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Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia


Wikipedia is like

seeing sausages get made.

The fact of the matter is that Wikipedia is dying from within. It's dying because Jimbo explicitly wants an "elite few" running it and considers himself a "benevolent dictator" - but there is no such thing in the long run since Power Corrupts.

It's dying because on any given article, the content is not controlled by "community consensus" but by any organized group who want to kill the messenger and are organized to lock off anyone who disagrees with them.

See this for more:


Quote:"Interestingly enough, the BITE policy has a telling statement: nothing scares potentially valuable contributors away faster than hostility or elitism.

Why is this interesting? Because this is precisely the goal of the abusive administrators. They want, no, need, to drive away anyone new who disagrees with them, because if they did not, then ultimately they bear the risk of enough new users coming in to overturn their bogus "consensus" on the articles they control."

Parker Peters is probably the best ex-admin wikipedia has had, and it's a crying shame the elite jerks of the site kicked him out rather than hear his criticisms.


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