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Mars to go offline for a month as vast nuclear furnace gets in the way

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Simple solution...

Just communicate with mars at night. Isn't that the proper way to do it?

Guide man Frommer buys his name back from Google, plans eBooks

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Then there is Temple Fielding

and his books. I remember them from the late 60's when there was a much different exchange rate for the dollar, deutchmark and the pound. An era of shillings and no euros, and gold at $35/oz. It was a different era.

Steve Jobs' 'spaceship' threatened by massive cost overruns

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Well, they could use...

...some of the old HP buildings on the site.

Then again, while they are thinking, they could make a nice patch of grass in the meantime (after they take down all the buildings that are already there, and rip up the parking lots.

Just an idea.

p.s. I had a house a couple of blocks away from the site at one time.

Leaked memo: Apple's iMessage crypto has DEA outfoxed

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The saying should be...

If you have no reason to investigate me, then go away. (I hide everything!).

The saying "You have done no wrong, so you should have nothing to hide" is the reason we here in the USA have the 4th amendment.

So, we go back to:

I've got the yo-yo...

I've got the string!

Microsoft gives away Windows 8 to Mac devs

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Does it include??

A license for Windows 7, which is what people want?

Now if it would work on my old Quadra, that would be another story.

"How about a nice game of chess?"

Microsoft's summer update will be called Windows 8.1

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If you want windows...

You might want to try http://www.andersenwindows.com/

They have a great selection, and don't need version numbers. In the end, probably more reliable than those emanating from Redmond, Washington.

Merde! Dummkopf! Google Translate used as spam cloak

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All of this is...

A never ending arms race. The spammers on one side, and the anti-spammers on the other.

It all boils down to a simple truth. People SPAM because it works. Yes, the yield is low, but the spammers have numbers in their favor. Send out a million emails, and even if you get 0.1% yield, it still is a big enough number (1000) to earn money, or rape users computers.

If we all went back to plain text email (so you had to do things like select then click on a link, and it couldn't be obfuscated, it might be better. The problem is that nobody wants to do this as it makes it very inconvenient. So, we live with spam (hoping to not contribute to is exploitation), and use all sorts of "anti" programs. Life goes on.

So, teach your children well, and don't click that link.

Music resale service ReDigi loses copyright fight with Capitol Records

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Seems that digital copies...

...ARE like beer. They are not free and you only rent them, not own them. As for beer, when you rent it, it transforms into something else, and eventually exits the body (trying very hard to not be NSFW).

World's first petaflops super dumped on scrap heap

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Now a new use?

They can put it to use doing nanowire material behavior, magnetic reconnection, laser backscatter, HIV phylogenetics, and a simulation of the universe at a 70-billion-particle scale.

Sounds interesting...

I was going to put an icon up, but I thought better.

Patent shark‘s copyright claim could bite all Unix

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Spaghetti trees and their harvest?

It might be worse, there might be a detected flaw in the kernel that doesn't allow time to be reckoned in the 60's for instance. When you get there, you remember the phrase: "If you remember the 60's, you weren't there!"

Gartner forecasts pro 3D printer prices below $2,000 by 2016

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Size limitations??!!

These things are pretty nice, but they do have limitations. Mostly in the material, and the size of the object.

Soon there will be a 'standard' file format (like PDFs) that we can all pass around to make cool things. As for 2nd amendment issues, it might be similar to having a PDF of your local currency. The PDF itself is one thing, the output is quite another. I'll leave it to legislators to really put a stop to this nonsense somehow. Given their predilections they might very well ban them.

So, is making something like publishing it? Free speech and all that. Time will tell.

Relaxed Windows 8 rules hint at smaller slabs to come

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Just more things...

...to have people dance around and attach magnetic keyboards to.

Isn't that what they are for anyway?

Indonesia: e-commerce firms must have local domain

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Simple solution...

...Just have a single domain for a lot of business, like 'com.id' (unless it has been taken) and then have the server do a bunch of re-directs. Pretty easy if you ask me.

