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Google to reinvent UK newspaper biz

kevin russell

New York, New York

I once had a New York, New York Taxi driver ask me where I was from - when I told him "England" he replied

..."That's near Scotland isn't it?"

I stopped short of telling him that we own Scotland and use it as a historical playground for our worthy Monarchy.


Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites

kevin russell

Move, move, move

I have been giving FastHosts "one more chance" for the whole of 2007. But this is the Straw that broke the Camels back. Since the whole thing kicked off, I have been hunting for another Host and settled with csnewmedia.co.uk.

The support guy I conversed with - Carl - told me that it has been a busy weekend for them with a whole raft of new sign ups from [soon-to-be] ex-fasthost resellers.

I have moved my Linux accounts over to CSNM and the process has gone very smoothly and it is actually cheaper for me. I have 75 Windows accounts too and they have offered to help port them all - for free!

I wish there was some way of seeing how many reseller customers FastHosts had before the Security breach, and how many they will have in the new year :o)



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