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Australian prime minister blames 'state level' baddies for Oz parliament breach

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>state actor


What's with blaming everyone else for your own failure to defend your IT?

It seems likely that the main state level bad actors were those who over-rode the security chap's recommendation.

Has anyone else noticed the rejection of "other people's stuff" as unsafe to use doesn't filter down into corporate cloud strategy?

Oh dear! Amazon's facial recognition is racist and sexist – and there's a JLaw deep fake that will make you want to tear out your eyes

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And so the feminist dream inches closer!

>they were misidentified as men 19 per cent of the time


But to other points, "fitness" in evolutionary terms has a circular definition. It's fit if it survives and survives if it's fit. Evolution as a theory does not appear to have any predictive capability. A pointless theory in my view.

With regard to nature and equal opportunity, the point is that all organisms face the environment on their own terms, rather than having the deck stacked against them by politics. White people do worse in hot deserts and black people do worse in northern latitudes, but nature doesn't prestack the deck by raising the survival bar in order to favour one group or another. Unlike the fire service and some American universities, Nature provides the same survival threshold for all.

If the anthropomorphism triggers you, think of "nature" as a contraction of "natural forces".

El Reg talks to PornHub sister biz AgeID – and an indie pornographer – about age verification

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Re: Huge loophole?

All irrelevant.

Once you charge, you push people not to ageid, but to a vpn.

Dell goes on Epyc server journey with AMD

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Re: Not Lying

Faster overall, but if you're licensed per core, you may have problems grabbing ms sqlserver gigs, unless the throughput is better balanced and you are shoveling more data out the interfaces.

Open source is the way! :)

Are you a Windows 1 in 10 (1809)? Or a mighty 80 percenter (1803)?

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Re: AI...

>Must be the dumbed down computer that Dilbert recently developed.

Catbert, evil HR director.

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Re: 1809

I got 1809 last night.

Most vanilla windows install ever:

Steam and the two games I can't play under Linux.

"My Documents" directory? Wassat?

It did spend quite a long time with a completely blank screen while doing the update.

Apple yoinks enterprise certs from Facebook, Google, killing internal apps, to show its power

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This perfectly encapsulates the dangers of big tech cloud. FB and Google absolutely deserved punishment for what they did. However, it is when you disrupt companies' internal processes that they tend to learn an important lesson and make sure it never happens again by building their own internal infrastructure:

Do not make your operations dependent on someone-else's good will. Your suppliers should be working for your next purchase order, not lording it over you.

Is your kid looking at GCSE in computer science? It's exam-only from 2022 – Ofqual

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Re: pffft, does it matter any more?

Try pascal on a 1Mhz 6502 with 64k ram.

And I remember having to reverse engineer assembly programs on my exam and work out what the program did.

We did Nazi see this coming... Internet will welcome Earth's newest nation with, sigh, a brand new .SS TLD

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Re being neonazi central

1. Neonazis are not a serious political force. They are so irrelevant that most people don't even know what they stood for and think those in favour of reduced state power are nazis. And Shapiro too.

2. Dns registrars should not be editing the Internet. Their job is to be bulletproof services in every country. What if the .com registrar decided cnn's, buzz feed, washpo, and Twitter's politics were unacceptable and cancelled their domains. Is that the kind of Internet stability we want? Like what happened to gab? Remember the gay marriage argument, if you don't like it, don't do it. If you don't like it, don't go there.

3. Why would neonazi domains need blocking? Are people so stupid they a need big brother to take the decision to visit a site out of their hands? How elitist and condescending is that? If I were a nazi I'd point to the censorship and suggest that my opponents were afraid of my ideas and couldn't refute them. Stop social engineering. Persecution never works. People end up dead when you do that. You can't beat hate with censorship. That is a dangerous lie.

4. As the article points out, why would South Sudan care about avoiding the name of the German secret police 70 years ago. That's insane.

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Re: Ah, but ...

Great Britain and the U.K. are not the same thing. One is a superset of the other.

US prosecutors: Hey, you know how we said 'net gambling was OK? LMAO, we were wrong

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The political group most keen on giving free stuff to people, engages in vitriol against Christians, tries to get their bakeries, cafes and B&B businesses shutdown; actively promotes as "good" sexual behaviour which they consider abhorrent, encourages the murder of unborn babies, which they find abhorrent; hounds them out of academia; suggests that there is nothing special about people in comparison with animals; tries to force them to employ people with whom they have ethical differences; tries to shutdown their ability to talk about the things they hold most dear; tries to drive all traces of their religion from the public sphere while encouraging competing religions.

Surprisingly, when you wage a sustained cultural, political and legal campaign against a group, those people tend not give you support.

