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Nvidia slips love letter to open source driver devs

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Nof if they can get the current stuff to work properly

I'd be happy. At the present time their wonderful installer doesn't know the difference between 32 and 64 bit environments and gleefully installs in the wrong place. Then I need to go back and re-link things so adobe acrobat reader works correctly. You would think that they could get their act together.

Or: Pay not attention to the man behind the curtain. Oh, well.....

El Reg BuzzFelch: 10 Electrical Connectors You CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!

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Fahnestock connections??

Look, nothing would be complete without them. Probably pre-date many of the connections mentioned in the comments.

As for crimp connections, PLEASE note that the color of the plastic sleeve is NOT to be used for color coding, it is to determine the wire size to be used. They typically had ranges: Red-small, Blue-intermediate, Yellow-large.

For reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fahnestock_clip

Google Glassholes, GET OFF our ROADS, thunder lawmakers in seven US states

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"Must wear corrective lenses"

Is on my drivers license. It got there a few years ago when I couldn't read the silly charts at the DMV that were poorly lit and too far away. Of course, I don't very much, but we now have a problem. I could become a glasshole and have them with nice "CORR LENS" which my license says, but wearing them would be illegal. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

As for "wearable computers": Many modern pacemakers (I worked on one about 15 years ago) have computers in them, and they are indeed implanted inside your body. Talk about "wearable". Would the law prohibit these as well? I note that the description of the Wyoming law (in the comments above me) might not, but one must always deal with the unintended consequences. I'm sure there will be many before this all gets sorted out.

"Nobody is safe while Congress is in session!"

Yes, Google can afford to lose $9bn in Motorola sale. But did it really?

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Death and Taxes

Only sure things. Looks like Google has figures out both of them.

Judge: Google owes patent troll a 1.36% cut of AdWords' BEELLIONS

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A billion here, a billion there...

Pretty soon it adds up to real money.

Everett Dirkson.

Of course he was talking about the US Government at the time, but it does play well in this context.

Reg snaps moment when Facebook turned air Blu: 1PB box for unloved pics

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The 2014 version

Of the IBM data cell.

Of course it will probably be more successful. The IBM data cell was terrible, and with the failures, nobody wanted it AT ALL.

Data everywhere!

Please note: Peta="People Eating Tasty Animals"!

Do you wear specs? Google Glass offers YOU amazing live HD video

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But I want my Foster Grants!

You know, I've got to be stylish. Will they work as aviator glasses like in Top Gun??

Fashion, Fashion!! Got to look "good".

Facebook debunks Princeton's STUDY OF DOOM in epic comeback

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Correlation equals causation?

Note to Climate Change people: Listen UP!

Enough said.

Google, Netflix ready next weapon in net neutrality battle: The fury of millions

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On the lighter side of things...

...Maybe they can look at the SPAM packets and charge more for them. It might even work.

As for the bigger picture:

Call them "Common Carriers" and be done with it. Of course then we will get nicked for every byte, but that is how it goes.

The end user should be the one that determines the "quality of service", Nobody else!

Valve showers Debian Linux devs with FREE Steam games

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Linux as a game platform??

Perhaps this will move things from Windows based platforms for games. If this works out well, it would increase the stock in Linux by quite a bit.

More Linux games --> More Linux users --> More Linux games (etc...)

Celebrity email cracker 'Guccifer' cuffed in Romania: reports

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Amazing what can be done...

If one has the motivation. Now how about attacking the spammers and thieves that are out there. The recent Target store breach comes to mind.

Of course, one wonders, if the NSA has the nice "metadata" that is so freely available, why don't they cross reference it to things like the "do not call" list. THAT is something that might be a nice feature of government. It is not like they don't have the information, just not the will to do things. (*SIGH*).

Windows 8.1 update 'screenshots' leak: Metro apps popped into classic desktop taskbar

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Build conference, which will run from April 2–4 in San Francisco

Ought to be interesting. My big wonder is if they wil let in people wearing Google Glass, or have the Homeland Security people usher them out.

Of course, they could have a version of Windows that works on Google Glass, you never know. Now THAT would be interesting (and pigs can fly)!

Did Microsoft actually put 'get repeatedly pwned by Syrian hackers' on its 2014 todo list?

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So we are supposed to

...trust this Microsoft Cloud??

I don't think so!

