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iPhone finally gets Skype

Paul Dundee
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Yet another cock up

I'm impressed with it so far. I installed it this morning, rebooted my phone and voila - skype crashes without letting me put in my username/password. Well done skype!

High Court orders Manhunt 2 release to be re-evaluated

Paul Dundee
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Vulnerable Adults can drive, buy weapons, drink....

“There are adults who could be classed as vulnerable and we’re legally bound to protect them........as well as children,”

What a load of nonsense. That might make more sense when it comes to buying alcohol, driving, buying knives/guns etc, but until that date comes - why so much hoo-haa surrounding a game?

Virgin Media eases off bandwidth throttling

Paul Dundee
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I obviously don't check my email often enough, as I was not aware of any change in policy. I rarely use my 2Mb connection but had to reboot the modem at the weekend when i wanted to use it. After I did, I found I was getting downloads of around 23K/s from most websites and speedtests confirmed my downloads as being somewhere between 1.3Mb and 1Mb. I know speedtests aren't completely accurate, but when I ran them under T/W I was always getting much higher results.

As someone who doesn't really download anything outside of work, i'm a bit miffed that i'm being throttled when i've done nothing wrong.

All I can say is I never had any issues when T/W ran the service....

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