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Global Warming is real, argues sceptic mathematician - it just isn't Thermageddon

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Chicken Little??

No further comments needed here.

If you yell it loud enough, someone will hear you. Of course if you keep being wrong, you do have some problems.

I guess governments want us to go back to the ice age, but I'll let others comment further.

Roll up, roll up for the Commentards' Ball

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We need one for "imortant" places...

Like here in sillycon Valley.

There is a nice place a stones throw from Apple's "Endless Loop" campus. Nicely situated to pick up gossip from the locals as well.

Hundreds of folks ready to sue Bitcoin exchange MtGox

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It seems that BitCoins aren't worth the paper they are printed on. Oh, wait, they aren't even printed. That would make their value even less.

All of this yields the Wille Sutton phrase: "Because that's where the money is!".

Belgian judge mulled BANNING APPLE (actually, its website) in Euro warranty row

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10 years, 100,000 miles??

Oh, sorry that is for vehicles which DO break down.

One should note that for the most part electronics are pretty good and not having failures incidental to the making. Yes, they do get abused and fail from that, but for the most part if the product is designed well, it works pretty well from year 1-5 (until they obsolete it with new software that won't run on older machines).

Bitcoin bank Flexcoin pulls plug after cyber-robbers nick $610,000

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Leading indicator...

of why you don't want to invest/use Bitcoins.

In the end, a currency needs an Army, and probably some taxing structure (sad to say).

Live and learn!

Thanks a lot, Facebook: Microsoft turns Office 365 into social network

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Sounds like an excuse...

To goof off and not get any "work" done with the "productivity application".

After all isn't that what Facebook is already?

Confirmed: New Microsoft strategy boss advised President Clinton, ex-UK PM Blair

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Don't Get Scroogled??

Really should be "Don't get bonged".

Oscars backer Samsung can't catch a break: Host Ellen snaps stars on iOS

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Selfie of the phone itself??

Maybe that is what is needed. Perhaps a mirror.

Oh, well, just another grainy picture with useless information.

As noted in an early college class: The value of the information is INVERSELY proportional to its probability of happening. So if something is in the "so what" category it doesn't have much information.

Ethernet boffins get ready to kick off 400G development

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Re: Well, then!

Yes, with the spacing, the bits are less than 1mm apart. This means that in a distance of about 12 meters, you have an entire (standard) ethernet frame.

The problems with "frames in transit" starts to make things difficult. Go longer distances and limits of TCP become evident.

So, generally nice for in rack communications, longer distances start to be problematical.

As consumers, 100Base-T works quite well, but doesn't satisfy those who believe "Instant gratification isn't soon enough".

Bill Gates is BACK... as CHIEF RICH human of PLANET EARTH

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Now for the big question...

What is that in BitCoins?

Sorry, I couldn't resist!!!

Official FACT: Gadgets are giving YOU a wrinkly 'Tech Neck'

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Cue the Carly Simon record...

...you probably think this song is about you...

About 40 years ago, and relevant even today.

The album was: No Secrets

Who earns '$7k a month' but can't even legally drink? A tech intern!

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Where does one sign up. Sounds like a nice company to work for.

Never mind the fact that I'm a bit (no comment) older than the 'average' intern.

Yes, I live in "Silicon Valley" and the housing costs are high. It helps to take advantage of "Proposition 13" though.

Get Quake III running on Raspberry Pi using Broadcom's open-source GPU drivers, earn $10K

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A company that understands the business (hardware) that they are in.

Nvidia: Please listen!!

Crap hospital databases next goldmine for cyber-crooks, say Microsoft's botnet slayers

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Which is why...

When I have my MANDATED electronic medical record, I'd prefer it to be administered by a BANK. From the looks of it, they have a clue!

Remember, some of the medical devices are run by Windows 98 instances, and can't be updated (so it is said) unless they go through a bunch of hoops from the FDA to get it approved. So, the vendors just stand by and don't do much. Meanwhile the operator (health clinic, etc.) just connects it up the the internet, and some unsuspecting technician starts browsing the web, and the whole thing is compromised.

Now that WinXP is being cut off I suspect the same thing will happen there. So, one should be careful the next time you go in for an X-ray.

Microsoft dangles carrot at SMEs, eases Windows 8 Enterprise licensing

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Rearranging chairs

On the Titanic.

Windows 7 is what people are using, and will for some time.

