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Windows Vista has been battered, says Wall Street fan

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@Dick Emery...

Your Spanish is bad, it is:

Hasta la Vista, Baby!

Or if you had the dubbed Spanish version:

"The world famous phrase "Hasta la Vista, Baby" is translated to "Sayonara, Baby" in the Spanish version of the film." (see IMdB)

IBM's Power6 slaughters world+HP in transaction cranking

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Simple math says:

That Power architecture is better than the Itanium junk. They don't even compare any x86 stuff.

Makes you wonder why Apple went to the x86 architecture?

iRobot Roomba 560 robot vacuum cleaner

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On "Passing the Wife's test"

While this is a "cool thing", and looks nice, passing the "Wife's test" is always another matter. At my house, I have a nice built in vacuum. You take the giant hose out from a closet and have at it. The dirt, etc. gets sucked away and you only need to empty that container about every 6 months (I don't remember doing it this year yet!). If one does this vacuuming the spouse (Wife) appreciates the task ever so much, and I am rewarded with lots of "points" which can be traded for "other favors". These are much more valuable that a silly box that wanders around the floor at odd hours of the day. In my book, a little bit of housework (maybe 10-15 minutes) is worth MUCH MORE in total rewards.

Of course, your mileage may vary, see store for details, etc.. but it is these small things that make life livable!

US bars ID refuseniks from planes - but not ID losers

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Guilt by association

Pretty obvious: You fly, you MUST be guilty.

As was said: "Security Theatre". I recently (last 2 weeks) flew. I had a small (about 2 inch) pocket knife with me the WHOLE time. The TSA people were more concered with my having too many "carry ons" than real security. They shine UV lights at my ID to see magic stuff. Maybe I should have an overstamp that says in UV "F*** Y**" and see what happens.

The same thing happens with tomatoes. One bad, they all must be bad. Guilt by association! It never stops. Back to driving my gas guzzling SUV!

Dell touts Windows XP to 2009 - and 'likely longer'

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Why not MS-DOS?

Well, there ARE free replacements for MS-DOS that work better than the original (DR-DOS for one). As for things like Word, I'm very happy with Word 5.1 on my (older) Mac (that runs System 7.6.1!). It actually works quite well (no activation or other silly junk!).

Yes, old software/hardware has its own life, but if it still works, why bother changing it. Thankfully vehicles don't wear out as fast as software, and you can still buy spare parts for them. Try that with older software, and I wish you good luck!

Country mice oppose Yahoogle

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If they complain about Google and Yahoo! then they should also complain about Micro$oft and Yahoo! All in all they are large "search" companies (or at least they want to be!).

Yes indeedy, msn.com has a search window!!

No merger Mr. Icahn!! Sorry! (good for the rest of us!).

Trend withdraws from 'irrelevant' VB100 anti-virus test

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Latest virus?

Does it detect Vista?

I rest my case. Got the coat, bye...

US nuke boffins smash petaflop barrier with 'Roadrunner'

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It probably DOES go Beep Beep!

And it was made by "Acme Corp", which is what ALL things that Wile E. Coyote buys are. He gets them mail order!

Of course, they always seem to have the errant anvil that comes down and whacks him on the head as well, but we'll leave that to the multi-megaton bomb.

"That's a new crater, isn't it?" ... "Beep beep...zoooom"

Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing

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If only...

Everyone went to as much trouble for SPAM generators and their ilk. While it is wonderful to have a nice notice "Please don't do that...It's illegal/not kosher", I believe that EVERYONE would be happier if they attacked botnets and the like. It would show everyone their public good face. Then we would all applaud them and SPAM might decrease! What a wonderful thought.

Yes, copyright stuff is killing the music business, but remember: MP3's are terrible imi9tations of the "real thing" (like CD's).

What hell hath science wrought lately?

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Danger Will Robinson...

Look at it this way: "Life is a terminal disease". Then say these words:

"What is life but to live it!"

Then remember Alfred E. Newman: "What, Me worry?".

I'll get my coat......

Cavalcade of privacy watchdogs bark for data pimping probe

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Congress doing something "right"? I'm shocked!!

For once our esteemed legislators might be doing "the right thing" in bringing these people in to "explain" (as in "Lucy, you got some 'plaining to do!") their actions. For me, the sooner the better!

