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Windows 10: One for the suits, right Microsoft? Or so one THOUGHT

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Re: The numbering makes sense now...

No, what the "10" refers to is the year, like Windows 95. This indicates that whatever is released was supposed to be released in 2010, and probably would have made sense then.

Of course the alternate explanation is that someone got a finger cut off and they count in base 9.

Buying memory in an iPhone 6: Like wiping your bottom with dollar bills

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Don't look at me.

I still have a nice fully functional StarTac phone that serves me well.

As for overpriced stuff, just look for the word "Audiophile" for a multitude of examples. They range from power cords to outlets to speaker wire. In all cases the stuff you pick up at a local Radio Shack (as long as they stay in business), or hardware store are perfectly acceptable, and do the same job. These people don't believe in A-B tests (double blind!) at all.

Edge Research Lab to tackle chilly LOHAN's final test flight

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Cold and colder...

This reminds me of a time (long ago) where I was helping out in the inner workings of a propane powered thermocouple. Due to its position (a very southern point) it was quite cold, and the propane didn't gas out as is normal. To "start" the process the parts needed to be "pre-heated" to make vapor. So, there I was with a propane torch only to find out that it too wasn't up to making vapor. The next step was to get ANOTHER propane torch, and hold it next to a warm object (my body) and use it to heat up the second torch to let it make vapor to heat up the thermocouple(s). I think it worked for a while while things got started. The "backup" power source was much more reliable, being a nice RTG the size of an oil drum that was mostly concrete and lead. Sadly I don't think this solution will work for LOHAN.

Snooptastic US CELL TOWERS pose man-in-the-middle THREAT

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Scott McNealy was right!



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Spain has all sorts of problems!

NASA (actually JPL's) Deep Space Network has an operation there and they had a nice tax advantaged status. Spain decided to change the rules (that the rest of the EU was more than happy to accept. They are now thinking of moving to South Africa (previously banned by Apartheid, but not any more) for the nice new dishes. Nobody remembers that these guys DO spread a bunch of loot around in the local economy.

So, welcome to the USA. Relax and have a few. Of course, if you really want good rocket engines, ask the Imperial War Museum for that Werner Von Braun model they have standing in the middle of the main exhibit hall. It would work quite well (take a bunch of Helium to get to altitude, but you wouldn't need much.

Yes, I want the mug as well!

Top Gun display for your CAR: Heads-up fighter pilot tech

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Easy to do

I saw an IPad application that does lots of navigation stuff. Place it on the dash and presto-chango you get a heads-up display. When your trip ends, take it with you. Of course it won't answer the call from mom, but do you really need that?

Simian selfie stupidity: Macaque snap sparks Wikipedia copyright row

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And now for a good thought experiment!

We have the monkey take a pic that would be considered "kiddie porn". Of course it would be bad, but who would they prosecute?

Life goes on.

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Works for hire.

Give the monkey a banana, and the photographer is the owner. The same thing goes if I'm paid for my work, and the person who pays me gets the benefits.

Such monkey business.

Of course, the owner could "license" the work and pay the monkey royalties for the use, but that is a subject of another story.

Flying United Airlines? If you could just scan your passport with your phone, that'd be great

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What could possibly go wrong?

"So absolutely nothing to worry about there." So, fast forward to:

Data breach at security firm Jumio and the bad guys get all that nice passport information to sell to nefarious third parties (take your pick). For a couple of $$, one could get wonderful "clean" documents.

Move along, nothing to see here.

I note that there was a recent news story here in sillycon valley where some lady (more than once) got by TSA screening, and walked onto a plane.

END your Macbook SHAME: Convert it into a Microsoft SURFACE

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Wrong way?

Maybe the kiskstarter campaign is the wrong way. What needs to be done is convert a surface into a MacBook.

You heard it here first.

Too rich for an iPhone 6? How about a gold-plated Brikk?

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That is all it is. The fact that it does "phone" is almost secondary. They could be selling a simple slab of stainless steel, layered in gold leaf and with a few carbon crystals, and add the Apple logo (royalty necessary), and call it a day. No need for useless "electronics" to confuse people.

