another thing, but I digress.

Supremes reject Microsoft's Novell request

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Microsoft standards....

Why don't these guys do a standard on Cobol. Then make changes. They might finally get the fight they deserve!

Oh, well. Wishful thinking.

How big an eco-hazard is IT equipment?

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Zero power standby...

Long ago in a galaxy far far away (well, not really that far!) a company called Apple Computer used a small battery to allow the power-on button on the keyboard to function. On other machines, they actually had a device called an on-off switch that switched on and off (the horror) the mains. Now we have the new ATX power supplies used in many PC's that have a standby voltage generated that is there to turn on the rest of the power supply. In fact if you want to turn on one of these, you need to add a jumper from the standby lead to the power-on lead to make it work outside of a computer environment.

All in all, charging a capacitor makes lots of sense. The biggest problem: What to do if it isn't charged?

Other standby follies: I had a nice large Sony TV set. Its "standby" power was used to power the remote control stuff enabling it to power on. On several occasions, my locally supplied power went from normal (120volts) to "mood lighting" (about 70 volts, long story). When this happened, the standby supply couldn't do its trick, but I could press the power button on the TV set. Then with lots of straining, the TV would come on and actually function. I suspect that the normal power supply (actually a large resistor from the mains (line) voltage) just fed a regulator, and the design was such that it worked. Those days (about 5 of them, I guess) all the street lights were out (they were arc lights that couldn't strike), but the Christmas lights were all at "low intensity", and it was an eeerie feeling (as I said mood lighting). I can only surmise that we emitted less CO2 that day.

Russian serfs paid $3 a day to break CAPTCHAs

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Another idea/solution

How about increasing the delay (log scale) for subsequent "attacks" (signups) fro the same IP address. While it won't reduce the number (directly), it WILL make it more difficult.

The lowly $3 per day people won't get much done after a while!

Yes, I know about shared IP addresses, but after week, reset the time.

XP daddy: go incremental on design

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Haven't you upgraded to Vista yet?

Astronauts in seven-hour ISS construction session

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Go to http://www.kibo.com (all things Kibo). Who knows he may even respond to this!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX33

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Is YouTube just...

...Wayne's World continuously??

No I don't think I'd trust those two with ANYTHING! Of course, they should have been better at reading cue cards. Maybe take acting classes.

LSDigital drops federal botnet confession

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About time!

...enough said!

US woman spends two years on boyfriend's toilet

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How did she eat?

With the event taking over two years to come to an end (insert joke here), one wonders how the poor woman sustained herself. Someone had to supply her with food and water (the waste was taken care of). If one assumes that a sink was within arms reach (it was a bathroom) then the water could be supplied, but crikey, where did she get the cheeseburgers?

While anything could be true, this stretches the limit. File this one in the urban legends category until further notice.

Cuba lifts ban on computer sales

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Cuba, ISO, MS-OOXML, etc...

There is of course a "simple solution". Bill Gates could just BUY the island, lock, stoc, and barrel. Give him something to do in his "spare time" after he "retires" from Microsoft.

Pure charity work, if you ask me.

Extreme Programming in risky position, says co-creator

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Just another 'name'

All this talk (book titles, etc.) is just to apply the name-of-the-year to a practice that has been ongoing for eons. Sounds like hype in another set of clothes.

Who knows next year it will be "magic interaction" for all I know (you heard it here first!).

New NetApp logo already used by lubricating genie shop

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There are precidents...

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NBC_logos#_note-1

Kinda "ooops", we forgot to do our research. I guess it happens all the time. With worldwide companies these days, there is bound to be a conflict. Oh well.

Hacking attacks can turn off heart monitors

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Needs to be close by.

Having done some work for one of these companies (it was a few years ago!) my understanding is that the "controller" (actually a laptop PC) needs to be in close proximity to the "subject". They usually use "induction", not radio frequency to couple to the device implanted (at least that is what I saw).

Yes, security is not something the device vendors, or the FDA thinks about. Lots of medical devices have "unpatched" windows environments because the vendors haven't gone thru the process of verification with the latest of windows patches. Most of the time these computers are not connected to a network (they usually don't need to be!), but sometimes they do get connected, and then the malware arrives with evil intentions.

On the ICD I did some work on they used a 65C02 processor, which they needed to get certified outside the normal supply chain (look at any datasheet for ICs and it usually says "not for life critical..."). Then they need to get ALL the software to pass FDA rules (lots of time and $$$). By the time everything is done, the development cost is HUGE. Then they deploy the stuff, and the added cost of a laptop per inplantable device is "small potatoes", so they just build it into the kit.

In my book the big problem is the controlling box (laptop) used to program the implant to do its thing (parameters per subject). As usual, security isn't a big consideration since most of the development is in an isolated environment.

It was interesting how the company "solved" problems in the test environment. It ended up being 4 (yes four) Windows boxes (it was W95) and a logic analyzer to test the ICD which had a 65C02 processor (same as Apple 2). Need something, add more hardware! In order to get the timing for the network between the 4 cpu's right, they even incorporated a relay to cutoff the network from outside the 4 cpu's. Oh, well. It was windows, they didn't even try anything else.

