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Dixons warns of tough Christmas

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Price. That's all

Was looking for a TV last week for a Christmas gift; having got an idea from the net about what's what, the reality is that PC World is perfect for the intermediate buying steps - look, feel, touch, examine and have a jolly good play with it. But then anyone with any sense will nip round the corner to pile em high favourites Richer Sounds to buy the thing for £90 less.

Maybe they'll learn one day. Even old codgers have learnt to shop around, and charging a chunk extra for something you can pick up for less than half a mile away is rank stupidity on their part. Is it any wonder they're struggling?

Robot footballers 'will beat Human Race first eleven by 2050'

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Yes but

"I can see the point of chess computers in terms of progression of programming strategy etc, but I really can't see the point of football playing robots. I'm not saying it won't happen, I just think it highly unlikely - and somewhat pointless.

Surely a robot surgeon would be a better investment of someones time, or robot clearance divers, or even soldiers. But footballers? WTF?"

Ah but the learning curve is immense, and i'd rather see the quite predictable errors & mishaps that will surely occur happen on a football pitch and not in my or someone else's internal organs.

Paris. Doctors & Nurses.

Panasonic adds iPlayer, Twitter to tellies

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Not only do you need a dish, you also need to hook it up to t'internet. But it's good having iPlayer on the TV. Yer know, watching TV programmes that you've missed, on the TV? What's not to like?

Diesels greener than electric cars, says Swiss gov report

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Think I'll stick to the pushbike thanks - 20 miles to the office on a cup of coffee & a bowl of porridge, which I'd probably have anyway. Time from door to door? ~1h 10m give or take. Enjoyment factor 95% most days.

Acc to the El Reg converter, that must equate to at least a sackful of Bulgarian fun bags.

Iron-on armpit BO stench-filters 'ideal for modern lifestyle'

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People who really need this are the type that don't bother with regular washing / showers etc. How are they suddenly going to start ironing things onto clothes that they haven't even washed?

The solution has a different problem.

Microsoft set to reveal Windows 7 pricing mid-June

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Holiday Season?

Prices will land 'before the holiday season this year'...

That would be which holiday season? Half term? August? Oh winter - you mean the Christmas holiday period. Why not just say so? Most of the western world stops for 2 weeks at the end of December for Christmas. Or is Christmas a banned word now?

Paris. Just because.

More doubts on ID card readers

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Not WORM then?

Ha - the data on the chip on the chip can't be read. So there we have it - write-only data. Stunned silence...

Dixons admits 'it's even worse than you thought'

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PCW grammar failings

For all the staff-baiting and comedy prices, the thing that convinced me that PCW is a waste of space from the top down is the sign in my local store - in huge letters, it proudly announces


I'm no grammar-nazi, but if Head Office request that a sign be made and it gets all the way from initial requisition, through design, choice of font, colour scheme, final approval and right the way through to the bloke on the step ladder hanging it up above the doorway and no-one, but no-one, has an adequate or even basic enough grasp of our language to say "hold on - that's wrong", then they can whistle. That, and the £20 for a USB lead, because it's gold plated so "gives better signal quality". The Morrison's equivalent at £1.50 seems to get all of my print jobs from here to the printer, without being gold plated.

BBC's iPlayer launches Christmas Day

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Launched Christmas? Where to?

BBC iPlayer Launches Christmas Day? Where to? Into orbit?

I know that some of us like to criticise El Reg for its Americanisms, and these are usually dismissed as being sourced from the American division of The Reg. But in a news item about the BBC I'd expect it to be written by a chap in an evening suit wearing a monocle, or Brian Perkins [the well known Kiwi newsreader], and in decent English without words missing that change the whole meaning of the sentence.

Carry on....

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