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Gordon Ramsay breaches f**king broadcasting code

Steve Jones
Paris Hilton

Well, fuck me...

...what a surprise

It's a bit like watching golf and then complaining that it was boring.

Paris, cos she like to f***...

Daft list names Firefox, Adobe and VMWare as top threats

Steve Jones

Publicity Stunt

"as the little-known Bit9 suggests"

Yeah, little known until they create a controversial (or 'daft' as El Reg puts it) report that everyone over reacts to and makes Bit9 the 'best known' overnight. Bit like the X-Factor, it doesn't matter if you're shit, you just need air-time!!

Well done El-Reg for the assist!!

Today is not Hadron Collider Day

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At long last...

El Reg is at long last the voice of reason!

I am totally sick and tired of the media muppets on an un-named radio station (oh ok then, 'Rubber' Johnny Vaughn on Crapital) bleating on about the end of the world. The news presenter even cocked up by saying that the partcles were going to be colliding at "almost the speed of SOUND". Knob.

Perhaps the LHC could produce a Black Hole just long enough to swallow all the useless media hacks in the universe...

That 'Elderly Persons' sign: Can you do better?

Steve Jones

Re: Kyphotic

Ah, but Wiki has this to say:

"Kyphosis (Greek - kyphos, a hump), in general terms, is a common condition of a curvature of the upper spine. It can be either the result of bad posture (slouching) or a structural, muscular abnormalty in the spine.

In the sense of a deformity, it is the pathological curving of the spine, where parts of the spinal column lose some or all of their lordotic profile. This causes a bowing of the back, seen as a slouching posture. Symptoms of kyphosis, that may be present or not, depending on the type and extent of the deformity, include mild back pain, fatigue, appearance of round back and breathing difficulties. Severe cases can cause great discomfort and even lead to death."

So there you have it, OED nil, WiKi one

Inventor of first practical transistor dead at 91

Steve Jones

@ Charles Manning


It's an obit, not a history lesson. RIP

Microsoft splits Server 2008 for SMB

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@ Steve Mace

You CAN have multiple DCs, but only one can be SBS, the others must be Win Server. Why is this a problem? With multiple sites you can only have one SBS server with its wizard driven management, all the others require admins to work with a full blown MMC.

Dell to dealers - you win

Steve Jones

RE: They have been doing it for ages anyway

True enough, sort of.

We dealt with a number of these "buy 'em cheap and move 'em on to resellers" (or 'distributors' as at least two of them described themselves) but they got their butts kicked by Dell corporate on more than one occasion, drying up supplies and making them at best unreliable.

Channel partners need fixed parameters in which to work (margins, support etc.) and a guaranteed supply chain, anything less simply destroys confidence and moves resellers on to other manufacturers.

Let's hope Dell get this right.

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At Last!!!

About f*****g time too!! We've been asking them for years to support the people who can really make a difference to sales. IMHO they will need to offer channel partner discounts to really move this along, but they've made the first step in the right direction.

Now to kill off the offshore call centers!!!

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