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Adobe stitches units together, circulates fresh blood


corel 2c

hi stizzleswick. just for the record, the university i work for seems to have no troubles with corel (and ive been using it since version 1 so i do know how bad some versions have been). we use it to print A0 size posters. the latest versions have been great. that being said, i'm not sure what you mean about the installer but agree with everything else.

China celebrates first lunar pictures



anyone know where to find these?

Supremes ignore appeal from Microsoft and Best Buy in gangsta case

Gates Horns

Re: Sounds like RICO could be used against Apple too

Not if i have read the article properly. the circumstances are ever so subtly different... Best Buy allowed MS the use of this guys credit card WITHOUT his knowledge whereas Apple has made it plain you have to sign up to AT&T for a start. For a second most most of your post has absolutely nothing to do with the subject line. However, I would caution that probably every phone ever designed contains "Hazardous Chemicals". So although the El Reg boys got caught napping, i view this as a bit of a non story myself.

Microsoft too busy to name Linux patents


if you REALLY want to know...

what the patents are. seeing as MS isn't willing to talk, why not get the FSF to try & get the court to slap an injunction/court order on them so they cannot talk about it until they actually hand over the info?

You know turn the tables and fight FUD with legalese.

Oh and at the rate the US has been getting other countries to move their laws into line with it, don't count on being too safe if like me you live outside the States.

NASA gunman: police blame work grudge


but the gifted...

tend to be a little out of touch with reality anyway in a lot (not all though) of cases. In some ways the best thing you can do is tag those who might need watching and perhaps a little mentoring, and keep as close an eye as possible on them as you can.

Thailand blocks YouTube


you really think thailand is the only place they do this?

and try not to think "backwater holes"... think along more western lines. ie. The USA or UK? Both have had and have been extending laws that allow arrest without charge in some cases for just this sort of thing for years! since the war on terror began these laws have been spreading to other western countries with frightning speed.

Now, all I am trying to say here before the flames start is before you start banging on about how horrible and draconian a country is and ho much of a "backwater hole" it is, look at your own first and how yours treats it's people (ALL of them) and it's laws. If it's a truly fair and equitable/humanitarian system THEN maybe you have the right to start looking at others.

thats my 2c

Falling debris was no space plane, says NASA


Ummmm but...

If the cargo ship was still attached to the space station, wouldn't that be pretty substantial evidence that the timing WASN'T screwed up?

BA upgrades corpse


come ON

jeepers guys! most of you I think seem to be missing the important point of the article.

When somebody dies, relatives cannot grieve in a bloody toilet or small crew sleeping room. any of you lot like to tell me that you would be ok crying over your dead mum/dad/nanna? in a cramped, smelly, airplane toilet? thought not.

This is really about giving people an appropriate place to grieve while minimising the impact of a dead body on the rest of the passengers. And where is it most comfortable to grieve and has the least passengers (even though they pay lots)?... thats right, Business or first class.

Now I know I'm ranting a bit but death is an important issue to a lot of people , and how we deal with loved ones and how we the grieving are dealt with is important too. So yes Mr Trindle was a right insensitive pillock... however he did pay a lot of money so maybe he should get it back but, he should also be able to "get over it" thanks.

I think I better stop my 2c now...



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