"Give us your money and shut up" is a surprisingly unpopular stance.

Yeah, I'm shocked too.

Ahem, Amazon, Google, Microsoft... Selling face-snooping tech to the Feds is bad, mmm'kay?

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Re: The last two paragraphs are key

Neither is there any difference between government and corporate use of the tech.

In fact corporate use is less accountable and therefore more prone to abuse.

Amazon Mime: We train (badly) an AI love bot using divorce bombshell Bezos' alleged sexts to his new girlfriend

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Re: New Skill Enabled

Alexa: Who is Alexia? One-click divorce filed. You've also been divorced from twitter, YouTube, Facebook, patreon and MasterCard.

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt

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Re: Wow, it's almost...

>It does - but one of the decisions can be revisited, the other can't.

You mean like... joining the EEC?

You do realise that when Juncker and Merkel argue for more sovereignty to be transferred to the EU, all they are saying is that people should not be able to elect governments to implement policies which the EU doesn't like. They are literally arguing against democratic government. The only reason to transfer powers to the EU, is to stop local (national) governments from acting in those areas.

Brexit being "economic suicide" is so ridiculously hyperbolic as to bring disrepute on the Remain campaign. Almost as bad as "people didn't know what they were voting for." Personally, I prioritise democracy over profit, not just in terms of the referendum, but also in terms of shunning anti-democratic institutions.

Staff sacked after security sees 'suspect surfer' script of shame

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Re: And that's why...


Everyone sees the problem with running on someone else's systems.

And yet... cloud! It seems like some people never learn.

Early 90's, we barely had firewalls. Most lans were ipx and just the smtp gateway had ip. Pick an IP address from the class c assigned, fire up chameleon and off you go!

Microsoft's 2018, part 2: Azure data centres heat up and Windows 10? It burns! It burns!

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Re: ... and people ask me why I use Linux exclusively

The issue is not so much the percentage of people affected, it's whether the problems are due to MS' action. If MS force techies' systems to do things techies don't want, there is anger.

If an update is unwanted, forcing it, and then messing it up will drive techies to Linux.

Just because my system runs some of your code does not mean you can do anything you want with it.


Suse, bsd are my picks, with windows running in a little box, if required, which is not often.

It's a lot of work, being popular: Apple, Tim Cook and the gilets jaunes

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Re: Apple has increased prices across the board to "obscene" levels

I don't think this is an apple-only issue.

All that QE (printing money) governments were doing is coming home to roost. I noticed my shampoo manufacturer dropped from one litre to 300ml (2/3rds) and dropped the price by 1/3rd.

There is/was a problem in the financial markets which governments liked to pretend wouldn't have many consequences. The governments didn't bail out the subprime mortgage companies, we did. And we have to pay for it.

Corel – yeah, as in CorelDraw – looks in its Xmas stocking and discovers... Parallels

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Re: Not surprising

I don't think even Apple would go away from Intel no matter how much they want to. Not with the current system usage. I think they'll be quite happy developing for the ipad, which fills that ultra-proprietary device niche for them. There are good reasons why MS couldn't get their ARM laptop accepted.

All it takes is for vmplayer to go free on MacOS though and its pretty much game over for Parallels.

Dutch boyband hopes to reverse Brexit through the power of music

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Re: Slightly wrong.

We used to expect parliament to do the right thing morally. TB asking parliament was blame-sharing when he knew full well there was no moral case.

With brexit the mandate was given by the referendum. Again the moral course of action was clear and again, TM is sharing blame for not following the morality right course of action.

The referendum was not, "do you some border controls" it was, "do you want to leave the eu." There was no, "unless anyone has an objections or thinks they have a better plan" clause.

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Re: Brussels is evil I tell you!

Bah Hamburg


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Re: Brussels is evil I tell you!

>classical music in the format of popular music.

Fewer lyrics and dance moves involving masterbation in classical music "I don't do it solo. "


London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found

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Re: Don't just do something! Stand there!

Shoot it down with rock salt or rubber bullets from a helicopter. Fire chaff at it?

Can you take these things out with one rotor down?

Do we really think the operator is up for murder? That can change the approach.

Does anyone else find the timing with the bill rather too convenient?

Cloudflare speaks out amid allegations it safeguards banned terror gangs' websites

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Re: Good article

Worse, HuffPo et al decides it doesn't like stuff and tries to pressure third parties into censoring perfectly legal content.

The correct response is, "come back with a warrant and we'll talk."

Boffins don't give a sh!t, slap Trump's face on a turd in science journal

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Re: Curious precedent on what is allowed

None of the top 10 are socialist. They are capitalist democracies with extensive social programs. There is a significant difference between the two systems.