Bitcoin or bust: MtGox files for bankruptcy protection

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Maybe the crypto locker people lost money as well.


Any currency (or language, i.e. Esperanto) without an army behind it is doomed to failure.

Of course, I haven't seen the Mafia try its hand on a currency, but they might given their vested interest. Stranger things have happened.

Fukushima radioactivity a complete non-issue on West Coast: Also for Fukushima locals, in fact

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Just remember...

US Law requires distilled spirits (and wine/beer) to be radioactive. Sure it is a bit indirect, but the law DOES require it.

Yes, it is a small amount, and that is the point. We live in a radioactive world!

Here in sunny California, we have this "Proposition 65" thing that requires lots of people to say "This contains items that the state of California says make cancer" (or words to that effect). Of course, life makes cancer and most of the doses are minuscule. No matter, having ANY amount of said substance is enough to get lawyers to descend upon you lawsuits in hand bleeding you dry of any $$$ you might have. What a wonderful place we live in.

MtGox has VANISHED. So where have all the Bitcoins gone?

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Fool, Money...

Soon parted.

BitCoin, more so, and apparently quicker as well.

Nokia to Devs: PLEASE DON'T make Nokiadroid apps look like WinPho

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Now if they can get ports the other way

Like from Win-Pho to Android in 8 hours or less, they might have something.

Oh, if they do that, nobody will need/want a WinPho, such sadness.

Something rotten stalks the Cloud Kingdom

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Have Gun - Will Travel

Wire Paladin, San Francisco.

Enough said.

Muslim clerics issue fatwa banning the devout from Mars One 'suicide' mission

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Please remember:

"What is life but to live it!".

Please keep religion to yourself, and I promise to as well.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program(me).

Pics: 'Bitcoin ATMs' spring up in the US

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1) A fool and his money are soon parted.

2) A currency without an army to back it up isn't worth much.

3) Invest in BitCoin? Good luck with that!

4) When can I hold this "BitCoin" in my hand?

5) Talk about "paper money"!

Just to name a few.

Ghostwriter: Assange™ is NARCISSISTIC and UNTRUTHFUL

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Can you keep a secret??

So can I!!

Some are better at this game than others. Sure we "need to know" but sometimes the Sgt. Schultz ideal is better.

I for one would like to know what Mr. Putin's government is up to as well as the thoughts of the Mullahs in Iran. I have doubts that Mr. WikiLeaks could help me out there. Of course, one could ask the question: Why didn't Mr. Assange hide out in the Iran embassy?

UK citizens to Microsoft: Oi. We WANT ODF as our doc standard

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Other examples...

"My personal preference is UTF-8 done with a plain text editor for most official documents."

Which is why RFCs are published in this EXACT manner. No fuss, no muss. Of course they are dealing with an entirely different audience, but it is worth noting that documents from a word processor (pick one) are good at multiplying the character count of even the simplest of documents.

Most word processor document formats have grown "organically" to accommodate the ever changing landscape of users who like the latest gee-wizz feature that they found out about. Then you get a word processor vendor that adds on a newer fature, needs a new document format, and one person in the organization publishes in that format necessitating that everyone else use the "more modern" word processor even though they have no need for its features. So everyone does upgrade and the vendor of the word processor makes out by making previous versions obsolescent. When the next new feature comes out, the cycle continues, only this time the version of the word processor needs a new version of the operating system to function properly.

Rinse, repeat.

Hopefully an 'open document format' will cut down on this vicious cycle.

Yes! New company smartphones! ... But I don't WANT one

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I guess...

that my Motorola StarTac (about 12 years old!) should be fine. It is functional right now, and I can even talk on it.

Look, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Then again, it might not be a joke after all!!

Just like Elvis, dead Steve Jobs to appear all over America in 2015

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Are you sure??

Unlike Presley, Jobs has not been sighted in obscure truck stops around the nation.

I hear that there is a ghost at the intersection of I-280 and DeAnza Bvld. That's why the street is named Endless Loop.

BOFH: He... made... you... HE made YOU a DOMAIN ADMIN?

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Administration priviliges??

On a Windows box, it is pretty easy. Just install Linux and be done with it. Actually works quite well.

For the timid, one of the desktop spins works OK as well. Won't leave behind (too much) incriminating evidence.

Comments on Linux vs. Windows vs. MacOS notwithstanding.

Nokia may consider merging with Juniper: report

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"Bootnote If Nokia did merge with Juniper, would it be called Junkia?"