DARPA releases 'Blackswift' hyperplane details

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Vulture zoom-tech desk

I like it! Everyone should have one!

Portsmouth student peeled in potato laptop scam

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For the price...

He could have gotten one of those EEEpc's WITH the nice model (probably only an hour, but...)

Of course if the spuds were nice imported Idaho russets from here in the USA, it would have been a little less painful.

My question, why potatoes? Aren't bricks a bit cheaper (easier to find "surplus")?

Vatican updates list of mortal sins

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Drugs, Pollution?

Wine, breathing?

No more of that sacramental wine for you!!

Oh, and breathing generates carbondioxide, can't do that either.

We're all doomed anyway!

UK presses car ferry to ship powdered plutonium

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But I wanted...

...a Bud Lite!

It has already been transported, this is probably just a drill, or some such. Get out the Geiger counters and see if anything "glows".

Stroustrup and Sutter: C++ to run and run

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If you want examples of C++

Just go to Bjarne's fine text. Then look for all the examples that include:

// ...

And fill in your own.

Wonderful moving target that language. If you don't like it, wait a while and go back. Nice to have all those versions (up to 10, eh?).

Maybe there IS a reason the Linux Kernel is written in C. If you change one file, you don't need to recompile the WHOLE kernel. "Minor tweaks", yeah, right!!

Why you should care that Jimmy Wales ignores reality

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Power Corrupts...

Absolute power (the inner circle) corrupts absolutely!

Can't say it much better than that!

US dairyman inaugurates bovine biogas plant

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IT Angle

Probably most welcome...

If this is the farm operation I think it is, confining the Bull S*** to an enclosed "digester" would be most welcome. As one who has traveled down Interstate 5 in California's central valley, there is a MOST (I don't think El Reg has a unit for it) odoriferous feed lot next to the freeway. ANY containment of the smell is worthwhile. The side effect of generating combustible gas adds icing to the cake.

Note: If you have driven I-5, you know EXACTLY where this is. It isn't difficult to sense it, and it lasts for about a mile or so. Winding up windows helps very little!

Schools warned of chilling 'Strawberry Meth' menace

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Then there is the danger of DHMO.

Go see: http://www.dhmo.org/

I have WAY too much time on my hands...

US and EU haul China into WTO over news noose

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Making an interesting comparison

China == Microsoft (competitors need to go through it to deliver data)

Dow Jones, Reuters == Netscape, Firefox, Opera (better product that can't compete with "linked" operating system/government).

Just musing.

Microsoft codes leap year bug into Exchange 2007

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Microsoft will fix a bug??

I'm shocked. Has the temperature of Steve and Bill's final resting place cooled down a bit so that snow will accumulate??

Than again, it has taken them a few years to realize they HAD a bug, trying to blame it on someone else!

Ballmer deploys greenery in CeBIT charm offensive

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Idle power 33% less

If Vista's idle power is 33% less I suppose that is good, the problem is that Vista has no idle time, so it probably makes little difference. One needs to compare TOTAL power requirements to really make a difference. Then again doesn't everyone know that?

I am reminded of a computer company that optimized the idle loop because it used quite a few of the available cycles. The computer did nothing very efficiently!

US government forces military secrets on Brit webmaster

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Probable reason...

When you address something to "mildenhall", the mailer just adds the ".com" by default. The lazy id10ts in the US Air Force just thought that they should send to "mildenhall" and did so. Oh, we need to add something like ".af.mil" on the end has no meaning to them.

So much for passing the "internet" test. Maybe the military should get browsers/mailers that DON'T put in defaults (or at least have an option to do so). Add criticism of your mailer of choice here.

Ofcom stands up to Information Commissioner

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What it comes down to...

Is that the cell phone companies DON'T want to provide coverage maps to anyone. The excuse of not wanting to locate towers makes it possible to say "security" when they refuse.

It is the same here in the USA. The only coverage maps a consumer might get are general ones. They consist of a red dot over a whole city (like San Francisco), which hardly takes into account the terrain (yes, San Francisco has LOTS of hills!).

"Can you hear me now?"

Smut peddlers and spammers invade Google Groups

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"Like Cockroaches"

In my opinion, comparing cockroaches to spammers is degenerating to cockroaches. Something lower on the food chain which we all detest would be more suitable (pond scum??). Oh, the never ending battle (*SIGH*).

How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection

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What if they did this to your phone connection?

Draw the parallel. You call up someone, and instead of "hello" from the other side, you get bunches of ads that you may not desire (to say the least). Sounds awful to me. Luckly at the moment, here in the US we don't have such scumbags (I suspect some are close, but that is another comment). If this is so wonderful, why not extend it to the mail, or some such. Instead of getting a nice sealed letter, you get pounds of verbiage in the form of advertisements. To me it looks like they would lose their "common carrier" status and be liable for all sorts of nasty things.

Yes, there is no privacy.

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