MPAA spots a Google Glass guy in cinema, calls HOMELAND SECURITY

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Makes me want to...

...conjure up a nice fake Google Glass just to see what they would do. Not that I could use them anyway. I don't focus that near, given my age.

First the cops, now this. Doesn't anyone have any sense. (Hint: I suspect not!).

Business plan: Make knockoff Google Glass. Profit. Retire

Redmond researchers profile Skype scammers

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Microsoft Research?


Trio allege in court: You sold our ZIP codes, Apple, now hand over $5m!

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I suspect that the people at the Apple store didn't "write" the information, but rather keyed it in somehow (touch things on an iphone?).

Put that to the barristers and solicitors and see what happens.

Tales from an expert witness: Prior art and patent trolls

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Problem with "Prior Art"

The wonderful patent office doesn't see very clearly, and is VERY self centered. In their mind "Prior Art" is "that which is patented". While this is at times reasonable, it doesn't take into account other forms of "Prior Art". Things can get pretty obvious (turn the screwdriver clockwise) obviously need not be patented, but as the author mentions "synchronization of bits on a disk drive" was pretty obvious to those who made them, and it wasn't documented as it was "common knowledge". When they decided that "software" was patentable they didn't have much "prior art" in the patent library, and as such granted bunches of patents on things that were already in use, or "commonly known" to those of us who practice the art of software. This is the reason that software patents are really bad (Amazon "One Click" comes to mind).

Some of this could be mitigated if the public were more involved in the patent process, not just patent examiners. With the public's help say after one year of patent office examination, we could input our objections and notices of "prior art" and the patents issued would be much stronger than they are now. Wishful thinking, but it would be nice to have.

Cicada 3301: The web's toughest and most creepy crypto-puzzle is BACK

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I'd s.................

Google gobbles Wi-Fi thermostat maker Nest for $3.2 BEEELLION IN CASH

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New Silicon Valley Paradigm

No, we aren't going public, we're selling out to Google.

You see going public is more difficult these days after Sarbanes-Oxley, and Dodd-Frank. Selling out to the borg Google is MUCH easier. As they say instant gratification isn't soon enough!

Microsoft to RIP THE SHEETS off Windows 9 aka 'Threshold' in April

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Don't they already have Windows 9 something?

It is in the form of Windows 95 and Windows 98

No comment as to quality of these though, it seems to vary greatly.

(maybe this isn't a joke, time will tell)

Top Microsoft bod: ARM servers right now smell like Intel's (doomed) Itanic

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Microsoft change CPUs???

I kinda doubt it. They thought they could do NT on Alpha, but that is long gone.

They just don't have a good track record of migrating to a "new-different" ecosystem. It isn't in their blood. Apple has done it a couple of times from 68k to Power, and now x86, so they understand the necessary tasks to get the job done.

Yes, ARM has "low power" going for it, and its acceptance is gaining, but for "really big" data center things, it is a bit behind.

Of course, someone could do a "back to the future" operating and get a 68k chip all zoomed up and we could end up using that. An interesting concept.

Reminds me of "metric" in the USA. Very slow and painful process if at all.

Report: Prez Obama kicks Healthcare.gov contractor to curb for web disaster

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Sorry Michele, your buddies...

...had to go home. That's how life is.

Note to self: Don't become friends with politicos to get work. It will never work out well.


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XP Points??

At least they aren't Me or 98 points. Those would be obsolete now (and possibly over 10 years old).

Antarctic ice shelf melt 'lowest ever recorded, global warming is not eroding it'

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Yes, even on Mars there is climate change. Earth has had things on the surface of Mars for quite a few years (the Viking landers by the USA touched down in 1976) and lots of them have been beaming back climate data for many years.

So, guess what: The changes on Mars closely parallel those on Earth. The only thing that remotely is in common is our common star that as a huge Hydrogen Bomb is emitting energy at a horrific rate (I don't have the solar flux numbers handy).

Sure we have global climate change, but is the human influence causing most of it? I hardly think so. Please look to the Sun (but not directly, you might be blinded!).


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I have doubts.

Remember: The validity of a conspiracy goes down as the number of people needed to make it happen goes up. Of course, the counter to this is The Matrix, and the 6th replicant.

As for the A-B picture, there is a nice shadow!

Casino DDoS duo caged for five years after blackmail buyout threat

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That would be wonderful. It would also decrease teh amount of traffic on the web by a few percent or so.