The only comment to that is "Don't touch my junk!"

Handcuffed Obama administration pokes patent trolls, pleads for Senate legislation

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A Start.

Given this administration's track record, I don't see much coming down the pike. But, hey, it IS a start.

We can only hope.

p.s. I don't hold this administration in much regard, given what they have done in the past 5 years.

Even better would be to move the lawsuits out of the East Texas courtroom which is WAY to friendly to trolls.

Retiring greybeards force firms to retrain Java, .NET bods as mainframe sysadmins

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Have the GCC people include a Cobol compiler (as a standard part). At the present time it seems to be just hype (close, but no cigar!).

Look, it could help!

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The problem with risk managers is that they only quantify one risk: The risk of doing something (in this case rewriting old programs). They never seem to want to quantify the less obvious thing, the risk of NOT doing something (in this case letting the older programs survive on tribal knowledge).

Some one needs a clue-by-four.

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Spaces significant??

"We already have a trendy language (Python) that is following the 1960's FORTRAN mistake convention of making whitespace significant"

I'm sorry, but in Fortran the only place spaces are significant is in strings. You can leave them out in all other cases. In fact many Fortran compilers did just that as a first pass of the source code. It made for smaller intermediate files, when secondary storage was at a premium. Of course in PL/1 you had whitespace, but there you could use keywords as identifiers and the context would sort it out.

Yes, a parser for Fortran is a wild beast.

TV scraper Aereo pulled off air in six US states after tellyco court injunction victory

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We here in the USA don't license (sorry, American spelling) our TV receivers. We have nice sky hooks (antennas/ae) that capture signals and through a miracle of electronics display said content on (in my case) a picture tube.

The Aereo people just have a longer cord from the receiver to the display. That is all they are doing.

No "broadcast" here, just a receiver and a long wire to the display. What could be simpler. Sure it gets around the provisions of licensing programs, but that is why we here in the USA have adverts on the telly.

Pretty soon if this goes on, having a TV receiver connected to a computer monitor might not be legal without infusing $$$ into someones pocket. Of course having my satellite receiver modulated on channel 34 on my private cable so I can use multiple receivers might not be too legal either, but I don't worry.

P.S. I don't steal beer either.

New Flash vuln exploited (again). Adobe posts emergency fix (again)

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Begs the question...

Will Flash ever be secure?

I guess it is trying to do many things and gets tripped up doing some of them. So, time will tell.

Also: Hey Adobe, we Linux people would like to be included in the 12.xxx series releases too. How about it?

Fine, you can mock us: NSA spies back down in T-shirt ridicule brouhaha

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No Such Agency.

If only they helped out by enforcing the "Do Not Call" list, it isn't like don't have the data.

Just issue a monthly report: People who were called by telemarketers that don't want to be. Easy Peasy!

El Reg gives it a wrist at MWC: From not-so-smartwatch to the selfie-taker

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$250 for a "Clock Bracelet"??

Not this commentard. A little pricey for my taste. If someone wants to get ahold of me, they can page me. It has worked for over 30 years, and is just fine, thank you.

As people have said before me: "Anything more than about $20 (give or take, inflation, you know) is jewelry. And no, I don't have a Rolex (or want one).

SMELT YOU LATER: Apple announces conflict-free status

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As everyone knows, Paper destroys Spock, which seems to be happening here.

And we all know what happened to the piece of paper deemed "Peace in our time".

NGOs like to throw tantrums. It is the only way they can justify their existence (*SIGH*).

My smelly Valentine: Europe's perfumers wake to V-Day nightmare

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When in doubt: Ban It!

Seems to be the phrase of the day. Never mind the consequences or unintended outcomes. The ROHS directives have really done nothing but enrich those who promote ROHS alternatives, many of which are inferior to the original.

Apple Mac Pro: It's a death star, not a nappy bin, OK?

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Maybe they need a "surround" at the base.

Then it would look like a shrunk Cray-1 computer, it being circular and all. I haven't done the comparison yet, but I suspect that it is a bit more powerful than the original Cray-1 as well. But that was over 30 years ago. Things have come a long way!

'No representation without taxation!' urges venerable tech VC

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We get into problems when.....

...only a minority actually PAYS taxes. Then the others can by their votes get the "wealthy" to pay even more. Pretty soon the "wealthy" don't want to be "wealthy" much more and join the majority who just want to feed at the trough. It turns into a vicious cycle that ends up ruining us all. Unfortunately we are very close to this point here in the USA, sad to say.