Then ask the FBI why they aren't looking into criminal actions! (I wish!!).

Hopefully this will engage the "clue stick" we have all been wanting to use!

Icahn laughs at Yahoo!

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But what happens if the cursomer base doesn't want to be Borked?

It may well turn out that the customer base that Yahoo! has has no intention of being assimilated into the Borg of Microsoft, where they already know the level of service they will have. That is why they went to Yahoo! in the first place. So, while the value of a customer to Yahoo! is $x, they value of the same customer (who won't convert) is ZERO. This indicates that the current situation is the BEST.

I for one being a current Yahoo! customer, would not like to be "converted" to a Microsoft customer, even though the service is "free" in both regards. Personally, I'll go somewhere else, and recommend that others do the same. Mr. Icahn doesn't understand that there ARE fickle "customers" out there, and downgrading service is not a retention plan. So, poison pill, or not, it probably won't work.

Also note that the nice federal anti-trust people haven't had their say yet. When the takeover doesn't happen, is everyone going to sue Carl Icahn (and get him to pay?)?

Microsoft proposes gadget feature disabling tech

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Why bother...

It isn't going to work anyway. Legislating "common sense" is a lost cause.

It doesn't matter what you are trying to do, those without any common sense aren't going to suddenly get some with a Microsoft initiated "dope slap" (much as it might make all of us very happy).

Something better might be a "theatre broadcast" that turns off any cell phone that isn't already in the middle of a call. Issue it every 5 minutes or so. Yes, if you need to make a call, turn on your phone and do so, but you will need to take extra steps to do so.

Just another idea. More forced common sense, which nobody has. Oh well.....

Breach disclosure laws have 'no effect' on identity theft

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Maybe not, but...

The breach disclosure laws probably have an effect on the breaches themselves. If those who DO have data security breaches are forced to pay some $$$ for the act, I would assume (silly me?) that it is those companies best interests NOT to have said breaches in the first place.

Fewer breaches makes for better security. This is a "good thing"

"Identity theft" is another matter. Some people are just plain stupid when it comes to their OWN data.

ISS toilet sucks again

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Simply put...

They got their S*** together.

All of this goes to prove where the priorities are! (as if we didn't know already!).

Hummer glummer on high oil price bummer

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...But we need big vehicles...

Has anyone ever traveled with someone (for me it is my "significant other") who needs to take the venerable "kitchen sink" to feel "secure". Yes, you need a nice big vehicle (me: I use a Ford Explorer!) just to carry all the stuff. The 4-5 day outing trip needs all sorts of large bags, and comfort items (drinks, food, etc.) just to go. Yes, of course, I'd like to "travel light" and take the nice speedy Porsche 356 that I used to drive. The problem is that with the wife's stuff, the thing would be "overgrossed" to day the least.

That being said, the Hummer is just about the worst vehicle I've ever seen. The only thing it is good for is B-roll on CSI-Miami. In the catagory of bad vehicles (uglyness, functionality, etc..) the only thing that MIGHT rate worse is a Cadillac Escalade, which I rate as the ultimate "pimp-mobile". Ugly and boxy. If you are going to get something like that, get the "original" H-1 like the military uses. Yes, it will go everywhere, yes, it is ugly, yes, it is noisy, yes you can carry armor plating, but it will get you there! No, it is not a "lady's car", no "girly men" need apply.

World+dog ignores Sweden's Draconian wiretap bill

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NSA Food...

If nothing else, this will increase the amount of "NSA Food" that will traverse the network. Maybe we can get the spammers to do it for us! Then they will need to sort out things, which given the experience of the attempts to filter SPAM won't be very successful. Of course, they are the government, and have "resources", but they also have a budget, and while their acts can't (or won't, I don't know) be under scrutiny, budgets are always fair game.

You're spending how many Kroner on WHAT?? And got WHAT??

As was said before "You have no privacy, get over it" (but I haven't!!).

Want to buy Jacqui Smith's ID?

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Everyone already has an ID "card"

It is called a fingerprint. If you happen to commit a crime, and leave a few, they WILL find you!

If they really wanted to be "good", they would have fingerprint scanners and the RAW information would be processed. Then your name would pop up. No need to carry anything AT ALL.

By logical extension, DNA is next. Wait they already have a database of this as well, and are working to improve upon it. Sorry about the sequencing taking so long, we'll find out who you are eventually.