The same goes for watches these days. Almost anything over $50.00 is jewelry. They all tell time just as well.

Bling? Bah!

FREE PARTY for TEN lucky Australian Reg readers

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Does Australia have a town like Nantucket?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Thirteen Astonishing True Facts You Never Knew About SCREWS

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Screws Vs. Bolts

Look it is easy. Screws are used with screwdrivers, bolts with wrenches.

No more arguing.

Me? I keep a nice adjustment screwdriver (with a magnet on its antipode) at the ready in my shirt pocket (it has a nice clip). Of course it is in reality a "multi-tool" used for all sorts of things (broaching shipping tape is but one).

YES, iPhones ARE getting slower with each new release of iOS

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Upgrades to software, other platforms.

"Thinking of Microsoft in the 1990s, no one at all would try to run the Windows of the day on hardware two generations older"

The interesting truth here is that with Linux, you would do just that. Wait for some discard in the Windows realm, and have a go of Linux on the "obsolete" hardware. It worked out quite well, and many people found out that this "old hardware" had a life "after windows". To a certain degree this is still true.

Sonos AXES support for Apple's iOS4 and 5

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There is always...

Solitare. It works just fine on my original iPad. Yes, there are more apps that are functional as well. To be sure the later versions have features like cameras and the like, but why aren't they compatible with "iOS the older"? Seems as though everything has a finite life. Look, even Linux dropped support for 386's a while back. Thankfully if I feel the need, I can go back a kernel rev or two and get someting that works.

Me? I've still got a Quadra 840AV running Mac OS 7.6 (that I don't turn on much, but still...).

Russia: There is a SPACECRAFT full of LIZARDS in orbit above Earth and WE control it

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What a way to....

Sell insurance!

Note to USA impaired:


Microsoft: We're making ONE TRUE WINDOWS to rule us all

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One Windows doesn't work!

The environments Microsoft is aiming for are different. On the one hand, tablets/phones are "one handed" devices that you poke and slide across (while holding in the other hand) and laptops/desktops are "two handed" devices that you use a keyboard and a mouse. These just aren't compatible. You need a different set of rules to make it all work.

Apple HAS figured it out (my many shares are looking pretty good here!) and the "feel" of the different devices is adapted to the different environments.

So having steering wheels on horses and reins on autos just isn't that practical but it might work if you wanted it to. The end result is at best a comprimise and doesn't get the job done.

So, one to rule them all isn't going to work!

Who should do security clearance checks? Did you say 'chat-bot'? This military slinger hopes so

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Well known.

Talking to a "non-person" is a process. The mentioned process indicated that people were more likely to "open up" when a non-person was the other party. Sure it sounds stupid, but it actually does work. This non-person is a (very) disinterested entity much like a psychiatrist is in normal like. Kinda like "Dear Abby" for security, but a two-way conversation.

The other fact is that if the responses are "stress tested" one can tell the suckers subjects state of mind and the truthfulness of the answers.

Caveat: HR Droids are almost as devoid of smarts as well. Use with caution.

Note to self: Relax!

Are you broke? Good with electronics? Build a better AC/DC box, get back in black with $1m

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All of this??

So you can convert it back to something around 12-18 volts to power the computer that is the size of a laptop.

Yes, many things run from low(er) voltage DC in these days of solid state devices. Just look around your desk and see. There are lots of "wall warts" of varying sizes needed to power everything. Now this doesn't include charging your Nissan Leaf, or Tesla roadster, but many things just use the 120/240 volts mains to get from point A to point B. The actual use is another matter.

OK, there are some exceptions, like the refrigerator and the clothes washer (they have motors!) but not much else.

The big problem with lower voltages for power distribution is that a voltage drop of 1 volt is significant (it is not at the higher voltages). With more current these add up to a bunch of heat (and melted insulation if you aren't careful).

Oh, don't forget: 400+ volts of DC is not very "user friendly".