Sweden in particular is known for vehemently denying that they are socialist.

/note to self, do not feed trolls

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Re: Very disrespectful

>Because the republicans were SO respectful of Obama when he was president...

Not my country so I don't care, but I don't remember Obama being the subject of playground slurs.

They certainly disagreed with his politics, but I don't really remember such childish behaviour.

Don't get me wrong, it is funny, but in a way appreciated by those in kindergarten.

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Re: Very disrespectful

>Respect goes both ways, people.

Looking at the downvotes, apparently it doesn't, and neither does civility.

Which kind of proves the point you were making.

Irony anyone?

Taylor's gonna spy, spy, spy, spy, spy... fans can't shake cam off, shake cam off

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> Taylor Swift is stalking her fans

Raymond Stevens Did Nothing Wrong!


It's official. Microsoft pushes Google over the Edge, shifts browser to Chromium engine

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Re: Worst possible outcome

I don't think it helps chrome specifically. Chrome is cross platform and has good windows integration, so it is popular. However, safari is WebKit, konqueror is WebKit, chromium obviously is there on Linux. Brave is also chromium based. All these benefit from being able to render ms server output.

The question is really around the "extend" phase. Is this going to be a problem or have they just accepted their role as a downloader and are cutting costs?

And lo! Tim Cook becometh tech Jesus. But with more awards

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Yea, Verity, he Provideth Fake News

For Lo, to moralising there is no end and the eradication of hate is not within his power. His circle of purity will become ever tighter until it is a noose around his neck... er... revenue stream. For the outrage mob hath no reasoning and logic is not within it's grasp.

Even now, the LGBT community of Lesbos and Feminists who believe women are not men go to war with those who believe in the Crossing Over. And yet crossing over implies two sides. Anathema to the high priests/priestesses/priesti? of the holy Sexual Spectrum.

Even now do many nations contemplate calling all discussion of migration hateful. For hatefulness hath no definition and raw political manipulation is afoot.

Cook falsely preaches that inclusion is achieved by excluding people who disagree. I do not that that word means what he thinks it means.

They that voted for Trump and Brexit and wear yellow jackets are a warning and a sign and a portent to those who favour living in a safe walled gardens of complete agreement rather than the rough and stoney ways of civil compromise. For lo humans are unruly and safety is not a thing.

Microsoft polishes up Chromium as EdgeHTML peers into the abyss

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Re: Begone foul beast :o)

So Brave will be good for catch-up tv, yt, bitchute and share point?

Cheers MS!

OK Google, why was your web traffic hijacked and routed through China, Russia today?

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>Is there a solution?

A solution to what?

This is traffic to Google. Are you're concerned that someone in a foreign country is going to find out what you're doing online and pass that information on to someone you don't know?

Pick three people you think will replace Google Cloud CEO Greene, then forget them – because it's Thomas Kurian

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Paris Hilton

Re: "woman exec"

I think (hope...) that's just El Reg being a bit sarc'y about her own stated attitude and efforts to create more women founders/CEOs: "The world will be a better place with more female founder CEOs."

If Greene thinks that is a good thing, then being "reduced to that" should be an accolade, rather than a smear. Personally, I'd like to know why she thinks the world would be a better place with a lower proportion of male CEO's. What is it that women can do as a founder/CEO that men can't? ;)

Up to three million kids' GPS watches can be tracked by parents... and any miscreant: Flaws spill pick-and-choose catalog for perverts

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Re: Regulations?

Regulation is not the answer, education is.

As in, "What made you think IoT was a security solution?"

"What made you think a corporation cares about your security?"

"What made you think giving personal information and tracking data for your child/dependent to a corporation would increase their security?"

Here's an educational video for you to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFdZWgiAj8I

This video should be part of all on-boarding and ante-natal programmes.

Brexit: UK will be disconnected from EU databases after 2020

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Re: anonymous coward

>And, you only though to ask ~question~ NOW?!


Any large multinational should be prepared. If they aren't, that is on them. What would happen if Greece crashes out of the EU, or Italy? What if AfD becomes the party of government in Germany and decides not to fund the southern EU countries? How long do you think the EU will last then? Do these large companies really not plan for a different party gaining power? If that's the case, they deserve whatever trouble they are in.

What sort of idiot looked at European history and the EU's "ever closer union" goal and thought, "yeah, that'll work!"

