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Heartbleed vuln under ACTIVE ATTACK as hackers map soft spots

Jonathan Dieter

Android app for checking servers

I've written an android app to check whether a server is vulnerable. I originally intended it for use by sysadmins, but I've already got friends using it to make sure their banking sites are secure.

It's in the play store as "Heartbleed Checker" by LES



Punter bags 500GB SSD, finds 128MB Flash inside

Jonathan Dieter

Not just China...

I'm a teacher in Beirut, and I've seen this over and over with regular flash drives. Students come in with no-name brand USB flash drives, try to copy a file larger than a few hundred megs, and when they try to access it, it's corrupted.

The drive always reports having the full size available, so there's no way of telling that it's a ripoff until you actually try read the data. I've come to recommend that my students buy name-brand USB flash drives from known retailers.


Firefox alpha dons Flash flak jacket

Jonathan Dieter

Doesn't nspluginwrapper do the same thing?

I've been using nspluginwrapper on Fedora for years and it seems to do exactly the same thing. When flash crashes, the box it was in just turns gray, and everything else continues to work fine. Reloading the page gets flash back.


Eee PC: better with Windows?

Jonathan Dieter


"the latter can't see the Eee PC's webcam because Asus has yet to provide a *Windows* driver for it."

Just wondering if anyone has seen a large order of wool mittens and long johns with a delivery address of "Hell".



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