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Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia


So the rot DOES go to the top.

That anonymity talk is crap. The Check-user process is used frequently to force people give up their real life identities.I became active in Wikipedia in May. By June I had crossed some seemeingly pretty well protected old timers: I was check-user'd along with a group of people from the same country who dared to disagree with the ruling opinions of a group on certain set of articles, found guilty and banned for being a puppet master of several accounts older than mine, but exonerated within a day after going through all sorts of informal channels to get a second opinion and giving up my anonymity.If I hadn't given my identity up voluntarily nobody would have even looked twice at the ban. You will be forced to give it up yourself if you cross the wrong people. Another user banned under same case and later unbanned actually took to using his real life name on Wikipedia after that, the virtual identity was compromised anyway, there was no point.

A system that looks who you are when forcing a policy is rotten to the core anyway...


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