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3 days on: The iPhone users still to make a call


Recording calls...

I hope he realises it is a criminal offence to record these types of phone calls without the express permission from the person you are recording. You basically have to say "I am recording you - do you wish to continue" - the response to which I imagine would be 'NO', and rightly so.

3 calls foul on T-Mobile price promise

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It's funny how little people actually know about whay they're talking about...

Forget the comparisons price plans costing less than £30 a month... The fact is the conditions of the deal are very simple (and clear).

It has to be on the same handset range, on SET minutes only - it does not include texts, or anything else. 3 don't offer minutes only, they are offering their mix option (which is a copy of T-Mobile Flext, anyway, that's beside the point).

3 are having a hissy fit because they do not offer a plan for £30 a month. Yes it's true, read the small print of your £30 3 tarrif, I think you'll find your plan is actually £27, and you pay an additional £3 for the handset you chose. If you have chosen a cheaper handset, you'd have been paying £27 all along.

So the fact is 3 do not have a £30 tarrif, and even if they did, they don't offer a SET minutes allowance. What exactly are they contesting? That T-Mobile advertisments are correct? Even with conditions aside (which are open and easy to find) - 3 do not offer more minutes for £30. It's not a trick, or a ploy - it's very simple. If you want to pay £30 a month, nobody will give you more minutes. And you get unlimited texts for your trouble too.

For those of you who seem to have missed the point, the idea is that if any other network do offer any more minutes for £30, you ring T-Mobile up, and they will match or better within 24 hours (provided it's a standard, non promotional, SET minutes deal). Yes there may be a few conditions, but they're a business afterall... You know, those things that are around to make money!

If you want to dictate your own conditions, start your own network...

T-Mobile launches price promise


Anger Management

I came over a little too strong there, sorry guys. *Takes chill pill* *Takes typo cure pill*

The moral of the story is just, networks are not an evil empire. I read a lot of whining in forums about people who don't like a part of their contract - at the end of the day it's a contract... A binding agreement you entered into at your own free will. I'm not talking about bad service - that's not acceptable. But not being happy with a term you have agreed to is hardly cause for canceling your contract without penalty. You may not like the wording used in a contract, but at the end of the day you agreed to it. If you don't like the small print in any contract, you can't have one, simple as that.

Not everything out there in the marketplace is a sinister ploy... There is such a thing as good value.


You bunch of whining morons.

Reg: It's actually available on a 12 month contract also. Plus the guarantee covers physical networks, 3, O2, Orange and Vodafone, but not the virtual networks.

Jon Press: You're pissed because you don't get something for free that was never offered to you and you? And also because you didn't bother to look into T&C's prior to committing? Sounds like you're one of the many idiots out there who have nobody to blame but them selves.

Nik Wyatt: Stop crying dude, again, you agreed to your contract. Show me another network that shows all of the above in their advertising? It isn't good to be bitter, it'll do you no good.

Robin Weston: You couldn't be further from the truth. Do you really think that the 4th largest network is going to launch the most aggressive pricing structure on the market and spend £10,000,000 on advertising to remain in 4th place? T-Mobile want the other networks to better the deal - and they will go on to beat it. They have invested heavily in making sure they can keep their promises... How long did Orange's "we'll match any deal" last? They want your custom and they want you to have the best deal - and they won't turn around and tell you that you can't have it once your contract has ended.

Anonymous Coward 1: [Excised by Reg moderator].

Tom Kelsall: Yeah, makes sense. Invest in infrastructure where there are no people, apart from you of course!!11!11eleven

Anonymous Coward 2: T-Mobile will match most new deals for 95% of customers, the remaining 5% being mostly ultra low users. Give upgrades a call.

Irish mobile numbers just too portable

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5 days?

It's actually 2 working days.

Dead wife contacts Lancs man via SMS

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Damn it, I hate it when I typo. No edit function either. I missed out the word "want" there, as well as quoting HSP? I mean't to refer to the Anonymous Coward. That'll teach me to wake and bake.

Jobs Horns

Sounds a bit fishy!

It does indeed sound like Hypnogogic Sleep Paralysis to me, as HSP points out. I have a sinking feeling though, that this gentleman has become prey of a rather immoral bully. There is a very simple, but little known method for sending SMS to a GSM phone without showing where it came from. The added bonus in this method, is that as soon as you move away from the SMS it is instantly deleted. There are a few devices this doesn't work with. I'm tempted to reveal the method to the world, but I fear it may put an end to a whole lot of fun I enjoy. It also comes in rather useful in a "Magicians" style "your dead father wants you to sleep with me" operation; I don't to risk my bed post's future.

Gates' spontaneity highlights IE data gap


Deja vu?

Mildly OT, it was funny seeing the similarity with another president's blunder.

The SR-71 Blackbird, originally named the RS-71, was renamed when Lyndon Johnson accidentally rearranged the letters during his 1964 press announcement of the existence of the SR-71... Or was it RS-71? :)

I imagine interns at MS will be burning the midnight oil tonight in a fit of copy & paste ecstasy.

I am forced to use IE (6) day in day out, I welcome theft of FF ideas, as ultimately it will make my life easier!

It's enough to put a boy off browsing.

Google's next web toolkit thinks it's better than you

Dead Vulture

Saucer Closet

In response the 3rd commenteer (yes, that was deliberate);

We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.

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