Who needs a silly piece of plastic that can get stolen/nicked at any time. Useless item.

Oh, and you don't give up fingerprints very easily. Just to make sure, the verification scanner could ask (CAPTCHA) for a specific finger (not just the right thumb).

Look, I'm over here in the states, I'll get my coat, and leave.

ISS toilet fails to suck

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Adventures in space...

I am reminded about Pete Conrad's (Apollo 12, Gemini 5, Gemini 11, Skylab 2) mention of how to use the facility on Skylab. It went something like: "When you pinch it off, you need to have a downward motion so that the remains will properly be deposited in the container". This advice was forwarded to subsequent visitors to Skylab. In addition, all of this adds to the phrase "Get your S*** together".

Google and Microsoft have nothing on - drum roll - the SuperNAP

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Logical conclusion...

Is to have the nuclear power plant dedicated to the data center, and next door. When someone asks, all you do is "point".

Targets? Why have one when two will do?

Microsoft urges developers to tag sites for IE8

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How about:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="Firefox-3" />

That would be LOTS better!

FCC boss mulls free* wireless for all

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Thumb Down

And who determines "family friendly"??

Or for that matter what adverts are shown? Me? You? the bandwidth provider? And what about peer to peer communication? Will it be throttled to allow those "family friendly" web sites to prevail?

No! this makes no sense at all. Either it is open, or it is a mess, and the government bureaucrats will be under pressure from SOME group (there are many) who don't want something on this segment of the airways.


US firms use own staff to snoop on co-workers

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Re: In the village you are but a number...

"Who are you"

"I'm number two"

"Who is number one"

"You are Number six" (or is it: "YOU are, Number six")

"I am not a number......."

The difference of a comma is quite a lot. Some of us really ARE in control of our lives, much as others don't want that to be true!

Naomi Campbell could face Heathrow charges

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Look, even El Reg needs "Comedy Relief"

That's why the story is tagged "WSA". Remember El Reg also comments on "Bulgarian Airbags" as well.

Remember the line from "Revenge of the Nerds": "All jocks think about is sports, but all nerds think about is SEX".

Life goes on!

American auto dealer offers free handguns

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Only in America...

...What a country!

Lifelock's fraud-prevention service takes more legal flak

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Any my SSN is...

000-00-0001 - Oh, sorry that was Jack Benny's number. Now try to get something with that one.

p.s. Jack Benny died many years ago, and was known for being a tightwad, and being old. As the skit goes he is confronted with "Your money, or your life", to which he ponders for a bit trying to decide.

As far as using a service like the one mentioned, why pay $19.95 for something you can do yourself (for free!).

Boeing robot whisper-copter team claims record

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Black Helicopters

Token added

Sorry you can't have two of them, I'll get my coat.

EC takes own sweet time backing Microsoft ODF move

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Remember: They're Microsoft...

...They don't have to care. Not one bit about the customer. Only the (obscene) profits.

@RW: "(Two-by-four: standard North American lumber size, nominally 2×4" inches, actually 1¾×3¾", the nominal size referring to its state before planing.)". Look a 2x4 hasn't been that size for ages. It was 1 5/8 by 3 5/8 in the 60's, but now it is 1 1/2 by 3 1/2, shrinking ever so much. Pretty soon it will be a 1x3.

Another observation: Microsoft's stock price peaked around 2000, and has been just about level for the past 5 years. It could be that their time has past (we can only hope).

After Debian's epic SSL blunder, a world of hurt for security pros

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Does this only effect Debian?

What about other Linux distributions? RedHat, Fedora, etc...

Yes, a public thrashing would be nice, so we know who the guilty are!

Microsoft loses Alcatel-Lucent patent legal spat

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Similar to the "Linux Patents"?

Maybe this is the same result of those glorious "Linux Patents" that Microsoft claims to have. So, sorry, you don't infringe on those! Maybe that is why Microsoft doesn't want to tell anyone what patents they violate until they get to court. It makes the defense much easier!

Than again, I'm probably not the only one who won't shed a tear about this ruling. Now where are those eyedrops I use on stage?

Tory proposes street-legal Segway legalisation

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What about the "congestion fee"

Do you wear a license plate hung around your neck?

It would be an interesting sight!

