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Toshiba remains upbeat about HD DVD


HD DVD still has many legs to run on.

I do admit that HD DVD was not properly advertized where as Blu-Ray was plastered everywhere you look. The HD DVD Promotional Group is to blame IMO.

But to call the format war over is greatly irresponsible. The last time I checked studios don’t decide a format war, people do that buy the products. Toshiba won’t be neglecting 1+ million SAL player owners anytime soon. Unless Toshiba presents a press release stating that the war is over, the war is as alive as it was in 2006 & 2007.

In my most honest opinion HD DVD is a much better format for us and Toshiba really needs to get some good motivating information about HD DVD out soon. People should not abandon HD DVD for this Warner news, but instead brace it. I for one do not want a Sony driven DRM infested format telling me what I can watch and how I will be forced to watch it. People really don’t understand how bad this is for us Theatre Buffs & movie watchers.

Anybody thinking about selling off their HD DVD player & movies should be doing to opposite and promoting HD DVD players & their movies. It’s VHS vs. BetaMax all over again, and we all know what happened and who won eventually. BetaMax had so much more support vs. VHS and VHS ended up winning in the end.

Right now, HD DVD is here to stay & Universal/Paramount/DreamWorks need to start dipping into their endless movie titles and release then on HD DVD exclusively ASAP.


Plunging player prices to reveal Blu-ray vs HD DVD winner?

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HD DVD will continue to drop in price. Blu-Ray will lose in the end.

The only reason why current Blu-Ray players are selling for cheap is due to the FACT they are liquidating the older Profile 1.0 obsolete Blu-Ray players. Once the newer Profile 1.1 & 2.0 players come out, they are going to be expensive due to the extra hardware incorporated in them.

HD DVD is bread for MASS ADDOPTION, and studios will eventually figure it out. The last thing we need is a PlayStation 3 driven Blu-Ray format to take over.

HD DVD right now is far more superior then Blu-Ray.

HD DVD from the beginning offers phenomenal finished specifications to make sure anything which has the HD DVD logo will be compatible.

Once Warner Bros. Joins HD DVD exclusively, Blu-Ray will go away with a bang we all hope for the consumer’s sake. We all do not want to support another failed SONY format.


US HD hardware sales 3:1 in Blu-ray's favour by year end


Warner will never go Blu.

I think many people are missing the point in all of this HD situation. Their is no way Warner Bros. will go Blu, they've already stated several time, they do not want a console game system driving a format. In the end it will lose.

If it wasn't for the PS3 & it's BD player, Blu-Ray would have died long ago, and Warner sees this.

When somebody guys a Stand Alone HD DVD player or even the XBOX 360 add-on, they are buying it to view movies ONLY. This is why HD DVD's attach rate is superior where as Blu-Ray's attach rate is really bad.

The more HD DVD players get seeded into homes, the more movies will sell. Warner want's long term, not short term. Why do you think the Blu-Ray Association has issued so many BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) sales? Just to keep their bragging rights by telling everybody they've sold more discs then HD DVD. Well, that is all it is, bragging rights, and means nothing right now.

So, HD DVD will continue to floorish & sell many Stand Alone HD DVD players, and the movie sales will only increase Big Time...


Warner to back a single HD disc format?

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Why Warner Bros. will go HD DVD exclusive in the end?

I am not 100% sure which way Warner Bros. will go. HD DVD? Or Blu-Ray? They do have to choose one side. And I believe they will make a decision at the CES 2008 coming in January 2008. I really believe they are leaning toward HD DVD despite all the baseless rumours of a Blu-Ray exclusive contract. Despite the high Blu-Ray Warner title sales, I cannot for a million years believe that Warner will rely on a bunch of PS3 gamers to sustain a format which should have died about 1 year ago. It just does not make sense.

HD DVD has sold OVER 750,000 Stand Alone HD DVD players. Many of them are most likely under the Christmas Tree, and HD DVD has been gaining momentum along with a price point to sustain mass adoption. I am very sure Toshiba & Microsoft have a plan in place, because they’ve been kind of quiet lately despite Sony & the Blu-Ray Association’s rumbling about the completely fraudulent Neilson Video Scan numbers and their pathetic BOGOF sales just to offset any popular HD DVD release. Blu-Ray acts like a bunch of desperate BABY’s for goodness sakes LOL,

Why should Warner Bros. Choose HD DVD exclusively?

1) HD DVD is a consumer friendly format

2) HD DVD has finished specs and guaranteed compatibility with anything that possesses the HD DVD logo etc.

3) HD DVD has sold the most SAL players in North America. No game system driving this format, just people that buy the players to watch Hi Def movies.

4) Highest attach rate than any other Hi Def format out their today.

5) HD DVD is at a price point for Mass Adoption.

Why Warner Bros. Should not go Blu-Ray exclusive?

1) Blu-Ray is “NOT” Consumer Friendly

2) Blu-Ray is not standardized. It’s a profile plagued format with future incompatibilities with newer titles & players. Several different profiles & fraudulent tactics forcing customers to buy newer Blu-Ray compatible players.

3) Blu-Ray should be called PS3-Ray. Without the PS3, Blu-Ray would have died long ago. I wouldn’t rely on a format that is solely driven by a game system. Many PS3 owners don’t have HDTV’s and many don’t even know they have a BD playing device.

4) Blu-Ray has the worst attach rate than any other Hi Def format out today. Proof that not all Blu-Ray PS3 owners buy Blu-Ray movies.

5) Blu-Ray is way too expensive especially when 99% of all their Stand Alone players will not fully support future Blu-Ray movie titles.

This is the way I look at it after the FACTS.

Warner Bros. Is not a stupid studio, they are researching & investigating HD DVD & Blu-Ray from day one. HD DVD holds the best attach rate which is what Warner Bros. should be looking at for future success. The more HD DVD SAL players are being seeded into people’s homes, the more future movie sales will go up. If they fall victim to Sony’s PS3 sales, then we are all in big trouble. I would rather have Warner Bros. support people that actually buy HD DVD stand alone players to watch movies and not a bunch of occasional PS3 gamers buying movies.




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