Microsoft's MCSE and MCSD will become HARDER to win

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El Reg Certified BOFH

Where do I sign up. This ought to be a good certification. Maybe El Reg can make a buck/quid or two.

How to do it: Get a bunch of people who want the certification and let them make up questions for others to answer. I'm sure Simon will have the final say.

Motorist 'thought car had caught fire' as Adele track came on stereo

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A "FIRE" warning light actually means something. In my instance it was on the control panel of a C-130 flying south from Cristchurch, NZ. Got the pilot and the others in the flight crew REALLY excited. Thankfully it was just flashing, which indicates an overtemp. The (well trained) pilot just backed off the throttle and the flight engineer scanned the books on what to do (answer: back off the throttle, see what happens).

Nobody in the rest of the cargo hold (in a C-130 people are treated as cargo) was bothered. I was told to not say anything (what light?). Life went on. I survived.

The Sun took a day off last week and made NO sunspots

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Precision, transparency, honesty

Well put! Sadly lacking.

US judge: Yes, cops or feds so can slurp an entire Gmail account

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Scott Mc Nealy is right!

You have no privacy, get over it.

Note to self: Don't use the "cloud" for nefarious purposes. Talk person to person, and not where it could be recorded.

Elon Musk GIVES UP ON SEX: He'll make do with a 'cheap' Tesla III instead

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SF (San Jose) to LA (Pasadena) nonstop??

Well folks it can be done. You just tank up the nice SUV (all 21 (US) gallons) and go for it. Barreling down I-5 playing Parcheesi with the big-rigs and the SLOW cars that won't get out of your way until you hit Bakersfield. Yes, it can be done. The biggest problem is the wife's bladder, and the want for a nice In-N-Out about half way down (Kettelman City).

Now if Mr. Musk thinks that his nice battery will work at 70+ MPH in the heat of the California Central Valley (AC necessary!) and have the range, I invite him to do it. I suspect the 400 mile range will be a bit diminished in the conditions stated, and I really don't want to spend any more time on I-5 (dull, boring) than I really need to.

Of course, what I usually do is tank up at the Gilroy Costco and get a $1.50 hot dog and soda (tasty for the price), adding a bit of range.

Female! ex-Yahoo! coder! says! female! boss! fired! her! for! refusing! sex!

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We intend to fight vigorously to clear her name....

After a private confidential settlement of $n million. Assuming it is true.

Microsoft's new 'Adam' AI trounces Google ... and beats HUMANS

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Yes, but...

Will it play Jeopardy and win? Isn't that what neural networks do?

Can it be true? That I hold here, in my mortal hand, a nugget of PUREST ... BLACK?

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Soon to be (unfortunately)...

Patented and locked away so it will take 20 years (or so) to find useful purposes.

Just sayin'

Hackers' delight: Hotel cyber-cafe, er, business centers, apparently – US Secret Service

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Note to self:

Don't use business center computers. Use own laptop instead. Duh.

Then again how do you print things out? Like boarding passes. Thankfully credentials are short lived. Then again, a bogus boarding pass might be used for... (as the helicopters emerge over the horizon)

NEW Raspberry Pi B+, NOW with - count them - FOUR USB ports

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Of course, the microUSB connector...

To be used for anything OTHER than power. How about a nice device USB port so we can make peripheral devices to other machines?

As for power, I have a nice 2 amp wall-wart to supply power. Had to wire it up special for the micro USB, but it works quite well!

No need to worry: US blows $174m on new Cray to simulate nukes

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If they bought Raspberry Pi's with the $$$

And connected them all together, what computing power would that be?

Begging the question: Can a simulation be done with a bunch of RPi's. I suspect we will never know.

Interesting thought experiment though!

Today's Facebook fury: Coppertone-like baby pic ban baffles US mom

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They had a full sized billboard here locally

Back in the day the Coppertone people put up a BIG motorized billboard on the local freeway (motorway) in San Jose. It had the dog pulling down the little girl's bottom (just a little bit) to expose the tan line. In BIG letters, lit up for all to see were the words "Tan, Don't Burn" in sync with the motor reveal.