Revealed! The new face of the Eee PC

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One step backwards

It might have been better if they had picked a different room in the house. The kitchen isn't the best (even though my wife DOES like to cook). The babe on the beach was much nicer!

EMC: The age of high-end flash has begun

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But where do I place my swap file?

When pigs fly?

Won't work on my flash drive. Yes, there are lots of wear leveling goodies, but currently magnetic media works quite well and doesn't have a built-in wear mechanism. Then there are the database files that are updated on a second by second basis that will waste a flash drive in no time.

Wonderful for use on the EEEPC, but for main storage, (I could be wrong now, but) I don't think so. (Its a jungle out there).

p.s. Vista probably needs a big swap file anyway!

A videogame that truly takes the p*ss

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Thumb Up

Make sure the aiming pads...

...are not conductive. Could get exciting, to say the least. If you have one of these for voting, I suggest that the aiming point be for the one you vote against. It would make for a popular sport.

Oh, another thing. The system has an ability to prevent "double voting" built in. Unless you are drinking beer. Of course, after a few you may lack coordination to "cast" a vote properly.

In Google We Trust: Health docs depo now open to Americans

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No way!

While (at times) I trust Google to "do no evil", how can I trust others to do the same. If someone else gets a record (doesn't matter what), and says "we're good", then goes bankrupt (or sold?) to the next guy, are THEY obligated to keep the promise? I remember a case when a company went bankrupt, and the successor company that "bought assets" didn't follow the original companies policies. Users ended up with lots of ads (and a public outcry).

Unless there is some public policy that protects "my stuff", this isn't going to happen (at least for me!). I suspect others will agree.

Of course there is "you have no privacy, get over it" which might apply here!

Ballmer eggs on Hungarian student

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It did something...

He "lost his train of thought". Of course it assumes that he had one in the first place.

Stungun shootout in Colorado leaves slowest man standing

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Re: Bad Terminology!

You forgot:

Insulation Tester: Used specifically by BOFH's to make bosses think they are zapping PFY's. See account given last Friday. Typically has two positions: "Stun or stir-fry".

Aliens, astronauts and Pope partition PC World

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But where are the Icons?

On the individual stories, we can see all the Icons (Pars, My Coat, etc...). When the nice summary is depicted, these get lost.

Oh, the shame!!

AMD cries foul over Intel's 'river of cash' flowing to Dell

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Redacted vs. Censored

Redacted is when YOU do it.

Censored is when THEY do it.

It is a big difference. Unfortunately both are bad for us because we aren't the YOU (Intel/AMD/the court), or THEY (some centralized government). We can only hope that they did it wrong (as others have done) so we can peek (fat chance!).

US Congress questions legality of Phorm and the Phormettes

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It might get attention if...

The press had ITS packets inspected without consent. Then published for all to see. THAT would lead to some very interesting stories.

Funny how things like this turn up in an election year!!

'Secure' PayPal page is... you guessed it

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Some of the phishing would stop if...

PayPal, EBay, and others (banks) wouldn't send HTML email AND SAY SO.

Sure people might need to cut/paste URL's into the location area on the browser (you mean you don't have linkification?) but that would be a small price to pay.

EVERY attempt at gathering credentials of some sort involves HTML email. With it one is able to disguise the real destination of the link through many means (too numerous to mention!). Without this they would be MUCH less likely to tap the various vulnerabilities.

So they wouldn't be able to put up nice banners. Big deal! Much safer!

Off the soapbox, out the door.

World economy group gives IPv6 big push

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It would help if the nice home routers supported IPv6!

That would be a nice first step. Requiring the nice home router kit that now provides the bulk of the NAT stuff to at least offer IPv6 addresses on the local side of the firewall. It can't be that difficult.

The more we have devices that CAN'T do IPv6 that are sold today, the later the implementation is going to be. It is similar to the (crappy) digital TV that is being foistered upon us here in the USA next February. Give everyone a chance to convert, then chop off the old stuff.

Then again, some things never die! Telephones from before WW2 still work on today's telephone lines.

Why is that set of buttons arranged in a 3x4 pattern called a "dial"?

OLPC and Microsoft punt Windows-only XO laptop

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OLPC must have gotten new funding...

From the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Yeah, that's the ticket. New infusion of cash to change someones mind.

