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IE8 to follow web standards by default

Carl Garner


"Microsoft is to develop IE8 so that it follows web standards by default and will retain a controversial mode switching proposal."

How about they develop a piece of software that:

a) works

b) does what other variants do

c) doesn't remotely try to be better by "switching modes"

It's so annoying as a web systems developer to have to add in extra hacks to make things look the same in a MS browser as they do in REAL browsers!

Having said that, I think I may start adopting the attitude towards MS users that Geoff Mackenzie has


Major HTML update unveiled

Carl Garner

So Microsoft...

..are part of the group, but we all know that when HTML 5 is released, they will re-write the browser to only support the bits that they support along with adding in features that they feel are missing!

I'm glad i'm free of Windows at work now - I love my Linux box!


Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites

Carl Garner
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Good riddens

I used to have an account with their "StreamLine" face, but recently ditched it after the growing amounts of spam and diabolical "Control Panel" - you couldn't control anything with that piece of crap



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