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Pandora plus Endor: Multi hab-moon motherworld discovered

Sikas Aparat

"clouds of methane and patio-gas"

Love it.

I for one welcome our new barbecueing overlords.

Official Bruce Schneier action figure steps onto market

Sikas Aparat
Paris Hilton


"Just as Action Man did fuck all without human intervention": what exactly were you expecting an inanimate lump of miscellaneous hydrocarbons to do without human intervention?

Also, it seems a rather extreme reaction to a piece of plastic. Did you have a deprived childhood by any chance? Did you talk to dolls and expect them to reply?

I believe the "Deluxe Sentient Edition" will feature volition, but it won't be here for a few weeks, by which time the nurses will have strapped you back down and administered the sedative.

Paris 'cos it's a story about plastic.

Sun's Amber Road traffic picks up

Sikas Aparat

@AC "Great potential"


A Freudian slip for "capacious"?

Go-Between actress backs McKinnon extradition fight

Sikas Aparat

@Llloyd: Tsk TSK

How is not mentioning a film with which Ms. Christie has no connection neglectful?

OTOH, Ms. Christie was in the excellent but weird "Demon Seed", which seems appropriate somehow...

LaCie's rugged rubber drive hits 500GB

Sikas Aparat

@Francis Boyle

It's not actually rubber, it's neoprene I think, so only suitable for a camp athletic geek, or so I've heard.

Max Mosley loses battle to get sex video off web

Sikas Aparat


"Exactly the same, because guess what, if he hadn't indulged in an S&M fantasy, my grandparents would still be dead."

Mine too, but they wouldn't have died if Mosley's father hadn't made fascism socially acceptable in 30s Britain allowing Chamberlain to compromise with Hitler.

The fact that Mosely is who he is changes things IMO.

"Nazi-themed S&M isn't insulting" maybe not to you, but it is to me.

"it's silly and camp".

No. Silly and camp is a description of my wardrobe style, not sadism carried out by a cryptofascist.

Sikas Aparat

@Graham Marsden, AC & other Mosely apologists

How would the Mosely apologists feel if their grandparents had died in the Auschwitz concentration camp?

Dell readies Asus Eee PC, HP Mini-Note rival

Sikas Aparat


I _think_ they did the shot in the studio then added the background, either that or a lot of extra lighting and retouching.

The sun appears to be shining onto the model's left side,

which means the shadows _should_ fall on her right side, when in fact they fall towards her head.

Another odd thing is the lighting on the right arm: in bright sunlight it wouldn't be that dark.

The way the beach mat is lying on the sand looks slightly odd too, although that's not so certain or obvious.

Am I the only heterosexual male RegReader who's bitchy enough to have noticed the cellulite on her left thigh?

Major Linux security glitch lets hackers in at Claranet

Sikas Aparat
Paris Hilton

The real problem is feeping creaturism

It's a stupid bug in a stupid syscall added to make webserver benchmarks look good.

The specific bug is the absence of checking on a memory address passed from a user program into the kernel.

In other words: it's caused by a combination of sloppy programming and vanity.

It says nothing about the relative security of linux vs. Windows.

OTOH, if they'd kept linux small and simple, like un*x used to be, instead of bloating it, this wouldn't have happened, so I suppose it says something about the security of badly- (or non-)designed systems in general.

BTW: this somewhat invalidates the OSS idea that a million eyes make for safe code: if that was so then this bug would never have made it into production.

There's no Paris Hilton angle, but there's no Jessica Biel icon (who she?): the exploit source code file was named "jessica_biel_naked_in_my_bed.c"

Aren't men sad?

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