Me? Cynical? Couldn't be!

BOFH: The PFY's comeuppance

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Where do I get one of those "insulation testers"

Are they available at the Cash and Carrion section?

How much?

Does the switch have a lock for the "stun" position?

Has it been properly "modified"?

Every budding BOFH needs one of these!!

Dixons admits 'it's even worse than you thought'

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I guess I feel lucky...

Here in sillycon valley, we have lots of places to spend money. While some places do offer reasonable prices (Fry's Electronics is but one) and selection. The problem is (as always) the service. There is none. Some of the people do understand that the customer CAN have more knowledge than the sales droid, and act accordingly. Other places in the store, you may find another customer with "the knowledge". As for me, I look at the adverts in the newspaper to see what is available (today it is a pair of 1Gbyte thumb drives for $19.95) and think about what I really need.

Then the really "hard core" go to the surplus stores (Halted Specialties) where you can find nice functional stuff, and with a little work assemble a working box.

Yes, we are lucky here being close to the "source".

Oh, and I hear the dollar is cheap today.

Yahoo! faces battle for the board

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"Maximizing Value"??

A while ago (1-2 years), the local newspaper chain here in sillycon valley had some directors that wanted to sell the company. They thought it was worth much more than its stock price, so they did sell the company. The resulting sale turned out to be pretty close to the share price at the time, but MUCH less than the "asking price". The only ones that got any $$$ on the deal were the negotiators who worked on a percentage of the deal (they always do!). In the end, everybody got screwed, as a chunk of the assets were then sold again, and lots of people lost jobs. Generally the "value" stayed the same for all involved, and the "sale" people looked like idiots. I note that the paper is now much thinner but Dilbert is still on the comics page documenting life in the cubicles.

I have doubts that Icahn will do much better. The costs of taking over the board, and selling will likely eat into any "premium" that will be paid for the company. Of course, Icahn will make $$$, but not many other people (including stockholders!). So as a previous message says: Yahoo! Shareholders! Beware!!

Feds nab modern-day Bonnie and Clyde

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Bonnie & Clyde??

Maybe this couple can meet the same fate as the original. It might prove to be a very good example for deterrence!

Now where did I park that old Ford! (Never stop to help someone with a flat tire?).

Is this jacket bullet proof?

Bell Canada chokes P2P and privacy?

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Re: Post Analogy

While I may be able to send things by "Media Mail" (it was known as "book rate"), the inspection of the mail was part of the bargain. If I put a nice "First Class" stamp on the envelope, I don't expect the mail to be opened AT ALL. Presently, there is only ONE type of packet on the internet, and it is "First Class", not subject to inspection since I'm paying the full rate.

If some nice company wants to choke my packets by inspection, I expect to pay a more favorable rate AND have these terms described to me. I also expect that I will be able to send some of my traffic "First Class".

Of course, the better analogy is a phone call. I don't expect any voice recognition software looking at my conversations then delaying them based on the contents. No, gossip doesn't get bogged down at all. It is treated the same as a call to my bank to find out the balance. First Class (no other way)!

HP pays $13.9bn for EDS

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One two initial company buys a three initial company

And so it goes. Initials seem to be plentiful these days, and have no real meaning. It is just initials, and not much else.

HP used to be called Hewlett Packard, but no longer!

EDS used to be called Electronic Data Services (as I understand), but no longer.

IBM used to be called International Business Machines, but no longer.

DEC used to be called Digital Equipment Corporation, but is no longer.

DRI used to be called Intergalactic Digital Research, but doesn't exist.

Microsoft used to have decent software (you get the idea).

Names come and go, employees come and go, companies get bigger and smaller, then come and go. Life goes on. Oh, well.

UK.gov torpedoes personal carbon credit plans

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180 cm tall, 200 kg lard-arse (miscalculation?)

While 180cm is reasonable (about 5 feet 10 inches), to my mind 200kg (over 400lbs) is a bit much (I hope so, but they can be spotted in the wild sometimes). I suspect that 100kg is more like it (around 220lbs) which is close to my weight. I have an excuse, I'm 6 foot 4 inches.

As for carbon footprints, and their trading, I see a BOFH episode here. Simon would be proud to sell the credits, and use the funds to go to the pub.

Of course, there is the underlying question: What is the carbon footprint of accounting for carbon footprints.

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