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Irregular heart rhythm? Try a Taser

Graham Deans

Death by Taser

290 deaths since 2001? Can we compare that to the number of deaths caused by being shot? Or beaten with a big stick? What percentage is that of total people tasered?

Not that i'm likely to be in a situation where i'm running from the cops, but if I was, I would pick Taser over 'Thrashed with a stick' or shot ANY day.

Clarkson's 'steal my ID' stunt backfires

Graham Deans


This is exactly why I dont trust banks. Knowing an account number, sort code and address should NOT be enough information to do anything other than pay money into an account. Clarkson may have been wrong, but he SHOULD have been right.

Wii tops online search poll

Graham Deans

Last Year

I remember stuggling to get a Wii this time LAST year. Ended up ordering it from Germany - it is amazing how many people just refuse to do that, considering the only difference is that it has a different shaped plug (and costs a bit less). I even saw people backing out of ebay bids because they discovered the console was from Germany. Utter madness!

Power cut hits Rackspace UK

Graham Deans

Bad Run

Rackspace have been having a few high profile problems recently, and I have been quite impressed by how they handled it. Circumstances beyond their control have caused the trouble, and they are learning from the experiences, to ensure it cannot happen again. We have servers in both areas that have been recently effected (Dallas and London), and our Account manager, along with the rest of the staff, have been nothing but helpful.

To me, thats what Fanatical support means. That when she s**t does hit the fan, they dont just leave us in the dark.


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