We've come a long way in political correctness (which isn't by the way) in the years since.

No, I don't know what happened to the billboard. Probably the dustbin of history!

10Gbps over crumbling COPPER: Boffins cram bits down telco wire

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Wire up my home?

Please. I'll do beta testing cheap. Make that DSL line into a nice wonderful firehose of bits.

That AMAZING Windows comeback: Wow – 0.5% growth in 2015

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As the saying goes:

Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it.

Many have asked for things compatible with Windows (of whatever ilk) and they have been stuck in the Microsoft web for ever more.

Just now people are coming to realize that other alternatives exist, and to the detrement of Microsoft, have gone to them. These are the people who don't want all their eggs in one basket. Rightly so in my estimation. YMMV.

Boeing to start work on most powerful rocket ... EVER!

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Just remember...

The crowning achievement of the Apollo program was the Saturn-5 rocket. Werner did a really good job on that!

Everyone notes that when Apollo 8 rounded the moon in December 1968, the USA had won the space race. Finishing on time with Apollo 11 was almost anti-climatic. Exciting, yes, but almost a foregone conclusion.

A new rocket will put the USA back in space properly. I'm all for it!

Oh SNAP! Old-school '80s Unix hack to smack OSX, iOS, Red Hat?

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The paper is interesting, but wrong!

It has several examples of wildcard expansion, and fails to note that the expansion is done in alphabetical order (where '-' collates first). Then goes on to show several commands where the file name expansion takes place after ALL the options are processed (like the tar command) and options are ignored. Oh, and 'ls' collates differently as well.

This falls into the trick of putting a file name of '*' in someone's directory and then asking them to delete it. Not for the faint of heart.

NHS delivers swift kick to Microsoft's wallet over fee demands

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All of this "License Talk" has me wondering...

How much does it cost just to keep all these licenses in order? From the looks of it, it is a daunting task, that nobody really know how it works. This MUST be a cost involved, and I suspect that it isn't a small one.

Given that, how much does this add to "Total Cost of Ownership" that everyone talks about? From the looks of it it isn't even considered, but the compliance keeps popping up as necessary to do. Then consider the "overbuying" of licenses just to keep from not having the proper ones. All of these items add cost to the compliance.

Might be worth looking into!

Future Apple gumble could lock fanbois out of their own devices

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Make NSFW actually work.

When you get into the "work" zone, it automatically makes sure that NSFW is enforced.

Then again, there might be a NSFH(ome), which is different from NSFM(istress). This could get interesting when filtering mails as well as pictures.

All to insure domestic tranquility.

We need to talk about SPEAKERS: Sorry, 'audiophiles', only IT will break the sound barrier

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...

Wonderful article. Even some good science. Time accuracy is important, and many of the first CD recordings did not have reasonable phase-linear input filters, and were noted as being "blurry" at the high end. As we generate sound from our computer sound cards, typically the "5.1" system, the low frequency is made to be non-directional by design. Good accurate transducers wouldn't need such band-aids.

As for "audiophiles" (audio-fools), they seem to be members of a mutual admiration society, and to enter the "club" they need to spend lots, without thinking about it. When they start talking about multi dollar mains cords and the "unidirectional" connections, I just want to puke. Put a bunch of them in a room and do double blind tests, and they will only give excuses (while they pick the inexpensive amplifier as being the best). What you see advertised boggles the mind. I don't know if the marketeers actually believe in the products, or are laughing all the way to the bank. Somehow I suspect the latter. They seem like the over-the-phone psychics I hear on TV.

Life goes on, and educating the audience to "good sound" in an ongoing exercise, often thwarted by those who should know better. (*SIGH*)

Bitcoin was illegal in California? Whoops, governor fixes that 165-year-old money law

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Then there is Article 1, section 8

The Congress shall have Power...To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof

We here in California do things a bit differently. Of course "coin money" means different things to different people.

Sorry, Governor Moonbeam.

