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Modern Warfare 3 shoots onto Steam for free


No where near 6.5 million copies sold on steam

the sales figures quoted are for all formats, just shy of 200,000 copies where sold in the first week on PC , that number pretty much fell off instantly. on average there are less than 20k playing at any one time, a little more due to this free weekend but the game still sufferes from console-port-itus. horrible p2p lag infested listenservers with huge penalties for those with fast PC's and internet connections in the way of added fake lag compensation. It truely is a mere shadow of what was one a great PC franchise.

Added to this the fact that hacks and cheats are freely availible all over torrent sites etc, hacks that have been around since MW2 over 2 years ago and still not addressed by the developer and all in all its a horrid experience.


Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP

Thumb Down


"Customers want to know the status of their systems, and how to take action if it turns out they were victimized,"

My last latop came preinstalled with vista and I feel Victimised. what actions do I take !?



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