As was one said: "The internet treats censorship as 'damage' and routes around it."

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

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It becomes a bigger problem...

...when you HAVE to perform service. This usually happens in my own house when my wife screams at me that something technical doesn't work. The problems can be wide ranging. The examples are:

Under counter lights (they ARE electrical!). Solution: replace some of them.

TV that is very loud, and can't be turned down. Solution: remove book from top of the other remote.

Any computer problem: Solution: reboot.

IPad funnies. Solution: Look, I really don't know, but I might be able to fix it (no a new one will have the same problem!).

IPhone things: Solution: No, I don't know where you misplaced it. Try calling it.

So, yes, I do love my wife, but I don't ask her about medical things all the time (she is an MD). (*SIGH*)

Pyongyang Photoshop tomfoolery shows wet Norks, skirts blown up

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Comedy relief.

Not much more from those in the north.

You just gotta smile and laugh.

Revealed: Vendors’ worst sales fluff

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My bad...

My typing is bad. Please: s/out/our/


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Well, out people who have a global presence have an end-to-end offering that our solution provider who is a trusted partner for our clients will be focused on business value-add with our common solution provider.

All this seems very obvious to me. Do I get the contract??

Sorry, I couldn't resist, being close to April 1. For those playing at home with the latest version of "buzzword bingo", please keep score at your next presentation.

Texas judge sends Uniloc packing in Rackspace patent suit

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Smart Judge!

Now if others were as smart, including the patent office. The problem is that "prior art" to the patent office is only what is patented, not much else.

We in the computer field, know that LOTS of stuff is known (possibly "novel") but not patented, and been public for over a year.

Reach for that clue stick!

Spanish Linux group files antitrust complaint against Microsoft

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As is said in church...

Let us pray.

Bill Gates offers big bucks for better condoms

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Too many jokes here to enumerate them all

Just sayin'

Probably many of them are NSFW as well.


Dragon capsule makes fiery entrance, safe splashdown

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Make sure they are Craftsman, then if they break, you can take them to your local Sears store for a free replacement.

The talk with the sales droid would be interesting....Where did you use these?????

Rivals may form alliance against Michael D in struggle for Dell

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One of these days the brass ring will be fetched, and the ride will stop. Until then, we all sit and watch. The same characters keep coming by from our outside point of view, but as they disappear, a new net arrives to take their place. When will it end? Nobody knows, but it is fun to watch!

Roomba dust-bust bot bods one step closer to ROBOBUTLERS

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Do you know the difference between Elephants and Eggs?

No? Then I wouldn't send you to the store to buy eggs!!

Maybe the robotic retina can tell the difference, but will it go to the store? Time will tell!

Some things are better left to humans! As for cleaning up a room, my father had an idea of fitting a garbage disposal in the center of my bedroom and every once in a while, hosing the place down to cure the "mess". Ah, my youth!

Whoops! Tiny bug in NetBSD 6.0 code ruins SSH crypto keys

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Just remember...

Some state lotteries here in the USA use computerized "random" numbers to generate the draws.

So, "Random numbers for fun" takes on a whole new meaning!

West Virginia seeks Google Glass driving ban

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So I can't watch a furry cat video

On my HUD in the F/A-18?

I thought that is what they are for! You know video games and all that. What do you mean that when I shoot at something it actually gets destroyed? This is new to me!

The UK Energy Crisis in 3 simple awareness-raising pictures

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Tap France?

They seem to have LOTS of gas!

Unfortunately it is all in the form of hot air, but it might be used to spin turbines. I suppose the same goes for politicians.

Make them ALL blow into a gas turbine to spin a generator.

Next from Microsoft: 'Blue', the Windows 8 they hope you don't hate

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164 builds??

And this is what they show for it?

I'm sure they are nightly builds, but it takes them THAT long to get an update?

So, glaciers DO move fast (by comparison)!!

Apple share-price-off-a-cliff: Told you that would happen

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So we wait...

Until the price goes back to $777 a share. Then we yell

JACKPOT. Life goes on...

Bummer I didn't sell then...