Microsoft's anti-malware crusade knackers '4 MILLION' No-IP users

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Good thing...

I use DynDns for my stuff. Thay might have better service too.

Of course, they just started charging for their use, and that gives an audit trail that crooks don't like. Thankfully I'm not (I hope) in that category.

BOFH: You can take our lives, but you'll never take OUR MACROS

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Re: I know this BOFH is only satire...but...

Look, BOFH is NOT satire. It happens every day, and we all want the proper cattle prod that we can use on the current "boss", but he hasn't approved the budget yet.

One of these days.

As for spreadsheets: My dad could "audit" spreadsheets that were produced manually in the 60's (sometimes they took a full day to do all the calculations). He could take a quick look and point to cell "H10" and say "This is wrong". It scared lots of people.

Average chump in 'bank' phone scam is STUNG for £10,000 - study

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A fool and his money...

...are soon parted.

It has been that way for a LONG time. The convenience of computers just makes it easier to find the fools. While (say) 50 years ago, scammers wanted the "big score", the more recent model is to find LOTS of fools and suck what little they have out of their "wallets".

Life goes on. As mentioned in previous posts, their needs to be a "standard" method of authenticating the "bank" on the other end of the phone. If all banks agreed (like calling you by name and something else) it would go a long way.

Will it happen? Probably not.

Got a botnet? Thinking of using it to mine Bitcoin? Don't bother

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Maybe we should encourage them...

To try the mining operation, so they can LOSE $$$ in the process and give up on the idea after all.

The herders will price themselves out of business. Novel concept. When do they start.

Brit bank Barclays rolls out speech recognition for telephone banking

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So you recite your card number

In a nice public place (Grand Central/Paddington) where everyone can hear the 16 digits of your account number.

I should equip myself with a nice microphone/recorder and standby. Shopping for goodies as I go. Wonderful!

Then they will raise my card fees to cover the added fraud that is BOUND to happen.

I don't think so!

Little known fact: Entering the number by keypad is much quicker and takes less compute power than voice recognition. Since it takes less time the costs of the call are less (the bank IS paying for it). So it is cheaper to use the keypad. Of course you don't get the prompts "tell me what you want to do?" that are so vague, you can never tell what it will accept.

p.s. The answer is "Deposit $1,000,000 please."

Senate heavyweights forge bipartisan accord on phone unlocking

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Now if they would...

Get rid of the necessary subsidy payments after the contract period as well, that would be nice as well.

The standard contract when you buy a Jesus phone has three components:

1) The up-front cost of the silly device

2) The subsidy that the carrier pays to the Jesus phone maker (makes my stock better!)

3) The cost of the plan you buy.

Unfortunately #2 and #3 are combined in what you pay FOREVER! Bummer!!

DISPLAY DESTRUCTION D'OH! Teardown cracks Surface Pro 3 screen

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So, they release Surface 3

When will "service pack 1" happen? Isn't that what everyone waits for these days??

Maybe this isn't a joke (*SIGH*).

France frostily foists flat fizz fear on ICANN's .wine plans

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You ask: What next??

This is a simple question to answer:


Gone in 60 seconds!

Mellanox gives InfiniBand a 5 BILLION PACKET/sec cloud dose

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Mighty Speedy!!

That's putting it mildly. Do we have CPUs that can keep up? Time will tell.

Yes, I know it is expensive.

Firefighters deliver trapped student from GIANT GERMAN LADYPARTS

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Reminds me of the "Cat stuck in a tree" call.

You see, after you call firemen about the "cat stuck in a tree" they reply: "Have you EVER seen a dead cat in a tree". Of course the answer is NO, so there is no need for the firemen to "rescue" the stuck cat.

I feel the same applies here as well. If he got into the mess, surely he can get out!" (probably in more ways than one!).

As for other comments, some pretty good ones. Lots of upvotes.

US spanks phone-jamming vendor with $34.9 MEEELLION fine

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If they could get ALL the devices that violate FCC Part 15 it would be even better. Plasma TV's are among the WORST.

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