We can only hope!

IBM predicts glorious tech future made possible by $IBMmarketing

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So, what happens next??

Will IBM merge with another company that uses its ideas anyway? Google??

One never knows, but you heard it here first!

Wait, that's no moon 21.5-inch monitor, it's an all-in-one LG Chromebase PC

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DeJa Vu all over again??

At one time there was this thing called "WebTV" that got acquired by that large Redmond Company. They offered an add-on box to make your TV into a browser. Of course it was barely 640x480 (interlaced to boot) but you could watch TV and browse alternately. Now we have this thing, albeit with a bit more resolution, doing the same thing.

Funny thing, people don't exactly want to browse from easy chairs, they usually want to do it from a desk of some sort. Oh, and web companies DESPISED WebTV since it did all sorts of things non standard. One comment was that it might have been more cost effective (manpower wise, etc) to trade all the WebTV boxen for something better, like a laptop. Oh, and the only thing left from WebTV is a building occupied by drones from Redmond.

Good luck LG, but I'd like a Linux box that can do lots of things! Now where is my Raspberry Pi??

ALERT! Fling that fiery HP Chromebook 11 charger back at Google

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Curious: Doesn't the Raspberry Pi use a micro USB for power?

Maybe I can get a new "charger" to power it.

Such fun. I like to repurpose things!

Snowden: I'll swap you my anti-NSA knowhow for asylum ... Brazil says: Não

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Scott Mc Nealy was right.

If you want privacy, BE PRIVATE.

Former US POLITICIAN gets 6 years in slammer for FACEBOOK SCAM

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A fool and their money...

...are soon parted.

It seems that this guy was good at cultivating fools. Then he took their money.

So, this is news??

We MUST be told: How many Bitcoins do I need to kill a melon-head?

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Currencies in general...

Ought to have a nice Army behind them. One of these days the Bitcoin people might, but until then, the value just wanders around.

At least slot machine tokens can be traded back into "real money" at the cashier's window.

Cassini spots MEGA-METHANE SEAS on the north pole of Titan

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Next task...

Build a pipeline to transport that methane back here to earth. Then we might actually HAVE global warming instead of dreaming about it.

Task for those on Titan: Get some oxygen to burn.

'Don't hate on me for my job!' Googlers caught up in SF rent protest ruckus

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In San Francisco!

Probably hired by some silly people in a rent-a-protest scheme.

Mexican Cobalt-60 robbers are DEAD MEN, say authorities

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Didn't they use...

"Nuke-away". Mork had access to the stuff from the planet he came from.

Nanu Nanu

SHOCK! US House swats trolls, passes patent 'extortion' bill

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About time!!

Enough said!

OHM MY GOD! Move over graphene, here comes '100% PERFECT' stanene

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One of the ingredients of some toothpaste is a Stannous Fluoride. In some localities, it is inserted into water to help prevent cavities. Of course I don't know if this material has similar properties, but you never know!



Accused Glasshole driver says specs weren't even turned on for traffic stop

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By the same logic...

If you can't have Google Glasses turned off while driving, then an unplugged TV set that you are transporting to your home in the front seat of your car can be considered a violation as well. It meets ALL the criteria: It is a TV, and it is in the vehicle front of the drivers seat, and (duh!) it is turned off.

It seems to me that the government is wasting LOTS of $$$ on this one.

Then again, Google is getting LOTS of free publicity as well.

DON'T PANIC: No FM Death Date next month, minister confirms

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Might be some wait!

Funny thing about radio is that it is a WORLD-WIDE standard. Unless other part of the world (like here in the USA) start going with DAB it just won't take off. Radio manufacturers won't care that the UK market wants DAB. There are all sorts of people that like the current FM broadcasts. When 4 channel stereo FM broadcast was being offered (I have intimate contact with the people involved, but not that type of intimate!) the lobby of the blind people that thought they would lose their reading channels (SCA subcarriers) brought it to a screaching halt as the attempts to answer all the form letters stalled the rule making.

In lots of markets here in the USA, the engineers are waiting to flip the switch to OFF as soon as possible as it just doesn't measure up to FM in its many uses (both fixed AND mobile). My recent experience was driving around in a friends car and noticing the difference in audio quality as we went into a tunnel and the DAB dropped off. It was quite dramatic.