Did we cheap out on the police databases and don't have our own capabilities? Well, call me a nationalist, but I'd say relying on other nations for your internal police systems is probably something you shouldn't do. The EU has been consistently sold to the public as cooperation between member states when in fact, it was creating a centralised super-state infrastructure. Now we reap the costs of that deception. I could be wrong here, perhaps the slant of the article misled me and we do have all our own stuff. In which case, how much do I care that our police are not updated about Fabio's theft of his uncle's Fiat? Cut off from EU databases? How about re-framing that statement to, "EU cut off from UK databases"? I haven't been through May's deal, but I think the approach should have been, Hard exit is a given. Now, let's sit down and discuss what each side wants.

I realise that there are real-world costs. Did you centralise on Oracle and host it in the UK? Well, I'm sorry. That will cost you to replicate it, or move it. May I commend to you some postgres?

In the end, entering into any international agreement which makes the government unable or less able to respond to a change in the long-term wishes of its populace, should not be undertaken. It is inherently anti-democratic. Of course there are costs to democracy. It would be far cheaper not to have it. I suspect it would be far cheaper if we did away with all our own systems of government and just became an administrative area of Germany, but I don't think that would be desirable for either us or the Germans.

Microsoft menaced with GDPR mega-fines in Europe for 'large scale and covert' gathering of people's info via Office

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Re: "The Dutch authorities are working with the company to fix the situation"

A nice solution, but we need to go a step further.

Libreoffice as a solution relies on the goodwill of Libreoffice to not snoop. I want an OS which can block application access at the network level. I want an OS which can enforce, "Application X gets access to my file server for file-serving protocols. Application X also only gets access to disk subtree Y." That way I can give my browser widr network access but no disk and my wordprocessor disk access, but little network.

For those on linux who want a MS options and are willing to go non-free, edrawmax (visio) and wpsoffice (chinese?) look like nice options. I can't vouch for their security and non-snoopiness, but they are far more usable than Libreoffice in an MSOffice environment.

One Project to rule them all: Microsoft plots end to Project Online while nervous Server looks on

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Re: I thought was part of Office365...

>Oh, Wait, we use Excel to manage our project times where I work...

Isn't that what MS Project is? Excel with some cut & paste macros?

Intel boss admits chips in short supply, lobs cash into the quagmire

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Re: What was that ?

I've seen businesses not purchase cheaper CPU's because they don't want to be running "unsupported" hardware.

I was going to rubbish it, then I saw vmware bork my vmplayer install with an update which decided that, after many years of running happily, my laptop wasn't good enough, despite adding no detectable beneficial features.

That isn't a business risk I would take, though I did *cough*howmuchiswindowsactuallycostingyou*cough*

AI-powered IT security seems cool – until you clock miscreants wielding it too

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Re: So what?

>When one cloud "attacks" another cloud it's called a thunderstorm

And both sides are trying to tell you that, for some unknowable reason, their cloud is better than the other one, and therefore worthy of your cash.

Personally, I recommend not throwing things into a cloud. Its just fog which prevents you from seeing properly and has been put so far away that it looks pretty rather than grey and wet.

If you actually keep track of what you are doing with your data rather than sticking it all in a foggy place and hoping for magic unicorns to defend you, you'll do better.

A web where the user has complete control of their data? Sounds Solid, Tim Berners-Lee

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Re: Would have been helpful...

I think the key bit is owning your own authentication rather than deferring to a provider.

This is the scary bit about MS' Azure, "sign in with facebook," "sign in with google" etc. These major platforms are attempting to own the authentication, which gives them control over the interaction. Obviously not the details, but if the application only uses "sign in with google" and you don't implement anything else, google are the gatekeepers and can collect data on your interactions.

I set up MS SASL with an external provider and it was... non-trivial. We need something which is easier. And we need a mechanism where corporate firewalls and proxy interception don't void the security.

Twitter: Don't panic, but we may have leaked your DMs to rando devs

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Re: So...

Best explanation of the cloud ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFdZWgiAj8I

Audio is NSFW.

US cities react in fury to FCC's $2bn break for 5G telcos: We'll be picking up the tab, say officials

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Re: Money, Money, Money

>A substantial part of the funding for Leave in the Brexit vote has been declared illegal and the person who gave the cash has been fined but those who received it have not and the referendum decision stands.

And do all the anti-Leave articles from the BBC count as "election contributions"?

Foreign kleptocrats - would that include Juncker? Are we concerned with the foreign powers who might possibly somehow, in some ill-defined manner, benefit from the Brexit, or the foreign powers currently actually receiving our net contribution to the EU?

Linux kernel's 'seat warmer' drops 4.19-rc5 with – wow – little drama

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Re: Who are these people

>something a bit more serious that "be excellent to each other" seems like a good idea.