Oi, Microsoft, where's my effin' toolbar gone?

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Microsoft's motto:

Change for change sake. Or how we force people to upgrade by adding in non-compatible options.

Why?? To make money.

Look at it this way: Typewriters really haven't changed in over 100 years, and everyone knows how they work. You hit a key and it makes a mark on paper. The keyboard is pretty standard (yes, I know regional differences), but it works. The "additions" mostly have been in the amount of force needed to make the impression, and the various methods to change fonts (if you can at all). I'd be willing to bet that any user of a typewriter today (if you can find them) can probably use a typewriter of 100 years ago with little (most likely no) additional training. The reverse is true as well, but the examples are more difficult to achieve. Take a user of a typewriter 100 years ago, and plunk them down in front to a modern one (again if you can find one) and they will be good to go.

I suspect there would be similar experiences for automobiles.

Now take a word processor (please). Go back to a modern windowing environment, say Windows 95 (it is only 15+ years!). Try to be usable by such a person then and now without any training. Good luck.

Hoboken CTO admits bugging boss for political leverage

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Hoboken has other attributes as well.

Frank Sinatra hails from there, and there is this bakery that stars in a reality TV show as well.

Me? Silicon valley, born and raised! Pacific time zone!

How to survive a UEFI BOOT-OF-DEATH on Samsung laptops

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What to do???

Me? I'd go into a local retailer and arrange to brick every Samsung piece of kit I could find (handy little USB key in pocket). Wonderful demonstration it might be. The store puts a new one on display and in 5 hours, it too doesn't work. Maybe a big retail chain could make the proper complaint.

If it were only that easy!

Look, if Microsoft had its way, the BIOS would keep saying "Must...only...boot...Windows", which is what UEFI is all about anyway.

Gone are the days when you would dial the IPL device into the console and let it rip. It was much easier then, and you could even boot from Mag tape, or (showing my age) Punch cards.

Reliant on Dell for PCs? Start looking around, says Gartner ball-gazer

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Dell gone? There's always...

This small company that has two letters in its name. Based in silicon valley as well. Ready and willing to sell things.

Apple: Our data centers are green. The other 98% of what we do ...

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Does anybody really???


Other than a small minority of tree stranglers?

Looks nice though, as most window dressing does. No real value!

How much "green" did it cost to make the solar panels over their expected lifetime? Please tell me. Maybe I can be "green" as well with "standby" power from the utility. A solar cell from a cheap calculator might work. OOOPS I need backup power!!

Bitcoin prices spike on Euro woes

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In troubled times...

Money heads for safe havens. No other explanation necessary.

Now what is stuffed in that mattress of mine??

BOFH remark: Boy this gold stuff sure is heavy!

HP re-elects all directors

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In other news...

HP increased its dividend by 10%.

Nice news around here!

Another MYSTERY evacuation: Google UK empties swanky offices

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Fire Drill??

Just so you know, some smoke detectors have magnetic reed switches in them for testing purposes. With a small magnet one can trip the smoke detector (which can't tell the difference!) and have an instant "fire drill break". Quite handy if it is a warm day outside and they have a special at the coffee shop across the way.

The magnet I saw used was one that was about a 1 inch cube. Pretty strong one, but readily available. It was put on the end of a stick (I guess something like a pool cue would work as well).

Sysadmins: Let's perch on Microsoft Santa's lap, show him our wish list

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Microsoft listen???

You have GOT to be kidding! I don't believe that anyone at Microsoft listens to anything from outside the Redmond campus, much less users or sysadmins.

We will now invoke Godwin's law and point it to Ballmer and Gates with a bit of airborne chairs.

Voyager goes off a (helio) cliff

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Pretty good!!

For a transmitter with about as much power as a refrigerator light bulb. I believe it has about 15 watts or so in the transmitter. Nice to have a good antenna here on earth, and a slow data rate.

Now everyone apply the inverse square law, and incorporate path loss.

MJS77 is alive and well!

Feds cuff ex-NASA boffin at airport amid state-secret leak scare

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As Forrest Gump says...

