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Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites

Vijay Thakorlal

"Fast"hosts "support"

I received an email three days ago stating that I needed to update my billing records since the card I used to pay for the service was about to expire. The email stated:

"*** You must have a valid credit/debit card on your account at all times in accordance with our Terms of Service. ***

Please note, any failure to pay for your service on time will result in an administration charge as per your Terms of Service."

So I went to the "Fast"hosts control panel to login, entered my username and password, hmm....incorrect username/password...that's funny. Fired up password safe and double checked the username + password - it was correct (I updated once I had reset my passwords in October).

I tried the password reminder feature...sorry this feature is currently unavailable (according to others on this site because the password reminder services used to read the passwords from a cleartext file?).

I have been calling "Fast"hosts "support" on their 0870 number for the past three days (until I spotted this article and the alternative numbers - thanks!) and always end up at number 50+ in the queue and after an hour I can't seem to get past queue position 44 - my phone bills going to hurt.

If I end up having to pay a Admin fee for not paying the bill on time I think I'll ask for a refund with interest. In fact I think I'll demand they pay the cost of the calls to their support line.

I think they should retract the following statement from their website:

"If you need to contact us, you'll get a quick and accurate answer, any time, day or night.

* We aim to resolve all queries within 2 hours.

* Always someone here to answer your call."

I have been trying day and night. Yeah right, I'd have more of a chance of getting through to the Elvis.

"The UK's number 1 web host" indeed.

"Home to more website than any other provider" - not for long judging by the number of people who have been effected.

I don't know about you guys but I will be changing providers ASAP.



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