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Apple pulls in TomTom, kicks Google off iPhones

Nathan Ronchetti

You forgot the Joke Alert! icon.

"The open Street Map (http://www.openstreetmap.org/) tends to be, though!" I have used several apps that use openmaps and never found them to be very accurate.

O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand

Nathan Ronchetti

ITunes activation dead too

Thought as I will not be receiving mine till tomorrow i would upgrade the current one. BIG mistake Apples activation servers are dead 30 mins of trying to activate and I still have an ibrick.


Nathan Ronchetti
Dead Vulture

CPW = Crap

I was heading to regent street but saw a CPW store on the way with only 5-6 people outside. I waited for 30 mins and then the guy filled in the details on the screen and explained that i would have to come back later to collect as the systems were having problems.

I went back later to find out that the sales man had made a mistake and had left the order "open" whatever that means... but because of this my iphone had been allocated to someone else. WTF. They are now sending it out to me tomorrow but what a bunch of incompetent gits!! I just hope the guy that was 1st in the queue was not served by the same numpty as he might not be quite so understanding.

mines the one without an iphone in its pocket....

Peekaboo pledges pole-dance kit for Wii

Nathan Ronchetti


Peekaboo are UK based. In hammersmith iirc

Virgin Media eases off bandwidth throttling

Nathan Ronchetti
Gates Horns

Speeed i need speeed

I have the XL 20Mbs service and from the newsgroups (giganews) i only ever get 8Mbs, then only for an hour or two until the trottling takes ne down to 5Mbs or sometimes 3Mbs. I would think that was fair but i wish i could get more than 10Mbs just once.

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