So, yes, if you DO pay (income) taxes (however small) and were given the right to vote based on that fact, it might make a difference. Running things on "other peoples money" is just fine until it runs out!

FIGHT! Semiconductor heavyweights debate government's role, gloves come off

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Be Afraid, very afraid!!

When someone says: "I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help you."

As said by a wise person: "Government is not the solution, Government is the problem!".

Here in the USA, we just need to look at the last 5 years! I just remember that when money flows through a government agency (taxes in, grants, etc. out), there are major inefficiencies in the process. That along with the "strings attached" make it a pretty bad deal. I will admit that some things have worked out (very few). These include the USA's interstate highway system, and to a certain degree NASA. Unfortunately the list of failures far exceeds the successes. Life goes on, death and taxes.

RISE of the MACHINES and Bitcoin: Bill Gates' Reddit tech predictions

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Maybe he will BUILD a nuclear power plant

And show everyone that it can be done. It would be a nice change of pace.

It is not that he can afford it, but it might be called a "major purchase".

p.s. The Columbia River has lots of cooling fluid to use, and it borders Washington State.

NYPD dons Google tech specs: Part man. Part machine. All Glasshole

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Reciprocal Recording?

If anyone is allowed to record what you do (like the police), it should be automatic that you can record them as well with no consequences. It should apply to all forms of recording, both audio and video. So when they announce on a phone call that they are recording for "training purposes", it is implied that you can record the conversation as well.

The same should apply to video recording in whatever form.

So what is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

As for RoboCop, they just released a new version of the movie (or can Hollywood come up with anything different?).

BOFH: Attractive person is attractive. Um, why are your eyes bulging?

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Solving "CRAZY"

When my wife returns from the hairdressers, and asks the inevitable question that is something close to "How do you like my Hair?", the ONLY proper answer is:

"It makes you more beautiful than you already are!"

This solves LOTS of problems. Of course the question might take a different form, but the answer usually works in all cases.

You're welcome!

Satya Nadella is 'a sheep, a follower' says ex-Microsoft exec

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They aired the Apple commercial of 30 years ago a few days ago

And it seems relevant even today. Of course a different object to throw the hammer at, but yes there seems to be a conforming audience to "cheer" on the "man behind the curtain". Look what happened to the last object of the thrown hammer, as we look forward to the next object.

Of course, if it were chairs that were thrown, it might be a different commercial.

1984 all over again. Maybe a rewrite with different characters. Haven't I seen this movie before??

Microsoft's new CEO: The technology isn't his problem

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I'm happy.

Browser: Firefox

Office Suite: LibreOffice

Main OS; Linux

Development tools: GCC

Tablet: iPad

Phone: An old Motorola StarTac.

Internet: Anything I want to do, unencumbered.

All of these are really quite adequate for everything I want to do. So, as for Microsoft, the comment is "why bother".

NASA quandary: Should Curiosity channel Fast and Furious for Martian dune-buggy jump?

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Now where is the ...

JATO bottle when you really need it!

Power, baby! Power!!

US feds want cars conversing by 2017

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Such fun!!

Just have a nice proper device that tells other vehicles some seriously bad information. Now one can be a pedestrian on an overpass of a busy freeway (I-280 nearby) and watch the cars. Maybe they can have contests to see of one can lite up brake lights in a character pattern.

Of course, if one is in Southern California, the multitude of lanes on I-210 might make a nicer bit-mapped display (they have 5 lanes there).

Nvidia slips love letter to open source driver devs

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Nof if they can get the current stuff to work properly

I'd be happy. At the present time their wonderful installer doesn't know the difference between 32 and 64 bit environments and gleefully installs in the wrong place. Then I need to go back and re-link things so adobe acrobat reader works correctly. You would think that they could get their act together.

Or: Pay not attention to the man behind the curtain. Oh, well.....

El Reg BuzzFelch: 10 Electrical Connectors You CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!

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Fahnestock connections??

Look, nothing would be complete without them. Probably pre-date many of the connections mentioned in the comments.

As for crimp connections, PLEASE note that the color of the plastic sleeve is NOT to be used for color coding, it is to determine the wire size to be used. They typically had ranges: Red-small, Blue-intermediate, Yellow-large.

For reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fahnestock_clip

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