Almost like digital TV (don't get me started) this looks like a reason to deliver more channels of lesser quality audio to the unsuspecting public.

All politics, not one bit of good engineering!

Build your OWN Apple iBeacon with a Raspberry Pi

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So, how do I annoy all the iPhone users at work?

I've got a nice laptop that does bluetooth quite nicely (it talks to a headset I use). Now I can just beacon some bluetooth stuff and various close by iPhones (I see a bunch of them at work) will beep and squak.

I could be nominated for local BOFH in no time flat.

Maybe my work (it is a big company that sells lots of PC tuff) has their own app that will sound off. This could be an "opportunity" too good to pass up!!

Microsoft bans XXXXBOX gamers for CURSING in online combat

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I just remember being told (at an outpost far away)...

That the work F*** was NOT to be used as a comma, especially when returning to "civilization"

Words to live by in "family company".

Microsoft pockets a HUGE '$28' on an Xbox One: But NOT REALLY

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The true hardware guy's object is to...

...repurpose the box as a nice PC connected to a 1080p resolution monitor that can do some "real" work.

Then you get the cheap box, and forget about the silly game titles (which unfortunately make more $$$$$ than movie titles).

If it were only so easy. The console makers (can you blame them) make it VERY hard to get Linux on the console where some real work can be done. (*SIGH*).

HEADS UP, text-flinging drivers! A cop in a huge SUV is snooping on you

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Maybe the cops will write more tickets about the idiots that want to be distracted. It ought to be pretty easy to detect. Just measure the length of time from the cruiser's read light to the actual driver getting the message. If they were distracted, it will be a VERY (relatively) time.

Yes, more tickets for this type of thing. We may yet balance the budget!

BOFH: Resistance is futile - we're missing BEER O'CLOCK

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Of voice "models"

In my earlier days (the early 80's) I worked for a company that provided computers for answering services. Yes, they DID exist.

With almost true regularity the nicest "voices" were the people (barely describes them) who were the most ugly people you would see. Usually VERY overweight and sometimes proud of it.

When me and my co-worker were out in the field, we would mention in passing "there goes another answering service lady broad". This continued for quite some time, as we observed the installations we worked on.

As for Friday. Simon is making them very enjoyful more and more these days. Wonderful to have BOFH weeks in a row!

Google deletes Maps satellite photos of 14-year-old's unsolved murder

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Just watch...

"Person if Interest" (US TV show).

Who is to say this isn't being done!

Remember that at one time NSA meant "No Such Agency".

Oracle pens recipe for tweeting turkey in Raspberry Pi sauce

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Not blow by blow, but...

Degree by degree. Internal temp of the celebratory beast.

Now if they could just do a 3D printing of a tasty edible turkey we might be able to feed the world. I suspect that "tasty" and "edible" are a ways off!

Barclays Online OFFLINE: UK bank site, mobile app go titsup for the evening

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So, if the bank isn't available??

Then everything is free?

Wishful thinking. They could authorize everything.

Sony scoffs at the Microsoft EX-BOX: A MILLION PS4s sell in ONE day

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Recent Adverts on US TV...

There is a company flogging "convertible" laptops that double as both touch and traditional laptops. The babe hawking them is posed as a paramedic, and admits to needing a laptop for homework, but uses the touch for "XBox and Twitter. I didn't know that you could use a normal laptop for "Xbox". Maybe if they can use a laptop for PS4 that might have something.

It seems to me that as more and more things are going "portable", the need for dedicated game consoles is going down and down these days.

So, slowly the game consoles will be less and less relevant. It is already happening to desktops. Maybe the folks at Sony could make up a special SD card that you could plug into a laptop and make it a PS5 or some such. Of course it would make them lose control of the $$$ stream they get for the games published that use their game console, but...

p.s. I always thought gaming was a real poor thing to do on a computer. Then again I'm an old fashioned kinda guy (now where is that copy of Spacewar?).

True fact: Britain is losing its brains

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All of this begs the question:

Do you want fries with that?

As for Death Valley, there isn't much humidity there, so the perspiration evaporates quite quickly. Yes, Hawaii is very nice. Costly, but nice.

'I'm BIG, I'm BALD and I'm LOUD!' Blubbering Ballmer admits HE was Microsoft's problem

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Maybe he did a "stack ranking" on himself!!

And found that he didn't rank high enough.

Just sayin'

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