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Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia

Carsten Cumbrowski

Wikipedia Politics and Procedures

The ban of the user shows that too much power is given to individuals and that the use of the power is not or only rarely questioned. This allows the abuse of that power without repercussions for the abuser. That's a flaw in the system. I suggested a solution for this particular issue during the "Request for comment" about Durovas actions.


I am an editor with over 4,000 edits made over the past two years and I try to stay out of those bs politics inside of Wikipedia that do not help anybody and only cause the waste of time on stupid and pointless things rather than productive edits. The fundamental rules for Wikipedia are surprisingly simple.

Also see


It seems that a number of long term contributors forgot about those basic and simple rules and the general idea behind Wikipedia. This general idea is not a bad idea at all.

Wikipedia was supposed to be working based on the principles of libertarian anarchism and not the principles of an aristocracy. Maybe editors need to rise up to remind those who assumed power, that they are the ones who have the explaining to do why their assumption of power is legitimate, because it is by default illegitimate.


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