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Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites


Re: Password Security - Sign of the Times

Lets face it nothing is secure as the HMRC have demonstrated, and as a good customer of them and fasthosts, what really bugs me is the sudden unavailability and distinct lack of information available from Fasthosts.

I sympathise with them in some respects as they obviously are not dealing with this at all well and some heads will roll and customers will retreat. But what grieves me is that they cannot even put anything on their websites about the current situation (unless they locked themselves out of course).

If I was in that situation and was the CEO of Fasthosts, I wouldnt continue to take on new business until all my existing customers were happy, but you can bet your bottom dollar if you call the sales line, you will not be placed at queue position 64.

But please can we stick by them until at least we are all back up and running again - I am really upset it has happened on the busiest time of the year, but I think that it will get sorted out - and just stop and think how many millions of online retailers who take all our information online whilst working from their bedrooms, but you make your choices and I think that at least Fasthosts will hopefully be more careful in future!



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