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PICTURE-TASTIC: Microsoft woos devs to HoloLens virtuo-goggs

Tim Fischer

iThink this rox

All technologies have their issues, especially as it comes to this generations version of Holograms, etc.

Google Glass is quite limited and doesn't compare. VR helmets are cool, but try walking around your home with that on your face, unable to see "through" it.

However, if my only TV was via the HoloLens, then no one else visiting me would see anything - ever.

This HoloLens is the best tech I've seen that at least may (based on developers triumphs), be best-of-breed whereby future versions have no limitations.

It is version 1.0, but augmented reality is much better than virtual reality IMO - mostly because I can still see the world around me while viewing my virtual world overlaid on it.

Satisfy my scroll: El Reg gets claws on Windows 8.1 spring update

Tim Fischer


Windows 8.1 reminds me of OS/2 with the integration of Windows 95... It worked, but was readily apparent when switching between the completely separate operating systems. I have a Sony Flip 15 and it is absolutely painful to find anything without the start menu... multiple versions of SQL and Visual Studio make the icons a complete mess...

Your kids' chances of becoming programmers? ZERO

Tim Fischer

My commodore Vic 20 led me to a very successful career in development - more so than my college degree ever could. As for beginning development - I've recently been introduced to Robocode (robocode.sourceforge.net) and believe I will be introducing that to my kids very soon.

Making it fun to learn and exciting is what gets the creative juices flowing, and that creativity as well as logic skills can be turned into a strong passion easy enough with the right tools.

Nice article

HTML 5 gets forked up

Tim Fischer

I smell...



New attack bypasses virtually all AV protection

Tim Fischer

Umm... yeah

'Cause ALL other operating systems are Version 1.0 and never have been upgraded/updated due to the fact that it was written perfectly the first time (ya know, since they aren't Microsoft).

You make absolutely no sense in a world where logic exists.

MS names ship date for free security suite

Tim Fischer

@ Patrick Ernst

>> What is vastly different between Linux (&BSD) & windows is the security models.

I believe what is vastly different is that windows is an all-inclusive statement. Linux community never compares linux to "Windows Server xxx"). Only... windows. Well, golly gee, you are comparing linux - used PRIMARILY in server environments to XP, Vista, 98, etc. (cause, well, as a workstation it's a POS. Period.) Whine... But.... But... OpenOffice!... Cry. but... but... Flash!

Shut. up. Don't have time to search the world over for an application or applet that already exists for a windows machine Walk into Best Buy to purchase an application for Linux.... pathetic.

Security? As a penetration tester, it's fairly irrelevant. Sure - "PROPERLY secured" Linux boxes take a bit *longer* to hack... in *SOME* instances compared to a "PROPERLY secured" Windows SERVER, but does that make them more secure? I think not... if money is involved, then a few extra days of hacking is a toss. Or, by more secure, were you trying to say that it is unhackable?

haha. hehe.... harharhaha. giggle.

Wii not the way to lose weight

Tim Fischer


You are missing something...

Warner to back a single HD disc format?

Tim Fischer

I don't care...

I like Blu-ray - I'm biased as I have a PS3... either way though, the DVD player in the Mini van for the kids won't play any HD content, so it's nothing more than a fanboys dream to get they're way with a dumb format...

But pick ONE! Having two is a nightmare explaining to the rest of the family/friends...

Only real reason I like Blu-Ray is that I like Sony and I like more space right off the bat - 50GB Dual works for me, becuase that means that while today, it might not be used up for something - next year it will probably be (fecetious comment, it could be four years from now).

Reason I like the PS3 as a Player? Firmware updates! The new update coming before the end of the year will allow for Profile 2.0 of HD content! Other than the PS3 - who else is downloading firmware to update purchased hardware presently? (I have no idea, so it's more a question than a slight).

That kind of support though is cool - and the timing is quite interesting considering the decision to be made...

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