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Google Chrome OS: Too secure to need security?

Rik F

A solved problem?

To say that protecting data stored remotely is a "solved problem" is false. You may want to look into banking losses from online fraud or maybe even have a chat with Sony, and yes, Google too, oh and Epsilon and play.com and Silverpop and tripadvisor and Lush, I could go on...

Also, ChromeOS will not be a "no user installed applications OS".


Mafia don suspect tracked down via Facebook

Rik F

Lesson to be learned

He should have used one of those apps that tells him who has been checking his profile...


Kaspersky defends false detection experiment

Rik F

A great leap forward

If anyone is using "Clod-based" detection methods then we have a real problem in the security industry!


Britney's Twitter feed hacked again

Rik F

You myopic fools

I find it almost impossible to believe that a group of otherwise discerning individuals can fail to see the brilliance of Ms Spears.

I follow Ms Spears Twitter feed closely as I fervently believe her to be the incarnation of the new Messiah. She will lead us to salvation through the glory of her undeniable musical genius and the sheer poetry of her lyrical talent.

Yea, verily I say unto thee, deny the foul temptress Aguilera, spurn the blasphemous stench of Shakira.

Step into the light, step into the light with Britney she is here to raise you up.

Or something.


Win 2000 anti-virus products fail independent tests

Rik F
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@Phil Rigby - safe site

Hi Phil,

Unfortunately Jarno is right, there really is no such thing as a safe site. Many of the most recent successful exploits have been based on malicious iframes inserted into innocent, and what most people would believe to be "safe" sites. Try googling (although Google results aren't so safe either) "iframe" and "Bank of India", "The Italian Job" or even "Superbowl".

The only anti virus vendors that people should be considering are those that offer real-time, in-the-cloud, categorisation of sites based on some kind of reputation database instead of relying solely on definition files that are, by necessity, behind the game.

Trend Micro for example may have failed the Wild List test. But I would bet my shirt that the all-round protection they offer with their Web Reputation services far exceeds the competition.



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