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Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote

John Ryan
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hudson does kick ass!

"..we've got sonic, electronic ball-breakers, we've got nukes, we've got knives, sharp sticks..."

"hey Ripley don't worry. Me and my team of ultiate badd asses will protect you"

"go back in there with those things? you can count me out!"

I could go on and on, and would if i didn't want to escape the men with whote coats coming for me....


Scientists warn on climatic 'tipping points'

John Ryan

@ Justin Case

it's rather simple really -

if climate change is happenning and we try to mitigate the causes and the effects we may avoid catastrophic damage to our society as well as enhancing our qualities of life (no cars pumping out shit) and increasing our technological versatility.

if climate change i wrong and we've tried to mitigae it thru energy efficiency and changing our habits surely that's good as we'll have cut down our reliance on energy supplies from volatile/hostile region (the middle east, russia etc) and gained the advantages stated above.

if climate change does happen and we do nothing our grandchildren will hate us forever and curse us as greedy and selfish.

If climate change doesn't happen and we do nothing we'r stuck with the current system of getting our energy from despotic/unstable regimes and having the U.S control the levers of the world economy.

I've tried little things - driving less, turning lights off when not in the room, making sure items aren't on standby and have noticed a slight financial advantage.

and pls don't quote the great global warming swindle at me, the vast majority of scientists involved in that have complained they were mis-represented. All the denialists just don't want to alter their own behaviour (what do you mean I can't drive my 4x4)

my problems with these vehicles go waaay beyond their emissions, they are not needed in most towns which, especially european towns.don't have road wide enough to properly accomodate them. also you're more likely to suffer serious injury if you're hit by a 4x4. most of my mates look at me in horror but if i was chanceor I'd slap a £10,000 a year tax on 4x4's and use the money to improve our public transport.

let the abuse commence :-)


Turkey probes The God Delusion for 'insulting religion'

John Ryan

@ Danny Thompson

There is no proof that there is a God. Equally, there is no proof that there isn't. What we have, as humans, is the ability to have unshakeable faith - either way.

unfortuntely the burden of proof falls on the believers as you cannot prove something doesn't exist only wether it does, have you ever heard of the flying spaghetti monster? or the celestial teapot hypothesis? try this link -


the main reason most of us have a problem with religion is they insist on forcing they're belief systems on us and condem us for not believing the same claptrap they do. I was raised a catholic and went thru 10 long years of religious indoctrination but, thanks to Mr Dawkins, Mr Russell and many many others, I mamaged to shake off the belief and I've never looked back,. i believe(!) that belief can slow the mind and make you much more credulous and subervient.

anyway I'm off tangent here, peace and love to you all...no matter what fairy tales you believe!

John Ryan

@ the science delusion

"Who is to say that evolution was not designed, or that our understanding of the world was not already mapped out at the macro level; the dark ages and the Library of Alexandria's burning demise could point to some external influence."

sigh here we go again, if evolution was designed they were a pretty poor designer. our eye's are wired vback to front, our hips and pelvis don;t adequately support our weight and lets face it we're full of "design" flaws.

as for the dark age does anyone else think that could have been caused by the church supressing free thought, look what they did to the 1st few brave souls to poke their heads above the parapet. Imagine where we could be now if we hadn't lost the best part of a millenia to a dogmatic, knowledge hating, hateful religion.

At least science, generally, admits when it's wrong, admits what it doesn't know and refines itself as time passes.

again peace and love to you all



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