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Mozilla plans to tie Firefox 3.7 pigtails in pretty Ribbon

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Ive been using TinyMenu addon to achieve a similar effect for a long time now, good to see cleaner interface in the works.

Next on the list is to get rid of the title bar, à la Chrome. :)

A-Data touts 'world's slimmest, lightest' portable HDD


Nothing new

Well that's interesting as i have had a Sweex ST030 2.5" drive enclosure for about a year with a Seagate 120Gb drive that is just over 12mm thick and weighs 152g!

Sata spec update to yield faster, thinner netbooks


RE: Will be too slow by the time that it is out.

As far as standard single SSD drives go (RAID is a different matter), the best SSD read speed top out at about 260MB/s but on average are 200MB/s so there is still room and 600MB/s is not to sniffed at for a storage device interface. If you really want faster throughput then other solutions already exist such as RAM drives but they are not cheap in the slightest. I have not even touched upon the fact that the fastest SSDs are still not affordable for normal consumers.

Have to agree with other comments that making a slimline dvd drive or 1.8" in sata version is not going to change the overall size of these components.

4K by 2K resolution, Ethernet-equipped HDMI 1.4 announced


Stop comparing DisplayPort and HDMI

"HDMI a feature rival display interconnect technology DisplayPort lacks."

Displayport has never be intended for use in home cinema and media applications so it not a rival for HDMI. This is an unnecessary and flawed comparison added to this article!

There are many reasons why DisplayPort is not redundant and is actually needed for PC and laptop display. This link saves me explaining them all here:


Inside USB 3.0



@ Franklin Williams

Thanks for clarifying proposed vs availability, i did actually mean the latter.

I think your analogy of the HD TV and camera has a flaw as HDMI is already available that is more suitable for this task and is available now on the latest products.

I was a big fan of firewire a few years ago, i have used it for external HDDs and networked with it but i have come to realise it is a niche product that use seems limited to media purposes and limited fast data transfer. However in the general computing world it cannot compete with USB2.0, eSATA or Gb Ethernet for simplicity, cost and ubiquity

@Paul i think you have misunderstood the role of the processor chips in USB and the use of DMA to reduce their processing need drastically. Also your statement about 12MB/s is odd considering flash and external hdds easily achieve 35MB/s over USB2.0, sounds like a bad USB implementation on you PVR. I do concede it will require more processing power on your computer but USB2.0 atm barely pushes a 2Ghz CPU.



Quote from article: "so USB 3.0 Standard B sockets will take USB 2.0 versions, but not the other way round - though there'll surely be plenty of adaptor cables on the market."

what rubbish why would you need an adaptor if the device is clearly USB2 B socket you use your normal USB2 cable!

@ James Robertson

"Would it not be better to use Firewire 800 I don't get why they want to use USB2.0 rather than Firewire"

Some points:

USB is ubiquitous and backward compatible right up to USB3.0

Firewire chipset costs extra to add to devices compared to USB

USB3.0 is 5Gb/s that is a massive step in speed so a little CPU overhead still makes it faster than the proposed firewire S3200 3.2Gb/s

Firewire is a fine protocol for moving large amounts of data but is limited compared to the diversity that USB brings to the table so will always be a niche product.

The other interesting development that probably reduce firewire chips on external hdds even more is the advancing of eSATA currently 3Gb/s but planned 6Gb/s but even that is under threat from USB3.0 too

Interesting times ahead

Mystery chip found inside talking iPod Shuffle's earphones


re: hmm, enough with the bashing folks, it's all over the net already

No it is FUD as the only source they are quoting is the single source of an ilounge article that does not prove anything other than a chip is included within the headphones cable and that apple is licensing the chip to manufacturers probable so it can be labelled ipod shuffle compatible.

i have read that there is a manufacturer source that says it is an authentication chip but the meaning of this wording is very vague in the area of electronic communication. i bet the chip is still a simple encoder as many other posts have pointed out and the shuffle will not work if the exact sequence of signals are received. Furthermore i think the output can easily be intercepted and duplicated in a 3rd part chip.

in summary this is not a apple trying to lockdown the shuffle but simply a solution to the problem of too many functions on a remote cable!

SDXC memory card spec launched for 2TB capacity



This is simply a spec to future proofing SD cards as the limit for SDHC specs is currently 32Gb and has already been reached.

FAT32 is more than capable of handling upto 2TB and linux can read-write to NTFS with the NTFS-3g driver if necessary. 2TB SDXC card are likely years away anyway, oh and I read somewhere that cards based on SDXC in '09 will initially be upto 140MB/s

Build your PDF and Excel reports with PHP


ClibPDF Depreciated

Looks like ClibPDF is depreciated...


Uwe - if you mean the *nix version of this article then its identical, just different directory locations, as the scripting is all php based. however if you are talking bout the file formats then you may have a point but there is a pdf reader and open office for linux.

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