Actually, no it isn't. It is far more inclusive and all-encompassing than the limited categories in the CoC.

The problem with the CoC is not so much with the words but with the spirit. It betrays an obsession with feelz and a demand for ideological purity which many people find revolting. You don't need a CoC to deal with what is illegal. The CoC is a indicative of a desire to turn things which are not the law, into effective law. If you can be kicked out because you called someone "fat" despite making valuable code contributions, it indicates that that code contributions are valued less than all those listed things in the CoC: age, body size, disability, ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression, level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation.

So you can't say, "oh, typical Yank!" or you can be thrown out.

There's a lot of typical SJW stuff in there. It's mostly obsessed with sex, race and gender. Since this won't be showing up in code, it betrays a desire to control people outside of the code contributions. To punish people for wrong-think and the expression of bad thoughts. Can you express thoughts regarding illegal immigration without falling foul of this?

Again, it isn't the really the contents that are the problem, everyone should be complying with this. The problem is its enforcement and the threat of exclusion for non-compliance. There is a reason we don't put this stuff into law - it is impossible to objectively and sensibly enforce it. Where it is put into law, it leads to ridiculous oppression and partisan behaviour.

Some credential-stuffing botnets don't care about being noticed any more

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>Short of imposing authentication and magically abolishing crap passwords, can the bots be stopped?

The problem is that it turns out that strong mobile authentication invades privacy and we have fewer and fewer reasons to trust the large providers. Until we sort out the privacy issue, we will have a problem.

It might be simple, such as a vpn back to a home router or a remote control mozilla instance, or it could be something a little more advanced, such as a new email client which provides a facebook-like interface to an imap server. Posts are emailed, which increases traffic volumes. but adverts disappear.

Watt the heck is this? A 32-core 3.3GHz Arm server CPU shipping? Yes, says Ampere

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Re: So if everyone runs Linux, why has Intel still got a lock on the data centre?

Because Intel does high-power systems well and DC's keep their CPUs busy. They do not race to idle.

Oi, you. Equifax. Cough up half a million quid for fumbling 15 million Brits' personal info to hackers

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3 years - 5% of life, car crushed-may be 50% of annual income.

That's too much.

This case is not, oh no we wiz hacked, it's just more profitable not to be careful than implement good practices.

That won't change until there is a credible deterrent.

A basement of broken kit, zero budget – now get the team running

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Re: I had a sort of similar experience

>Though if AC was black I imagine he could pretty easily find a lawyer willing to take the case, and the business would be willing to settle to avoid the publicity of the accusation even if that had nothing to do with the firing

I wonder if this leads to employers not hiring black people, in order to avoid the lawsuits which may result if they ever have to let them go? What if anti-bigotry legislation creates a valid business case for not hiring female, black transexuals? That would be ironic.

FCC boss slams new Californian net neutrality law, brands it illegal

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Re: Free market = regulations

>No matter how you put it, it is the consumers that end up paying anyway. If they pay Netflix more since they have to pay the ISP or they simply pay the ISP directly does not matter.

The problem is not so much the payments as the market distortion. The payment may be the same, but the benefit goes to Netflix alone. The problem is that it makes the large content providers the ISPs' customers and they own the bandwidth instead of the internet users. That means new content providers will be locked out of bandwidth availability. Internet users will have no choice but to pick the streaming providers which have agreements with their ISP because no-one else (or at least new providers) will not be able to compete. It locks in the big incumbants.

That is unacceptable and it gets even worse when there is a lack of competition in the ISP market.

I understand Trump's desire for deregulation, but that really needs to be predicated on the availability of competitive markets, not just making markets "free."

Git it girl! Academy tries to tempt women into coding with free course

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Re: Feel free to be patronised

>let the next generation follow wherever their hearts lead them.

Wait, what? Do they not have the choice now?

It seems to me they have the choice, and they don't like programming. I've never met a parent who freaked out over their child's choice of toys. The only people who seem to freak out are those who see girls playing with Barbies and boys playing with cars in a way which undermines their ideologies.

If you think men and women should be equally represented in a field because they are the same, what's the point of diversity? They are all the same so there is nothing to be gained.

Microsoft accidentally let encrypted Windows 10 out into the world

P. Lee Silver badge


Half-life 1?

Hmmm, at least half-life had 3d textures...

Redis does a Python, crushes 'offensive' master, slave code terms

P. Lee Silver badge

>Sadly, I think it's more serious than just silly; it's neurotic

Not only neurotic, its plain wrong.

I absolutely do want a master/slave relationship in my code. If my slave code develops a penchant for doing its own thing and runs off to Canada, I'm in big trouble and the code will be... erased.

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