...Stupid is as stupid does.

As for exporting data, a micro SD card under a band-aid (bandage) and put it somewhere innocent (back of hand?). 64 Gbytes and pretty easy to transport.

Modern replacement for the "microdot".

Amazon boss salvages Apollo engines from watery grave

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One owner, lightly used.

What could possible be wrong.

Whatever happened to telepresence? From $2.5m deals to free iPad apps

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It seems that all of this technology is there to display "talking heads" which you can just bypass for the most part. Maybe we should go back to the 100 year old technology of the telephone and not worry.

Sure, the video impresses people and is nice and "blingy", but at the end of the day smoke and mirrors would probably do as well. I just attended a company "broadcast" and if one had sound and the slides of the presentation, it would have done just as well. The telepresence is VERY overrated. The problem is that those with three letter titles (usually beginning with 'C') like to have the fancy expensive stuff, and show it off to their friends. This starts a never ending escalation and arms race to have the better kit.

Why bother!

Twitter patents sending messages, promises not to sue everyone

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The problem with "prior art"...

Is that the patent office only sees prior art as what is already patented, not that which is already in use for many a year. This is FUNDAMENTAL to the problem with the USPTO. Their vision of prior art is flawed in many ways. They run on the assumption that everything should be patented. Most (hopefully) software people (not companies) are on the assumption that "software is good" and release it willingly without patent restrictions.

So, the cycle goes on and on. We get people who try to parse the differences in words ("is") and we spend time in legal battles when it would be more productive to write better software instead. Just think if the basics of the internet had been patented back in the day (I shudder at the thought).

Software bug halts Curiosity: Nuke lab bot in safe mode

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Of course the solution should be...

CTRL-ALT-DEL. And failing that "Did you turn the power off for 30 seconds and turn it on again?".

Come on, every help desk droid know the proper questions to ask when on the phone "Hello? Why does this have a VERY long echo on the line?".

Juniper goes skinny to pack routers into little racks

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As the world turns...

Central offices get quieter and quieter.

In days of old (I visited COs in the early 80's) there was a low level din of switching going on. Much was mechanical with relays and all that. It is now being replaced with smaller and smaller kit as the days go on. The only noise you get is the blowing air of the fans and the 60 (50) Hz hum of the power supplies in the back room, or the high pitched whine of the switchers being run from the -48 volt buss that is everywhere.

Of course the BIG NOISE is the gas powered turbine for standby power, but you don't expect that too often (it is in a separate room anyway).

Life goes on, but I really miss the step-by-step exchanges where you could SEE how a telephone call worked. Now days all you can do is say it came in from over there, and it goes out over yonder. Not very instructive.

Time marches on...

EA Origin vuln puts players at risk

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This just in????

Trip Hawkins....

Fill in the blanks (*SMILE*).

Supreme Court silence seals Thomas-Rasset's file sharing fate

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If the record industry is smart (?)...

They won't allow copyright trolls to attack normal users. Then again, I am doing a bit of dreaming here.

p.s. A friend of mine just released a CD, so I really should know better (*SIGH*).

Lenovo: Windows 8 is so good, everyone wants Windows 7

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Now if Microsoft were building cars...

They would change the location of the pedals on every "release" just to make it new and innovating.

Yes, other things have been said about this, but I'll stick to this one example.

Touch screens and greasy mitts: All you need is glove

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Yes, fringerprints happen.

On my iPad, one can easily see that I do play solitaire, as that is where the reflection is when the bloody thing is turned off. It probably needs a cleaning now.

I had a co worker (from long ago) that called greasy fingerprints "ginnea grease" (he was Italian).


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Note the desks...

As they say: a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind.

Corollary: Keep those wires coming, there must be an empty port somewhere.

One of these days, I'll put my terminal server and 48+ port switch to good use.

BOFH: My HELPDESK HELL - lies, phones lines and statistics

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Question to ponder...

Is a "Help Desk" ever helpful? Are they just annoying fountains of script readers?

Analysis follows.

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